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DVRs Digital Video Recorders

DVRs or Digital Video Recorders, specifically those of the Linux type are the modern standard in CCTV Video Surveillance Systems for recording and management. Today DVRs and Digital Video Recorders are also referred to by several names due to their significant increases in advanced functionality, names which include terms like XVR or HVR which allude to the new common function of hybrid camera format support. These units remain available in many types, sizes and performance levels which are ever further increasing in advanced capabilities like AI detection to AI coding. The Linux embedded DVR also known as Stand-alone DVRs are purpose-built appliances that have earned their place in the industry through superior stability and reliability. We provide only the finest desktop, rackmount and even mobile DVR systems available while having experts available to assist in your selection and configuration according to your project needs. Units supporting 4, 8 or 16 channel security camera configurations are the most common, however we also have options like 32 channel units. However, keep in mind, with the new Hybrid functions most DVRs possess, exact channel support varies per unit and all sorts of total channel counts are available including 6ch, 18ch, 24ch, 40ch. Furthermore, impressive and innovative, interfaces, software and apps can allow unified operation of multiple DVR systems. Browse our online selection or contact the Experts at A2Z Security Cameras for professional assistance today.

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