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A2Z Wireless Solar HD & UHD IR PTZ Camera Systems SS-IRPTZ-xW

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  • A2Z Wireless Solar Power HD & UHD IR PTZ Camera Systems SS-IRPTZ
  • A2Z Wireless Solar HD & UHD IR PTZ Camera System with LED Strobes, Mic and Speaker SS-IRPTZ
  • A2Z Wireless Solar Powered HD & Ultra HD IR PTZ Camera Systems w/Extended Battery Bank + Sensor + Audio (Customer Installed Michigan Dark Finish)
  • A2Z Wireless Solar PWR HD & UHD IR PTZ Camera Systems w/Extended Battery Bank (Customer Installed in Michigan Endures harsh weather)
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A2Z SS-IRPTZ series Solar Wireless IR PTZ Camera Systems couple numerous cutting-edge technologies for powerful, self-contained remote surveillance systems that boast all the modern advantages in the most versatile of packages. Advances like the latest in HD video performance, A2Z SS-IRPTZ Solar Wireless IR PTZs are available in up to Ultra High Definition (UHD 4K) 8MP Resolution but likewise offer models in 2MP, 4MP and of course the most modern compressions like H.264 and H.265 for efficient video transmission. Systems can support a single Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) or multiple PTZs and/or Fixed Cameras in many combos on a single system. The A2Z Solar IR PTZ Series is defined by not just the provides absolute Infrared Night vision with extended ranges for sharp image quality even in the darkest of environments. Additionally, A2Z Solar Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera Systems provide the best selection of rich features and options harnessed from the latest models of leading professional brand PTZs for nearly unlimited choices of the PTZ Security Camera specifications. A2Z units achieve superb optical zoom ranges with models like 20x, 25x, 30x, 32x, 33x, 36x, 40x, 48x and beyond. From High capacity on-board SD card storage to advanced Video Analytics including even A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), A2Z IR-PTZD series can provide superior automated video security, outstanding re-active or active surveillance or both and serve none security or safety related purposes too. Countless technology add-ons from sensors to protect the system itself from intrusion to added LED Lighting, Strobes, Microphones, Speakers and even high end sensory like Ground Radar are all available.

Additionally, various forms of Wireless Communications, flexible system mounting types, with scalable enclosure and system sizes to even system color not to mention countless other perks are all accessible to tailor our clients the perfect package. The A2Z SS "Solar Surveillance" Series are backed by the A2Z Experts with more than a decade of deploying these and all other such professional security systems on a global scale. The SS-IRPTZ Series Solar Power Wireless IR PTZ Security Cameras are capable of complete surveillance functionality on their own or as a part of your existing or new surveillance system designs. As a market leader A2Z Experts are available to assist you in configuring the perfect package and delivering satisfying results on even your most challenging remote surveillance needs. Contact us today to learn more.

A2Z SS-IRPTZ Solar PTZ Camera Systems:

  • Fully Stand-Alone 100% Solar Power Wireless PTZ Camera Systems
  • Quality Selection of 1080P/2MP, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP HD and Ultra High Definition 4K (UHD 8 Megapixel) PTZ Cameras
  • Various Motorized Zoom Lens Types such as 20x, 25x, 30x, 32x, 33x, 36x, 40x, 48x and more
  • Cameras Equipped with on board Infrared IR Illumination 300ft to 1650ft or greater!
  • PTZ Systems with Dual Sensor Visible & Thermal Imaging to White Light LEDs also available
  • Cutting-Edge Video Codecs like H.265 & H.264 (most models) and MJPEG (some models)
  • The Latest Image Enhancements like Superior WDR, Low Light or Starlight, Defog, Image Stabilization, etc.
  • ONVIF or Brand Protocol Third Party Video System integration to common IT protocols like RTSP or even RTMP (some models)
  • Includes Intuitive full function Web Browser Interface, FREE MAC or PC CMS and Client Software to Free Mobile Apps on iPhone, iPad or Android
  • Selection of Industrial Pro Grade Wireless (900 MHz, 3 GHz, 4.9GHz, 5 GHz, 11 Ghz, 3G, 4G, 5G, etc.)
  • Client Style Systems with simple point-to-point Wireless up to multiple wireless types of Communications per system are achievable
  • Options for Local On-board Micro SD Storage, On-board NVR Storage, FTP or "Cloud" Storage, User Recording, etc.
  • Tons of Add on Accessory Options (i.e. Detectors, LED Lights, Strobes, Mic/Speaker Audio, Sensors/Relays, etc.)
  • Superior solar power systems with PRO MPPT Charger plus LCD display
  • Power Options for Extended Power Back-up and rapid re-charge, All Systems minimum several Days
  • New Smart Lithium Battery Upgrades Now Available
  • Multiple Mounting Configurations available such as Pole Mount, Roof Mount, Ground Mount
  • Easy Plug and Play Style Designs including pre-made cables to On-going Remote Support
  • System Designs per Region with all sorts of Customization offered
  • System Colors are Black or White by Default

A2Z UHD & HD Megapixel IR PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Cameras:
The SS-IRPTZ Solar Security Systems at their base package provide 1080P HD video (2MP) while higher resolution units of 3MP, 4MP and up to Ultra High Definition (8 Megapixel / 4K) PTZ Cameras or better plus they are outfitted with on-board Infrared (IR) Illumination. That means these IR PTZ cameras enable surveillance in any lighting condition and are available in several camera models of the fore mentioned resolutions as well as each having unique strong points such as lower lux level ratings, Laser IR, Analytics, Wiper and so on per model. Included support for multiple optical zoom formats like 20x, 30x, 33x, 36x or 40x as well IR infrared types to strength. This line also provides easy to use attributes such as SD Card support for local storage or external Sensors/Relay inputs and outputs such as for Motion Detector support or for control of our LED Spot Lights, automated Strobe operation or for purposes like opening a gate. Likewise, Two Way Audio inputs/outputs allowing comprehensive scene awareness with high quality microphones, loud speakers even playing automated messages adds dynamic abilities. A wide venue of Third-Party IP VMS and NVR Recording Platforms are supported while ONVIF standard compliance to other IT protocols like RTSP or RTMP just even further enable universal video system integration. A2Z SS-IRPTZ Solar Powered IR PTZ Camera Systems commonly offer the latest H.265 and H.264 high efficiency video compression, while other common formats like MPEG-4 or MJPEG compression methods along with multi-streaming, in-depth video stream settings and camera image adjustment all combine for optimal and professional video results. The Pan Tilt Zoom Series SS-IRPTZ are built to produce superior remote monitoring day and night. All sorts of mounting styles, multiple PTZ Camera designs to options providing Vandal Proof and Stainless-Steel housings are all applicable. Intelligent functions are many and diverse with most cameras including various forms of video analytics or recent advances like A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) aided detection and even object or sound classification methods allowing a great range of futuristic functions and missions.

A2Z Wireless and Connectivity:
A2Z SS-IRPTZ Wireless Solar IR PTZ Camera Systems offer an array of communication technology to support line of sight (LOS) or non-line of sight (NLOS) wireless transmission, typically in a Point to Point (PTP), Point to Multi Point (PTMP) or MESH style system connectivity. Wireless System frequencies range from reserved 4.9 GHz Public Safety band, to license free 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 900 MHz Wireless signals or licensed bands including microwave and beyond. A2Z's systems can provide short range transmissions to long range transmission even many, many miles away. For totally stand-alone projects alternate models can include hardware to connect to the mobile networks most commonly 4G or the future 5G mobile cellular services or even Satellite is possible with support for multiples of carriers. A2Z's truly modular design benefits user convenience and solutions incorporating multiple communication types can be included such as 4G units with local WiFi connection along with PTP or PTMP wireless client systems to create small- or large-scale multi-point systems. In addition to the already pro-grade equipment solutions, specialized communication features are available for higher standards of radio encryption or other modified communication types can be provided upon request, such as Fiber.

A2Z Solar Power, PV or a.k.a. Photovoltaic Systems:
A2Z Wireless Solar Powered PTZ Surveillance Systems are produced with top tier sub components and equipment. This use of quality hardware provides for longer life expectancy and little or no maintenance to the customer for years. Furthermore, with A2Z each system is configured specifically per region to provide superior Stand-Alone Solar Power Systems melded with the correct communication, security and surveillance technology giving you the best for your application year-round. Systems include convenience with power system LCD display while upgrades like remote monitoring of the power system is also possible upon request. System options like extended power reserve/back-up through battery bank expansion to the newest lithium-based battery upgrades are all accessible. On top of all the technology A2Z Solar Power systems can be configured to meet nearly any installation need like roof mount, side of pole, top of pole and ground mount system designs. Side of Pole is our most common request and often the default configuration.

Where can Solar PTZs be used?
A2Z Solar Powered Security Systems allow cost and goal effective security, surveillance or safety monitoring solutions as well as other video purposes for distant entry points, perimeters or off-site areas, assets or any other interest. The units boast a collection of latest intelligent on-board features and add-on options equipped as needed to guarantee the widest selection of integration and performance abilities. The A2Z SS-IRPTZ Solar Wireless Infrared PTZ Security Cameras are unsurpassed in remote IP surveillance and can provide superior active, automated or simply re-active IP Surveillance in areas difficult to reach, far too costly or otherwise impossible. Oil and Power to Electrical Substations, Highways, Roads, Streets and other Transit Applications, parks, piers, marinas, docks, farms, parking lots, beaches, monuments, construction, wildlife monitoring, events, sports, hunting, bridges, dams, islands, waterways, national parks, borders, campuses, private, public or community properties and beyond.

Accessories and Options Available on most models Include:

Wireless Video Security and Surveillance Systems:
- Unlimited options for Wireless & Communications, Cameras, Recorders, Software, etc.

Alarm and Device integration
- Single to Multi I/O Input Output Device Integration
- Like Sirens, LED Strobes, LED Flood or Spot Lights, Tamper Switch, Intrusion Sensors, Motion Detectors, Ground Radar
- One Way and Two-Way Audio Real-time Support with Mic / Speaker Add-ons, Automated Message Systems

Specialized Graphic, Powder Coating/Paint Schemes Equipment & Enclosures:
- Agency Logos, Solid Colors outside Black or White Standard, Custom Color to Camouflage Options, etc.

Customized Mounting Solutions
- Mounting Solutions for Pole, Roof, Ground, and more
- ALL Poles Sold separately, ask about A2Z Sectional Utility Pole System for high grade applications

Adaptable Renewable Energy Systems:
- Custom Mounting Solutions
- Scaled to Size Power Systems
- Remote Monitoring
- Alternate and Redundant Charging Options

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