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A2Z MOD-EO Modular IP PTZ Cameras - Video | Laser IR | Thermal IR | Gyro

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  • A2Z MOD-EO Modular HD & UHD Visible - Thermal IR - Laser IR - Gyro IP PTZ Cameras - Dual Lens and Triple Lens Models
  • A2Z MOD-EO Modular, Rugged & Mobile Ready,  HD & UHD Visible - Thermal IR - Laser IR - Gyro IP PTZ Cameras - Dual & Triple Lens Multiple Combos
  • A2Z MOD-EO Modular Thermal IR - Laser IR and HD / UHD Visible IP PTZ Cameras Side and Rear view
  • A2Z MOD-EO  Modular IP PTZ Camera Web Interface Sample - May Vary Per Config
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A2Z MOD-EO Modular PTZ IP Camera System is an innovative new Pan-tilt-zoom camera system available with a variety of high-end sensor and electronic device configurations at a competitive cost for both mobile or fixed sites. In other words, the MOD-EO PTZ units are "Modular Electro Optical" units currently produced in a dual module or "two lens" and a triple module or "three lens" configuration with a vast selection of camera modules and accessory module combinations a step above common security PTZ cameras. Popular modules consist of Visible HD or Ultra HD Video Zoom Cameras, Laser IR Zoom Illuminator Modules as well as various thermal IR imager modules. The A2Z MOD-EO PTZ IP Cameras grant up to an amazing 90x optical zoom on visible cameras and resolutions up to 2MP (1080p), 4MP (2K) or even 8MP (4K) Ultra HD. Meanwhile Thermal Modules up to 640 x 480 resolution and including continuous zoom options as well as Laser IR Illuminators boasting powerful night vision up to nearly a mile away, the results are impressive to say the least. The A2Z MOD-EO PTZ IP Camera is weatherproof ready and mobile ready for harsh outdoor environments and its sleek design allows upright or inverted mounting for flexible deployment. Suitable for Surveillance, Security, Search & Rescue, Remote Monitoring, Live Broadcast to so much more A2Z MOD-EO series Pan-Tilt-Zoom IP Cameras provide best in class performance and price ratio.

Main Features:

  • Superior Low Light, Large Format, HD and Ultra HD SONY Sensors
  • Excellent HD and Ultra HD video quality with 2MP, 4MP (2K) even 4K (8MP) options
  • Amazing Optical Zoom Ranges 35x, 42x, 50x and 90x or 6~210mm, 7~300mm, 6~300mm, 6~400mm respectively
  • Powerful Thermal IR Options - up to 640 x 480 VGA resolution (for HD enquire)
  • Fixed and Continuous Zoom Lens Thermal IR Module Options + Intelligent Functions
  • Lighting Modules, Laser Zoom IR Illuminator 850nm Semi-Covert Modules effective up to nearly 1 mile - 940nm fully covert Laser Infrared or another special request
  • Pan rotation speed: constant speed 1°/s or variable speed 0-80°/s
  • Tilt rotation speed: constant speed 1°/s or variable speed 0-30°/s
  • Pan rotation range: 360° continuous rotation; Tilt rotation range: -30°-+90°
  • Control Communication mode: network control, RS-485 control
  • Preset: 255x; Patrol: 8x, each patrol max can enjoy 8x presets
  • Supports park action, A.B line scan, proportional zoom
  • supports Numerous IT protocol Standards
  • Support for Audio Input and Output
  • Includes Weatherproof Quick Connect Pre-Made Cable Lead (i.e. 5ft, 15ft, etc.)
  • Weatherproof IP66 & Extended Working Temperature Range: -40° ~ +55°C or -40 ~ 131°F
  • Models Supporting AC Power or DC Power Input Optional
  • Dimensions & Weight: 10.4" Diameter and 15.7" Height - Approx. 22 lbs. depending on config*
  • Full Function Web Interface & Ideal for VMS NVR management

A2Z MOD-EO Modular Electro Optical PTZ Cameras Imaging:
As aforementioned the MOD-EO Pan-Tilt-Zoom IP Camera System can provide superior results for all types of fixed and mobile surveillance, security, safety, live streaming or other missions. The MOD-EO PTZ promises optimal image clarity boasting both high frame rate HD 1080p (2MP) to Ultra HD 2K (4MP) and 4K (8MP) video including cutting edge compression methods like H.264 and H.265 and rich image settings and modern image enhancements. The Visible HD or Ultra HD cameras are also highly sensitive delivering superior low light Color imaging and when paired with the Laser Infrared Zoom Module the devices provide unfailing long-range night vision. Leading high optical zoom the MOD-EO boast telephoto lenses with measurements such as 6~210mm, 7~300mm, 6~300mm, 6~400mm for 35x, 42x, 50x and 90x zoom respectively. The MOD-EO PTZ though certainly has more, in its triple module or three lens configuration the Pan-tilt-Zoom Cameras equip Visible HD or Ultra HD, Powerful Zoom Laser IR and equally powerful Thermal IR Imaging. The Thermal Infrared is available in both Fixed Lens versions as well as a powerful yet competitively priced 25mm to 75mm continuous zoom lens option. With Specifications such as these leaves no question the MOD-EO PTZ Camera is in a class of its own.

A2Z MOD-EO Modular Electro Optical PTZ Cameras Build & Perks:
The MOD-EO PTZs also are built tough, they feature die-cast aluminum construction and have excellent IP66 weatherproof protection. The devices allow a wide operating temperature including well below freezing and they are available in AC or DC powered versions for both fix sites or mobile surveillance needs. A2Z MOD-EO even supports advantages such as optional mechanical Gyro stabilization while including Electronic Image Stabilization by default. The devices provide flexible integration with RS-485 control to Audio input and output common on all versions. The units further provide full function web interface but likewise work well with 3rd party VMS and NVR systems for highly custom management solutions and mission objectives. From a pole or building to ground vehicles like cars, vans, trucks, SUVs, command and fire or rescue to inspection or live broadcast the potential is wide and far.

Last Updated October 8, 2020

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