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Thermal Infrared Security Cameras

Thermal Security Camera and Surveillance Cameras are a whole other species of Cameras. These Infrared Thermal Security Cameras utilize what’s called a microbolometer thermal imaging sensor as opposed to a traditional cameras CCD or CMOS sensor. These innovative and powerful thermal cameras use heat signatures of objects and targets in order to create an alternative method for visual recognition. By using the heat naturally produced these cameras do not rely on visual light and have a distinct advantage in many applications for surveillance, security, law enforcement and military. Today thermal cameras are still most popular in tactical, rescue, military and other specialized applications. However the availability and diversity of Thermal Cameras has grown to new heights.
Thermal Cameras for indoor or outdoor use as well as integrated Pan/Tilt and Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Thermal cameras are now available in many types. The technology powering Thermal cameras is still associated with a higher cost, yet the ability of these cameras has been long proven in various operations. Furthermore Due to the power of these cameras, some Thermal Camera models may be restricted to authorized buyers. To find out what Thermal Cameras you or your organization can qualify for, contact our Experts today.

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