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A2Z Solar Wireless & 4G Mini Dome PTZ Camera Systems SS-xMPDC

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  • A2Z Solar Powered 4G Wireless HD and UHD Mini Dome PTZ Camera Systems
  • A2Z 4G Solar Mini HD & UHD Dome PTZ Camera System (Customer installed California)
  • A2Z 4G Solar PWR Mini HD & UHD Dome PTZ Camera System (Customer installed in city park Northern California)
  • A2Z Wireless Solar Power Mini Dome PTZ Camera System Black (Installed by client in Minnesota on innovative fork-lift portable concrete block with pole)
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A2Z SS-xMPDC 4G Wireless Mini PTZ Dome Solar Camera System series enables a stand-alone, small form-factor and rugged solution for a variety of remote surveillance requirements. The series is continuously updated to offer the latest technology advances including in the components of optional compact Megapixel HD IP PTZ Vandal Dome Security Camera styles with currently up to 5MP HD resolutions including options for 4MP, 3MP and 2MP or 1080P HD resolution options (4K /8MP coming soon) depending on model. These units boast the precision Pan-Tilt-Zoom operation of full size PTZ Camera units but in a low-profile design similar in size to standard Fixed Vandal Dome Cameras. Units at this size typically offer 10x or 12x optical zoom range, however A2Z has a new 25x option now available.

All units offer features like superior day/night low light or Starlight imaging, grant various forms of on-board Event detection with intelligence such as Video Analytics or A.I., provide cutting edge video compressions like H.265, plus sizeable Micro SDHC local recording storage while also allowing FTP or "Cloud" type uploads or as an extensions to existing recording systems. Adaptable to different applications including PTP/PTMP Long Range Wireless to totally self-contained with 4G LTE (optional 5G too!) cellular uplinks with WiFi or combos there of the series can be custom molded by A2Z's expert for truly unique solutions. Ingeniously designed to provide the maximum video surveillance system in an all-in-one, easily deployed package of high grade, this Mini Dome PTZ Solar Powered Camera System is available even in Multi-Camera configurations. Therefore, the SS-xMPDC series achieves not only optimal video security alone but is repeatedly used in all types of purposes be it security, surveillance, safety, live streaming, sports, filming & time=lapse, site management or otherwise anything that can benefit from remote video. These professional systems can be managed alongside multiple other units whether they are at the same site or not, all in a single software interface. A2Z's professional solar PTZ camera systems can likewise feature add-ons such as I/O controlled LED Lighting, IR LED Lighting, Strobes, Sirens, Speakers with Live or Automated Audio, Microphones and even more yet remain an unobtrusive installation in a variety of environments.

A2Z SS-xMPDC Main Features:

  • 100% Wireless & 4G WiFi Solar Power PTZ Camera Systems
  • Easy "Plug and Play" Installs for the D-I-Y Reseller or End-Users
  • Up to 5 Megapixel / 1080P HD Day/Night Mini IP PTZ Cameras (4MP, 3MP, 2MP options)
  • Precision, High Speed, Pan-Tilt-Zoom Operation (10x, 12x and NEW 25x optical options)
  • Optional Integrated Rugged 4G LTE Cellular Uplink (All Major Carriers Supported, 5G options)
  • Optional Wireless Communications such as MESH or PTP/PTMP MiMo 5GHz, 4.9GHz, 900Mhz, etc.
  • Onvif Compliant for all third-party NVR and VMS systems
  • Advanced Intelligence including detection, event triggers and notification
  • High Capacity Local Recording w/Micro SDHC Card Slot (SD cards not included)
  • Optional Two-Way Audio Support for optional Microphone and/or Speaker
  • Multi-Codec including H.264 and the latest H.265 both with multi-streaming
  • Rich Web browser Interfaces - FREE NVR Software and/or FREE CMS Software & FREE Mobile Viewing Apps
  • Fully Rugged, Weather Resistant Designs for Harsh environments
  • Compact Size with maximum performance
  • Operates nearly anywhere in the United States as is - Call us for Details
  • Optional Antennae and Cellular Boosters for Cellular Systems - All-in-One Omni-Directional Antenna Included
  • Optional Adaptations to Power System for extended Battery Bank Reserves, Low Solar Areas, Standard System Colors of Black or White with other colors possible.
  • On-going Remote Tech Support Included

Complete Remote HD Video Security:
As stated, the A2Z SS-xPCDC series is available in multiple configurations including Mini PTZ Domes with Megapixel HD Resolution formats like 5 Megapixel, 4MP, 3MP, 1080P/2MP as well as features like multi-streaming including H.264 and H.265 codecs for efficient bandwidth usage and reduced recording file size. The entire system is designed to be rugged to high weather resistant and weatherproof standards as well as are durable such as featuring our traffic grade enclosures with Vandal Proof PTZ cameras rated to specifications like IK10 for high impact resistance. These Mini PTZ Solar Cameras are offered with up to several cameras on a single system, each including various qualities be it slightly better WDR or Low Light performance versus Image Resolution, Zoom Ability and specific advanced functions like analytics or even storage size support. A2Z's Experts can assist you in your selection and custom needs as well as provide more info about new unique options like the 25x 4MP IR Mini Dome PTZs.

Add-on accessories are supported from Two Way Audio with external microphone and speaker to I/O device integration for a wide range of specialized system opportunities involving parts like sirens, strobes, LED lighting, sensors and more transforming systems into more than simply re-active, but even automated active surveillance systems. When it comes to communications, advanced LTE 4G Cellular communications supported by all the leading carriers to on-board WiFi access provide versatile methods of connectivity, while Alternate or further combined Wireless equipment such as point-to-point communications are always optional and our Experts can assist you in customizing each system for specific security or surveillance requirements. Rich web browser interfaces, to Free Mobile Apps and CMS Software is included, while aspects like ONVIF support assure support with all levels of professional NVR systems or VMS software. Furthermore, even other common professional IT Protocols like RTSP or even RTMP help our clients utilize systems for online broadcast or live streaming with ease.

Boasting Best-in-class performance, reliable operation and next generation video surveillance, the units enable high quality remote monitoring, re-active and/or active surveillance as demanded and configured. Both HD imaging (i.e. snapshots) and ultra-high definition, real-motion video evidence capture can be enabled while live video is also of course at your fingertips. Maximized versatility of this compact series is realized through responsive Pan-Tilt-Zoom controls but likewise powerful functions like Video Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) be it intrusion, vehicle or people classification, counting and so forth combined with add-on hardware help achieve all sorts of objectives. Law Enforcement to private communities, businesses, organizations and individuals all with A2Z have access to the latest advances in solar powered cameras for pro remote surveillance. Contact our Experts today for more information and assistance.

Last Updated September 1, 2020

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