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LPR License Plate Capture Cameras

License Plate Capture Cameras are purpose built surveillance cameras and security cameras designed to optimize ANPR or LPR systems with reliable vehicle plate capture. True License Plate Capture Cameras use often common factors in design such as specialized light filters, Advanced DSP Technology, IR LED or White light Illumination to capture License Plates day or night regardless of lighting conditions. Most True License Plate Cameras cannot be used as a typical CCTV or IP Camera for general surveillance. The objective of these types of cameras is to produce clear images and often High Contrast Images that only captures License Plates.

License Plate Capture Cameras in this category are CCTV based providing a composite output for interface with professional security or surveillance systems and especially LPR (License Plate Recognition) systems. The License Plate Cameras specifications of performance, for distance, speed, and other factors should be considered far more carefully than with general surveillance cameras. The Type of plates being captured is also a critical point to consider due to the variety of license plate types you will find just in the United States alone. Our Experts are well versed in License Plate Capture and Recognition Systems and available to help you select the perfect License Plate Capture Camera or cameras for your application.

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