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IP Network PTZ Security Cameras

IP Network PTZ Security Cameras have developed into amazingly powerful, yet easy systems to install. These Dome Style PTZ IP Cameras provide like other PTZ Security Cameras a wide range of features from Optical Zoom range, to Image performance to a variety of dome style designs.  PTZ Dome Cameras in this section provide up to 4CIF (D1 720 x 480 pixels) High Resolution Imaging and typically can provide a higher optical zoom than their HD PTZ Counterparts. IP PTZ Dome Camera designs include Color Only, Day/Night and even some IR (Infrared) PTZ Models. The Cameras also offer a range of advanced Imaging technology like WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) and other leading video enhancements. Support for the latest in advanced image codecs including H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG multi-streaming options are also commonly found. Today Superior High Frame Rate video for not only real-time 30fps but higher frame rate capture as example up to 60fps makes these camera ideal for high speed targets such as Traffic.
The modern Speed Dome PTZ IP Camera often requires less cabling than traditional PTZ Security Cameras. In fact, the latest models of IP Network PTZ Security Cameras can use only a single CAT5 or CAT6 network cable to install using the new high power standard known as HI-PoE. Network PTZ or Pan Tilt Zoom Security Cameras are now available in as many versions and types as traditional PTZ Cameras.
Camera models supporting indoor or outdoor installation, and PTZ camera designs for surface mount, in-ceiling or recessed mount and pendant mount options are widely available. The Network based IP Pan Tilt Zoom Security Camera also in addition offer a range of superior features such as support for Two Way Audio, On-board Video Event Triggers and Analytics to local recording with memory card slot. If you need any assistance finding the best IP PTZ for your Video Surveillance or Security Camera System, don't hesitate to contact our Experts today!

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