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A2Z Security Cameras works hard to bring you the finest selection of CCTV Cameras and IP Cameras from the world's top brands. A2Z delivers a wide range of choices for all your analog or network video surveillance system needs. A2Z Security Cameras offers all the best security camera styles at competitive pricing. We also offer Expert Consultation and Superior Technical Support ensuring maximum satisfaction from our customers.





About CCTV Cameras, Digital Video Recorders, PC DVRs, DVR Cards:

The latest in analog surveillance technology has developed to exceed standards, pushing the boundaries of analog video security to new heights. Today’s cameras borderline high definition imaging with new 600TVL, 700TVL and greater resolution CCTV surveillance cameras. DVR commonly supporting the highest D1 (4CIF) video recording at real-time frame rates are widely available while even new standards like 960H video recorders are on the market now.  This breed of security camera is arguably one of the most well developed forms of video surveillance.  Every sort of CCTV camera to a wide range of video recording units and accessories, these solutions are still widely deployed throughout the world.  Furthermore today DVR units are available that bridge the gap between systems allowing CCTV and IP cameras to populate a single Hybrid recorder.

About HD-SDI HD CCTV Cameras and HD-SDI Digital Video Recorders:

The newest breed in video security, HD SDI provides the simplicity of install you get with CCTV but the High Definition benefits previously only found in Megapixel IP cameras. By utilizing the same or similar coax cabling and professional BNC connector the devices deliver digital high definition to specialized HD-SDI recorders yielding up to 720P and  1080P HD formats.  Though new, the industry is already producing a wide range of styles and models that can even be found from some of the largest name brands. Considered the simplest way to achieve HD Video Security we recommend consulting our experts to understand more about the details of this recent innovation.

About IP Cameras, Network Video Recorders, VMS Software and PC NVRs:

IP Cameras and network based video surveillance is now a solid rival to traditional style CCTV systems. The numerous benefits that these devices have brought to the industry are almost immeasurable. Simplified single cable install with PoE, high definition and higher megapixel imaging to a variety of other on camera functions have speed the development of modern IP Camera systems. DVRs have been replaced with more appropriately termed Network Video Recorders or NVRs. These mostly PC based NVRs though Linux solutions are also available offer superior advantages in large to small scale system management and have likewise introduced  new abilities in VMS software. Thanks to the superb advantage of on camera processing an IP Camera system can be totally contained on a single camera or allow flexible placement of cameras across a wide area such as campus, complex, town or city. Their network standard of communication also makes them ideal for WiFi and Wireless systems.