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A2Z Wireless Solar Thermal Infrared Camera Systems SS-TC

  • A2Z 4G Wireless Solar Powered Thermal IR Imager Camera Systems SS-TC series (white finish)
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Product Description

A2Z SS-TC series Wireless Solar Thermal IR Camera Systems incorporate some of the most powerful sensory technology known to man and take it a step further providing off-grid, self-sustaining, almost unlimited remote thermal IR system solutions. The thermographic camera also known as a Thermal Imager, Thermal IR or even sometimes referred to as simply an Infrared Camera is any but your typical "Visible" security camera which some at times also are referred to as IR cameras. Though both types of cameras operate via signals captured in the electromagnetic spectrum, in short the Thermal IR Camera produces imagery and video produced from the different contrast of thermal, infrared or "heat" present in a scene where as typical "visible" security cameras operate more like the human eye, primarily producing imaging or video via the visible light spectrum. As such, thermal infrared cameras offer some extremely powerful advantages in compared to standard visible sensors as they are able to conquer adverse weather conditions and obstructions including rain, fog, snow, smoke and even foliage. A2Z SS-TC series Wireless Solar Thermal Imaging Camera Systems thus are some of the most powerful options in remote detection and systems can incorporate a single or multiple sensor (i.e. or infrared cameras) as well as include many combinations not excluding options of other none Thermal Imaging devices, such as typical security cameras.

Thermal IR Cameras are generally far more expensive than typical security cameras but continuous development and diversity in levels of Thermal Imaging devices has allowed again and again their use in a wider range of applications. These specialized cameras can of course provide unique abilities like Temperature Measurement or Fire Detection, however their primary use in security solutions remains their ability once matched with detection methods (i.e. video analytics) to provide nearly unfailing detection of humans and vehicles at great distances. Due to the nature of these powerful devices, some models are so powerful that they are ITAR restricted and can only be accessed by approved agencies and entities. The A2Z Experts are available and ready to help you navigate the scenarios in which Thermal Imaging can provide the best solutions while also assisting with appropriate specification selections. Not to forget, A2Z Experts likewise can then help you to configure the perfect complete Wireless, Solar Powered Thermal IR Camera Systems including custom tailored Wireless communications like long range point-to-point (PTP) network backhaul or simply the latest 4G and 5G cellular uplinks in addition to adapting the PV power production system sizing according to needs.

A2Z SS-TC series Main Features:

  • 100% Solar Powered Systems - Hybrid Systems Available
  • Superior Solar Power Performance including latest MPPT controllers
  • Adaptable Solar Power Systems for custom solutions with optimal performance
  • Fixed Thermal IR Cameras including QCIF, CIF, VGA, HD options
  • Various Lens Options Fixed & Zoom Types
  • Pan-Tilt and Pan-Tilt-Zoom PTZ options see SS-TPT Series
  • Quality Video Compressions like H.265, H.264 and MJPEG
  • Multiple Cameras and Multi-Sensor or Dual Sensor Visible HD and Thermal IR Options
  • Thermal Imagers Provide superb performance in Snow, Rain, Fog, Smoke or even Foliage
  • Edge Detection Methods like Video Analytic or Analysis, A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Superior attributes from Temperature Measurements, Fire Detection, Human & Vehicle Detection to Object Classifications
  • Optional added Rugged NVR - VMS - Video Analytic Processing Unit, Etc.
  • Countless compliance levels like Common IT Protocols such as RTSP to ONVIF standards
  • Options for Edge Storage (Micro SD), Rugged Recorders, Remote NVR or VMS integration, FTP or Cloud uploads and so forth
  • Rich Web Browser Interfaces, Free Mobile Apps*, Free CMS and VMS Software* (some models*)
  • Weatherproof, Weather Resistant, Industrial and Traffic Grade equipment for Long Last results.
  • Non-proprietary designs for future-proof builds and optimal return on investment
  • Endless Options
  • Wide offering of Pro and Industrial Grade Wireless (900 MHz, 3 GHz, 4.9GHz, 5 GHz, 11 Ghz, even cellular 4G or 5G options are popular, WiFi, etc.)
  • Client Style Systems with simple point-to-point Wireless up to Multiple Communications per system are achievable, MESH solutions and relay style deployments also supported
  • Tons of Add on Accessory Options (i.e. Detectors, LED Lights, Strobes, Mic/Speaker Audio, Sensors/Relays, Micro SD Card, On-Board Recorders, Video Analytics, etc.)
  • Wide selection of Pro and Industrial Grade Wireless (900 MHz, 3 GHz, 4.9GHz, 5 GHz, 11 Ghz, even cellular 4G or 5G options are popular, WiFi, etc.)
  • Client Style Systems with simple point-to-point Wireless up to Multiple Communications per system are achievable, MESH solutions and relay style deployments also supported
  • Tons of Add on Accessory Options (i.e. Detectors, LED Lights, Strobes, Mic/Speaker Audio, Sensors/Relays, Micro SD Card, On-Board Recorders, Video Analytics, etc.)

A2Z SS-TC Solar Power Thermal Cameras:
A2Z's SS-TC series of fixed direction Solar Wireless Thermal IR Cameras provides capabilities to support a full range of these advanced devices in a stand-alone remote system. There are numerous specifications which determine a Thermal IR cameras capability as well as ITAR restriction which for the most part has to do with resolution and frame rates or "refresh rate". Thermal Cameras typically have a lower effective pixel count on their sensors compared to their visible security camera counterparts. Thermal IR imaging Surveillance Cameras offered include resolutions like 160 x 140 (QCIF), 320 x 240 (CIF), or better models with resolutions like 640 x 480 (VGA) effective pixels while even megapixel models do exist. Frame rates can vary as well and is an important factor in determining a devices ITAR rating, other aspects of the Thermal IR cameras include the quality of sensors and operational type be it uncooled thermal or cooled thermal sensors.

Aside from these and a few other factors, most modern IP based thermal cameras or even CCTV based thermal IR cams exhibit many of the same user functions as their modern security camera counterparts. Therefore users can expect modern thermal cameras include Web browser interface or OSD respectively for IP and CCTV types, while IP models like common IP cameras provide rich menus with advantages ranging from the latest compression methods such as H.264 or H.265 to basically every other major characteristic including some supporting PoE power, others with Micro SD card support and so on. Various levels of Video Analytics or Video Analysis to the latest embedded A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to provide unsurpassed detection capabilities in distance and all types of adverse environmental conditions.

Thus, A2Z SS-TC Solar Thermal IR Camera Systems can provide all kinds of thermal IR options including those of SWIR (Short wavelength), MWIR (Mid-wavelength) and LWIR (Long-wavelength) types (according to eligibility). Systems can support Multiple IR cameras along with combinations of other sensory such as Visible Video, Detectors or other devices as needed and with of course connectivity like Wireless and Solar Power technologies for totally stand-alone remote system solutions. Generally, especially in Fixed direction Thermal Imagers the devices most often feature fixed lenses with various fixed field of view coverage options. However, there are some higher-end, higher cost models with stepped or staged optical zoom and those even with continuous zoom lenses. A2Z Security Cameras has a wide range of thermal imaging devices and A2Z's experts are available to help you find the best Infrared Cameras for your project.

A2Z SS-TC Solar Power "Hardwire" and Wireless Connectivity Options:
A2Z SS-TC Solar Thermal IR Camera Systems can provide a full range of connectivity options with transmission types ranging from those "hardwired" like Fiber Optics to all sorts of Wireless communications. Wireless communications are amongst the most popular selection by far for reasons such as the diversity of Wireless options, the often-lower cost to implement and or simply because physical wiring between points is impractical or even impossible. Wireless solutions utilizing Point-to-Point(PTP) or Point-to-Multi-Point (PTMP) Wireless Bridges (i.e. Radio Backhaul or Radio Link) provide high bandwidth transmission between the remote system and existing networks, infrastructure or facilities, most often with no recurring cost or "data limits" and finally can achieve ranges of hundreds of feet to many miles making their use among the most popular routes. Alternatively systems can utilize wireless such as mobile cellular services (being the other most popular wireless method) such as 4G or 5G uplink through major carriers existing infrastructure allowing truly stand-alone operation for remote sites, A2Z provides all the gear and support, customers simply must activate and maintain the account services for their carrier of choice. There are other wireless options too, in some remote areas small companies known as "WISP" (or Wireless Internet Service Providers) can be utilized in place of options like 4G cellular and even still worse case scenarios can consider satellite services for those totally isolated areas. A2Z's Experts can help you configure each part of your Solar IR Camera Systems and help you determine which communications are best for your mission.

A2Z SS series Solar Power Camera and Security Systems:
A2Z Experts for well over a decade have deployed countless Solar Power Camera Systems throughout the U.S. and even abroad from Africa to Asia and elsewhere. A2Z's systems are of pro-grade and include scalable designs that provide the perfect fit of custom-tailored technology packages and the environments and regions they are deployed to. All units include high weatherproof ratings and weather resistance to added security attributes such as vandal or impact protection and furthermore the majority are produced in a non-proprietary format ensuring long-lasting, future proof designs for maximum return on investment. The solutions are often side of pole mounted but all types of enclosures, solar mounting solutions and more are available to meet tower mount, roof mount, ground mount or other structural needs. The solution feature cutting edge technology like MPPT controllers and include pro, industrial and commercial grade components for optimal reliability and quality at competitive cost. A2Z's solar camera units can as mentioned accommodate numerous custom perks and our Experts help deliver "plug and play" style builds for easy D-I-Y install while backing it with on-going remote technical support.

Accessory Options Available on some models Include:

Specialized Powder Coating/Paint Schemes
- i.e. Camouflage, Solid Colors, etc.

Alarm and Device integration
- including Sirens, Strobes, Tamper Switch, Intrusion Sensors
- Single to Multi I/O Input Output Device Integration
- One Way and Two Way Audio Support with Mic / Speaker Add-ons

Customized Mounting Solutions
- Mounting Solutions for Pole, Roof, Ground, and more
- A2Z Sectional Utility Pole System

Last Updated September 13, 2020

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