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  A2Z Security Cameras is an industry leader in Professional Security Camera Systems and specialized surveillance systems of all kinds. A2Z delivers access to hundreds of Brand Name product options, we offer OEM products and are best known for our advanced system solutions like Solar Cameras, Surveillance Trailers, Rapid Wireless Security Cameras, Mobile Surveillance plus more! Our Experts are disciplined in numerous technologies, holding many years of real-world experience in deploying cutting-edge, end-to-end security systems, small or large, here and abroad for every market. Our Experts are passionate about what we do, we offer Friendly customer service, top tier support, to competitive pricing with a diverse selection of quality products to ensure our clients have all the best. We have online countless security camera and surveillance system samples, but encourage you to contact our staff for assistance in making the perfect selection. 

Security Surveillance Systems Over-View:

CCTV Security Systems also known as Analog Security Camera Systems are the traditional, coaxial based video security transmission solutions that still today use the same primary design as they did in the beginning. A complete package can include today just Cameras, a Recorder with HDD, Cable, BNC connectors and a Power Supply as all major parts. In recent years CCTV and Analog systems suffered great losses with the introduction of IP Camera Systems and benefits such as HD resolutions. However, CCTV have even more recently sprung back with Powerful, Low Cost, HD CCTV formats. Those new CCTV Formats like AHD, CVI and TVI provide the traditional system design, yet offer up to 1080P high definition with again an amazing cost. Likewise many of these modernized HD CCTV Camera Systems are hybrid allowing support for your legacy hardware as well as a new style HD CCTV or IP Cameras on a single platform.

IP Security Camera Systems have shown amazing potential since the first IP Cameras entered the market. Today IP Camera Systems and IP Surveillance Systems are the primary, really only, alternative to traditional CCTV or the new HD CCTV systems. Currently IP Security Cameras have key advantages over CCTV like Ultra HD Megapixel Video, Single Cable PoE (Power over Ethernet) installation plus can support add-ons like Audio, I/O or SD local recording directly from the capture device. IP Based systems likewise provide layers more of support and possible functionality as they are simply a more intelligent piece of surveillance equipment. Besides using common IT infrastructure, overall there are still about the same amount of primary components. It should be noted that IP Camera Systems today can actually operate without a recorder using on-board camera recording and remote edge video management software. However most designs still include IP Cameras, Network CAT5 or CAT6 cabling with standard RJ45 connectors, a PoE Switch and a NVR or also known as a Network Video Recorder that like a DVR recorders to Hard Drives. Let our experts help you navigate the wide array of IP security system options available.

Solar Cameras developed in-house by A2Z Security Cameras are a testament to our ability to provide the worlds most advanced surveillance systems. These totally Solar Power Camera Systems utilize a wide array of communication to sensory technology combined with an alternative energy system for year round stand-alone operation, anywhere. A2Z Solar Security and Surveillance Systems provide practically any modern technology feature in rugged, outdoor ready, easy to assemble, remote surveillance system. With numerous designs for off-site 4G communications to expansion for existing security systems or private wireless networks, A2Z has you covered like no other.

Solar LED Lighting is an undeniable option not just for future area light systems but for all types of residential to commercial applications right here today. These energy clean, environmentally friendly products that add safety and security to all types of environments is an easy match for the A2Z Experts. Our expertise in deploying highly advanced solar powered security systems enables us to provide likewise high quality, high performance and cost effective Solar LED Light Systems for a variety of outdoor applications. Furthermore you can always expect A2Z to offer innovative and even custom designs for a world class product.

Surveillance Trailers are another of the many futuristic, highly specialized products A2Z produces in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas and distributes worldwide. The A2Z MMST (Modular Mobile Surveillance Trailer) Series is far more than just another security trailer system. Designed to provide a truly modular platform the A2Z MMST Trailers can easily be outfitted, in the field with a wide range of different technology in addition to security cameras, such as ground radar systems, LED Lighting to Public Address Systems and beyond. This Modular concept includes an overall smart design as well as the largest selection of applicable devices, high quality parts and construction, superior on-going remote support to competitive cost ensure A2Z MMST Surveillance / Security System Trailers are an industry best.

Command Trailers, Mobile Command Centers or simply as Mobile Command there are a variety of names that fit today's mobile platforms be it a small tow behind trailer to a semi-truck or custom built RV vehicle. These sophisticated solutions basically enable rapid deployment, for on-site operations including Emergency Response, Disaster Relief, and Law Enforcement to Military, Commercial or even Non-Profit needs. The modern day Command Trailers or Mobile Command Center includes work-space that it is almost always within a shelter be it within a vehicle, a trailer or an inflatable tent. These systems further include endless technologies but almost always have basic needs such as Heating/Cooling, On-Board Generator Power Systems, Pneumatic Mast, Integrated Communications Systems, local network, TV, Surveillance, LED Lighting, radio to auto-acquire VSAT (satellite dish/modem), interoperability software, even restrooms, kitchen and more are all available.

Mobile Surveillance Systems have been in use for many, many years. In fact, think of that popular police TV show "COPS", the majority of video, specifically that from within the patrol car looking through the wind-shield are from mobile DVR systems with a Dash Cam. Not only have these systems been improved with HD video, but today highly advanced solutions like LPR (license Plate Recognition) Systems serve as a powerful mobile surveillance tool for police to tow truck companies and more. Mobile Surveillance is likewise used in many other types of projects and far more than just law enforcement. Mobile Security Camera Systems can be found inside public or private transportation vehicles including, but not limited to buses, trains, boats, planes you name it.

A2Z Wireless Security Camera Systems and Wireless Surveillance Systems deliver state-of-the-art, new age technology solutions in a wide variety of forms. Solutions for permanent to rapid deployment, including Tactical Video Surveillance solutions to Advanced Remotely Powered Security Camera Systems are available for every type of application. Stand-alone Surveillance such as with 4G uplink to extensions of existing fixed or mobile surveillance systems the possibilities are endless with A2Z.

Last Updated September 25, 2015