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IR Infrared Illuminators

IR LED or Infrared Illuminators are lighting devices that emit light in the Infrared Spectrum. IR or Infrared Light is visible to True Day Night Security Cameras (using an IR Cut Filter) and those with a monochrome image sensor. This IR illumination allows what is often referred to as night vision surveillance and is useful for a number of applications. Semi-Covert 850nm and Fully Covert 940nm IR Illuminators are available, lamp style and now more common IR LED style devices are all offered from A2Z Security Cameras. Like all our products, we provide high grade solutions including leading security system brands like Axton, Bosch, Messoa, Raytec and more. We have a huge selection from miniature units to high powered and Invisible IR options. Contact our Experts today if you need assistance locating the best infrared illumination.

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