About us

A2Z Security Cameras is a value-added provider of everything to do with professional security camera systems. In fact, A2Z is absolutely passionate about safety, security and surveillance solutions of all types. We focus in superior customer service, convenience and cost effectiveness. That foundation is built on doing good business backed by Expert Consultation, remote technical support, next generation solutions, huge brand name selection, quality products and low cost. On a global scale we truly enjoy educating, supplying, securing and supporting our clients on each opportunity we have to serve them.

Our Customers

Small to large, simple to sophisticated, we provide experts with comprehensive knowledge for all types of video security systems and beyond. Our Customers satisfaction is our top priority, that's why we serve so many, successfully.


Government agencies like Military, Police or Law Enforcement to all types of federal, state and local branches source from A2Z. For years our experts have supported diverse systems like City Wide Surveillance, Interview Rooms, Mobile Surveillance, Covert, LPR Systems to specialized or general security solutions for all levels of government, both at home and in foreign regions.


Education including Public, Private or Charter Schools to University and College Campuses have called upon our experts nationwide. These A2Z experts have successfully delivered countless Single Site to Multi-Site security systems to education campuses on a national level and even some abroad. A2Z experts are available to ensure clients receive the best solutions within budget and every level of support needed.


D-I-Y Consumers, Small business, corporate, industry, agriculture, energy/oil, healthcare, non-profit organizations, transit and the list literally goes on and on, all find advantages of our diverse set of skills and project experience worldwide. We individualize the service, product and solutions we offer to best fit each application.


Resellers, Integrators, Installers and Contractors discover unique benefits on a local and international level. Excellent Reseller Pricing and Support to pre and post sales consultation, referred project opportunities and so much more helps us build lasting relationships with our clients.

Our Products/Solutions:

A2Z Security Cameras provides only high quality safety, security or surveillance equipment. That includes an enormous variety of trusted brands for entry, mid-range and enterprise level gear to best accommodate any project requirements. We work to inform our clients of various options and help them select single pieces to complete systems.

Here is a list of products and/or solutions A2Z Security Cameras currently offers:

  • Access Control Systems
  • Alarm, Detection, Intrusion and RFID Systems
  • CCTV and IP Video Security Systems
  • Rugged, Micro, Mobile and Covert Solutions
  • Enclosures, Racks, Cables, Connectors and related Accessories
  • Wireless Communications, Ethernet Radios, WiFi, 4G Cellular, VSAT
  • Interoperability, Video Analytic and LPR (License Plate Recognition) Software/Hardware
  • Audio/Video Entry Systems

A2Z is a pioneer in the development of many advanced solutions and our specialized systems are produced/integrated in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Area, by our Experts. These solutions include but are not limited to some of the following offerings.

  • Solar Cameras
  • Surveillance Trailers
  • Tactical & Portable Surveillance
  • Mobile Surveillance Systems
  • Emergency Response/Command Centers
  • Solar LED Lighting