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Solar Power Security Camera Systems

Solar Power Camera Systems from A2Z Security Cameras are industry leading, next generation remote monitoring and video surveillance solutions for all types of objectives. For more than a decade A2Z Experts have harnessed the power of "Green Energy" for our clients with our unique Solar Powered Cameras, providing cost free, environmentally friendly energy production in hard to reach places. A2Z's solar units provide specially designed packages for self-sustaining, continuous system operation in your region. A2Z's experience, skills and selection yield endless customized options of perfectly melded power systems with the best technologies for your mission. A2Z has at its disposal the widest array of quality solar or PV power system components, security and surveillance products, to wireless communication technologies and all other related technology for maximum versatility. A2Z's products and systems are pro, commercial and industrial grade (IIoT) solutions enabling the world's next generation in remote video and more. A2Z stands behind our solutions offering on-going remote support and extended warranties. Engineered by our in-house Experts, A2Z is able to provide custom solutions tailored for specific safety, security and surveillance objectives or otherwise practically anywhere. The innovative systems A2Z provides almost always include video capture devices and so A2Z grants a full range of options including the latest Megapixel HD and Ultra HD video qualities (i.e. 2MP / 1080p, 3MP, 4MP, 8MP / 4K, etc.), including Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Cameras to Fixed IR Bullet, Vandal Dome or Mini Dome styles, including combos thereof and more. Specialty units for License Plate Capture or License Plate Recognition (LPR) to Thermal Infrared and beyond are all available. Likewise, rugged communications components be it fiber optic or the common wireless types like 4G or the new 5G cellular, satellite, WiFi, MESH, Point-to-Point (PTP) or otherwise are all optional. Even added attributes and hardware like Sirens, Strobe Lights or powerful IR Night Vision to White Light Visible LED lighting, Two Audio including powerful speakers or broadcast quality microphones are common request and A2Z Experts can surely support other unmentioned technologies too. Built to be easily deployable without a specialist, A2Z's solar power camera systems have proven extremely valuable for countless clients around the world in all types of applications and a wide range of resellers, small and large depend on A2Z's solar solutions.


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