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A2Z SS-MPS-AI Wireless Solar Powered A.I. Camera Systems

  • A2Z SS-MPS-AI Wireless Solar Powered A.I. Camera Systems Multi-System (Master and Clients)
  • A2Z Example Connectivity Wireless Solar Powered A.I. Camera Systems Multi-System (Master and Clients) Point-to-Multi-Point
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Product Description

A2Z SS-MPS-AI series is an A2Z Multi-Point Wireless Solar Power Security System solution empowered by cutting edge Video Analytics such as the latest A.I. Detection and Powerful Deterrence functions like integrated Sirens, LED Strobes, LED Flood Lighting and Loud Speakers. The SS-MPS-AI multi-point, multi-system packages provide multiple A2Z Wireless Solar Powered Camera Systems for individual mounting at multiple points of small to large sites yet that are all integrated into a single combined network. These solutions generally include A2Z's "Master" and "Client" style system architecture with Point-to-Point (PTP) or Point-To-Multi-Point (PTMP) Wireless Configurations as well as cellular uplinks like 4G or 5G mobile networks. The solutions can scale to various sizes and are highly adaptable starting with simplified lower cost packages to higher-powered, highly sophisticated designs. A2Z SS-MPS-AI series further provides scalable, adaptable solar powered system solutions enabling compact to aesthetic system builds along with numerous other custom and specialized options. Perfect for Construction Site Protection, Parks and Parking Lots and any other type of remote site seeking more than simple video surveillance but instead advanced capabilities optimizing active and reactive security including powerful deterrent functions.

A2Z SS-MPS-AI Main Features:

100% Solar Power / PV Power Systems for Stand-alone Operation
100% Totally Wireless System Solutions
100% Stand-alone Systems or Integrated with Facility/Site Solutions
PTP & PTMP Wireless Radio Networks PLUS Cellular 4G, 5G and more
Long Range Wireless Capabilities enable short range to distant system inter connectivity for miles
Flexible Single to Multiple Security Cameras Per System
All Sorts of Camera Styles supported like Vandal Proof Dome, IR Bullet, IR PTZ or PTZ - Domes, Thermal IR, License Plate, Covert and other Network IP Cameras
HD and Ultra HD Resolutions: 2MP, 4MP (2k), 5MP, 6MP, 8MP (4K), 10MP, 12MP, etc.
Optimized & Quality Video Compression H.265+, H.265, H.264+, H.264
Edge Storage or Rugged NVR Storage, FTP / Cloud Upload, Snapshots, Video, Audio
Simplified Designs including Cameras w/Built-in White Light LED Strobe & Sirens
Endless Custom-Tailored Aspects including Add-ons like Sirens, Speakers, Microphones, LED Lighting, Strobes, Sensors, Detectors, etc.
Rich Remote Video System Management - Web Browser - FREE Mobile apps (Android/Apple), FREE PC and Mac Software
Scaled to size, Adaptable Solar Powered Systems of Pro Industrial/Commercial Grade
Advanced Solar Power Systems w/MPPT Controllers - LCD Display - Remote Monitoring Options
New Smart Lithium Battery Upgrades Now Available
Provides Multiple Mounting Configurations such as default Pole Mount to Roof Mount, Ground Mount choices, etc.
Easy Plug and Play Style Design including pre-made cables to On-going Remote Support
System Designs per Region with all sorts of Customization offered
System Colors are Black or White by Default
and more


1x A2Z Master Solar 4G, WiFi & 5Ghz Base Station Radio w/Sector Antenna Dual (2) A.I. IR Eyeball 4MP Camera System w/512GB Storage
2x A2Z Client Solar 5Ghz Client Radio w/Integrated Antenna A.I. IR Eyeball 4MP Camera System w/256GB Storage

A2Z SS-MPS-AI Solar A.I. Security Cameras:
A2Z SS-MPS-AI series Wireless Solar Powered Security Camera Systems provide a powerful, intelligent remote video solution for not just reactive surveillance but active deterrence and security. There are a number of levels of these solutions, yet even the most simplified include Video Analytics or even A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) features ranging from smart detection methods dramatically reducing false alarms to object classification such as detecting humans or vehicles or both. In addition, these unique Solar Powered Camera Systems feature either Cameras with integrated White Light LED & Sirens to external LED Lighting, high powered sirens, external loud speakers and more. The solutions can thus provide powerful, reliable and automated intruder deterrence in a combination of manners according to custom preference. Basic units provide White Light LED and Siren that are both configurable in the sense of Strobe effect on the lighting and adaptable siren modes. Beyond this system can also integrated to support additional or entirely external devices for even more powerful Flood Lighting, Sirens or Two-way communications including pre-recorded messages with the addition of loud speakers. These modern IP cameras boast resolutions like 4MP (2K), 5MP, 8MP(4K) and can features Color at Night Functionality and/or exceptional Low Light performance with Starlight sensors. From cutting edge H.265 compression, integrated edge storage support and fixed to motorized lenses all the options are available.

The SS-MPS-AI Solar Power Systems "Master" units thereafter generally include two of the Deterrent Capable, AI enhanced Security Cameras for wide 180 degrees coverage and automated deterrent functions, has integrated 4G or 5G Cellular uplink, adds WiFi and of course a supporting solar powered system as one integrated solution. This is the default "Master" unit but alternative configurations on all levels are absolutely achievable. The Client Systems then similar to the Master include by default Dual AI Deterrent IP Cameras with like abilities, WiFi connection and again all integrated as a single solar powered unit. As aforementioned these systems are adaptable in almost endless ways via A2Z's Experts but otherwise the SS-MPS-AI package provides One "Master" Unit and Two "Client" units, though of course even more Client units can be supported without Master changes.

A2Z SS-MPS-AI Communications:
The SS-MPS-AI Multi-Point, Multi-System Solar Powered Security Camera solution is a totally stand-alone capable package including cellular connectivity (like 4G or 5G) and equipped with powerful multi-band WiFi Communications featuring powerful, adaptable Antennae. The "Master" Units provide internet remote video system access to itself and all attached Client units. The Master connection to those Client units can be from professional WiFi with layers of security to other types of local area Wireless Communications. The SS-MPS-AI can adapt from securing a single site with heavy coverage to supporting larger sites or even sites miles apart, the latter granted Wireless Radio Upgrades are made and there is path for signal. Likewise, systems can be reconfigured to operate without a Master unit and instead extend coverage from a nearby facility or building such as for remote staff parking, car dealerships, school campuses and so much more.

A2Z SS-MPS-AI Pro Remote Video System Management:
A2Z SS-MPS-AI series Multi-point, multi-system solution is easily managed via FREE mobile apps on Android and Apple as well as Free CMS software working on PC or MAC. The system utilizes edge-storage but can likewise support centralized storage with rugged NVR add-ons or support other popular methods like snapshot and video FTP or cloud uploads. Units enabling real-time event notification are possible with high efficiency in reducing false alerts. These systems can also offer rich Web Browser Interface including Firefox, Chrom or Internet Explorer including full functionality of live view, control, search, playback and export* (micro sd equipped cameras*).

A2Z SS-MPS-AI Pro-Grade, Easy to Install Solar Powered Security Systems:
Systems are highly configurable to meet all types of needs, be it greeting customers with pre-recorded messages in retail parking lots or deterrent site security with low profile units or even intentionally menacing designs. The SS-MPS-AI specialized solar powered solutions are outfitted with true off-grid PV power production sized for continuous operation in most regions. A2Z Experts can also help scale solar powered systems including PV array as well as offer increased battery banks and larger enclosures for harsh environments that may face adverse weather like extended snow cover and so forth. A2Z's solutions most often are provided with side of pole mounting but alternative mounts like roof mount to ground mount options are merely one aspect of the many custom-tailored attributes available. From customized traffic grade enclosures to commercial and industrial grade PV Panels and equipment, A2Z's SS series Solar Powered Systems have been deployed in all types of markets and purposes, from coast to coast (U.S.), even in bodies of water (i.e. on a pole) to islands, to other continents.

Last Updated September 19, 2020

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