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A2Z Solar Power 4G HD & UHD IR PTZ Camera Systems SS-IRPTZ

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  • A2Z Solar 4G HD & UHD IR PTZ Camera Systems SS-IRPTZ-4G Black Finish
  • A2Z Solar 4G IR PTZ Camera Systems SS-IRPTZ Powder Coat White
  • A2Z SS-IRPTZ Black Wireless 4G Solar IR PTZ Camera System (Customer Installed in Bronx NY)
  • A2Z SS-IRPTZ 4G Solar IR PTZ Camera System (Customer Installed Yonkers NY Construction site)
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A2Z Solar 4G IR PTZ Camera Systems series are a powerful, easily deployed, fully stand-alone HD to Ultra HD (UHD) Video Solution enabling applications in remote areas almost anywhere. The systems are equipped to provide effective remote site, 24/7 Day/Night stand-alone surveillance even in absolute dark and further can be scaled and adapted for the most demanding applications anywhere cellular 4G coverage is available. The SS-IRPTZ series Solar PTZ Camera System are provided as highly adaptable solutions including a single or multiple Network IP Cameras, Wireless Connectivity and more optional tech with a self-sustaining PV power system. These units deliver true 1080P HD video (2MP) to even higher forms like 3MP, 4MP, and the latest 4K UHD (8MP) Ultra HD formats. Even in 0 lux (no light) thanks to integrated, High Power, auto-adjusting IR Illumination of both LED or Laser types with models reaching effective night vision at incredible ranges the likes of 300ft, 1000ft, 1600ft and more! Equipped with on-camera Micro SD or Micro SDHC video storage to optional on-board NVR or FTP and "Cloud" type upload support allows flexible management options for video and image storage for fully professional recording abilities.

A2Z's SS-IRPTZ models equipped for use with mobile service carriers generally include both WiFi Communications and 4G Cellular Connectivity hardware, include standard upgrades like high grade antennae and offer specialized component options like boosters for long range transmission to distant cell towers. An array of included remote monitoring choices from user friendly and rich web browser interfaces to FREE CMS / NVR Software (PC and MAC options) and FREE Mobile Viewing Apps (iPhone, iPad, Android) put these systems and their abilities at your fingertips where ever you are. Built rugged for applications in the toughest environments, A2Z Experts can adapt systems to feature numerous specialized functions, styles of build and other specific needs. Built to give reliable operation in your region it is also delivered in an easy to install fashion available to help even End-Users or D-I-Y staff members achieve anything from surveillance, security and safety objectives to other unrelated purposes such as Live Broadcast or Time-Lapse recording and beyond. Boasting the latest technology advances these systems offer cutting edge compressions like H.265, Advanced detection methods like the newest A.I. or Video Analytics as well as many other unique or modified abilities be it audio, lighting, sensory and more.

A2Z SS-IRPTZ Main Features:

  • Fully Solar Powered, stand-alone Infrared HD PTZ Security Camera Systems
  • 1080P or 2MP to 3MP, 4MP, 5MP and Ultra HD 4K (8MP) resolution options plus more
  • H.264 and H.265 for the highest efficiency Video Compressions
  • Many Optical Zoom Ranges Offered like 20x, 25x, 30x, 32x, 33x, 36x, 40x, 48x and more!
  • Built-in Infrared IR (infrared) Illuminators with Proportional Auto Adjust to Zoom with ranges like 100m, 200m, 500m or 300ft, 650ft, 1640ft and other distances.
  • Rugged 4G LTE WiFi Universal Hardware (Service Not Provided*) Plus Integrated High-Grade External All-in-One Omni-Antenna
  • Includes Fully Functional Web Interface and Free PC NVR / CMS Software to Mobile Applications
  • iPhone, iPad, Android, PC Windows and MAC All Supported
  • Complete Surveillance with Live Viewing, Recording, Search, Playback, Export
  • Supports on-board Storage and Motion Detection, Optional IVS Video Analytics, A.I., etc.
  • Support for Two Way Audio Mic/Loud Speakers, Sirens, LED Spot or Flood Lights, I/O Alarm and Device Relays
  • Support for A2Z Linux and PC NVR systems (optional)
  • Support for Unified Multi-System Multi-Point Designs
  • Optional Remote Power System Monitoring
  • Optional Alternate Wireless Communications - Expandable
  • Optional Color Paint Schemes, Powder Coating, Etc. Black or White Standard Colors
  • Optional A2Z Traffic Grade Sectional Pole System
  • Optional Lithium based Intelligent Batteries Now Available for unbeatable performance and longevity
  • Custom options available upon request - On-Going Remote support Included

High Definition to Ultra HD (UHD) High Powered Smart Surveillance:
A2Z's Solar Camera System designs help to provide high performance, totally stand-alone PTZ Camera operations with an effective cost and impressive feature set like remote monitoring has never seen before. Built in multiple versions even these unit's most economic versions of Pan-Tilt-Zoom IP Cameras boast industry best characteristics. With 1080P HD at 30fps or even 60fps the latest A2Z SS-IRPTZ Solar PTZs are boasting 4MP, 5MP and even 4K UHD (8MP) video resolutions. Further outfitted with an auto-adjusting Smart IR LED Array or Laser IR paired with long range optical zoom lenses nearly tells you all you need to know about the incredible viewing distances these modern units can achieve, but seeing the night vision yourself is the only way to truly appreciate it. The SS-IRPTZ series delivers even in its most basic models an assortment of intelligent features from camera settings like WDR to satisfying high speed PTZ accuracy. Users can achieve all including live viewing, search, playback and export through various device and software portals that are all included. Image performance, true user-friendliness, diverse abilities like RTSP live streaming and more all come together for superb results that has allowed A2Z's clients to deploy our solutions from coast to coast and abroad for all kinds of missions.

Built for Unfailing, Rugged but Modular Demands:
The A2Z SS-IRPTZ Solar IR PTZ Camera System like many of A2Z's specialized systems continues to lead the industry in cutting-edge, adaptable remote monitoring. All parts included are designed for harsh environments like rugged 4G and WiFi enabled hardware, Power System Equipment even optional on-Board PC based or Linux NVRs to PoE Compliant and Passive PoE Industrial switches plus more can be combined in endless fashions. With all of this, customers can request a wide variety of add-ons to their solar camera packages be it sensors, microphones, speakers, LED lights, I/O Wireless remote relays and more while non-proprietary concepts grant future-proof solutions and maximum longevity for the investment. Therefore, countless clients in all types of markets, in all types of regions have relied on A2Z's Experts for many years to achieve reliable remote video. The Systems can easily adapt upon request to alternative or multiple layers of Wireless or other Communication options. Even multiple cameras fixed or PTZ and more is easy with the help of A2Z's Experts who ensure proper solar power system sizing, enclosure adaptations and more.

A2Z Superior Intelligence:
A2Z Security Cameras as well stated, provides modular specialized solutions enabling countless alterations and customization to fit each application needs. Be it a Single to Multiple System Deployment in a single remote area, to many construction sites or for city wide surveillance. A2Z Experts offer cutting edge systems and the experience to achieve your goals smoothly. Contact our friendly staff today and learn more about the many advantages we provide. Be it flexible mounting, state-of-the art attributes like H.265 or 4K resolution to specific operational demands for SDK or open-platform IT protocols, A2Z's solutions cover the widest range of possible modern options. All Types of uses including Active and Re-Active Surveillance, Security, Safety, Monitoring, Time-Lapse Recording, Notification, Active Deterrence, Live Streaming, Broadcast and more.

Accessories and Options Available on most models Include:

Wireless Video Security and Surveillance Systems:
- Unlimited options for Wireless & Communications, Cameras, Recorders, Software, etc.

Alarm and Device integration
- Single to Multi I/O Input Output Device Integration
- Like Sirens, LED Strobes, LED Flood or Spot Lights, Tamper Switch, Intrusion Sensors, Motion Detectors, Ground Radar
- One Way and Two-Way Audio Real-time Support with Mic / Speaker Add-ons, Automated Message Systems

Specialized Graphic, Powder Coating/Paint Schemes Equipment & Enclosures:
- Agency Logos, Solid Colors outside Black or White Standard, Custom Color to Camouflage Options, etc.

Customized Mounting Solutions
- Mounting Solutions for Pole, Roof, Ground, and more
- ALL Poles Sold separately, ask about A2Z Sectional Utility Pole System for high grade applications

Adaptable Renewable Energy Systems:
- Custom Mounting Solutions
- Scaled to Size Power Systems
- Remote Monitoring
- Alternate and Redundant Charging Options

Last Updated September 4, 2020

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