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A2Z Solar Multi-System Wireless WiFi & 4G Cameras SS-MPS-4G-WIFI

  • A2Z WiFi 4G Multi-System Solar Power Camera Systems SS-MPS for multi-site, multi-point deployments
  • A2Z WiFi 4G Connectivity Sample Multi-System Solar Power Camera Systems Master and Client Units - Expandable
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Product Description

A2Z SS-MPS series "Multi-Point Systems" are adaptable system solutions providing projects with interconnected, multi-point remote camera systems that can be spread around a site in various ways and at various distances. As such the SS-MPS-4G-WIFI is a custom-tailored package that like other SS series systems is still highly adaptable but otherwise provides a solid starting point for multi-system designs meeting the needs of numerous applications. The A2Z SS-MPS series often includes a "Master" unit and then the multi-point system is expanded via "client" units for totally off-grid, stand-alone multi-point remote video solutions. The SS-MPS-4G-WiFi package thus by default includes a "master" unit equipped with 4G cellular uplink and supporting powerful WiFi distribution for connecting additional A2Z WiFi Solar Camera units. Through this method end-users can achieve broader area coverage by spreading systems around a site within the Wireless WiFi range to achieve better stricter protection, create perimeters or simply achieve camera views that otherwise could not be offered from a single point. Highly adaptable and upgradeable yet even the base package features cutting edge camera technology for professional results achieving some of the most powerful yet economical pro-grade multi-system or multi-point deployments available in the market. Though common attributes like Megapixel HD imaging, IR Night Vision plus Intelligent detection methods and edge-based storage are available in the simplest designs, systems can easily scale to support various combinations of security cameras and added devices as well as alternate communication methods per solar camera system, be they the Master or Client types. A2Z Experts are available to help configure these Solar Power Camera packages to precisely the level needed for optimal remote video results of nearly any object and with systems that are future-proof by nature for maximum longevity and return on investment.

SS-MPS-4G-WiFi Main Features:

  • 100% Solar Powered Systems for Continuous Operation*
  • 100% Totally Wireless System Solutions
  • 100% Stand-alone Systems or Integrated with Facility/Site Solutions
  • WiFi Wireless Radio Networks PLUS Cellular 4G, 5G and more options
  • 2.4Ghz, 5GHz MiMo Wireless WiFi 802.11 w/Layers of Security Protections
  • Powerful WiFi "Master" & "Client" Interconnected Multi-Point System Deployment
  • Flexible Single to Multiple Security Cameras Per System
  • All Sorts of Camera Styles supported like Vandal Proof Dome, IR Bullet, IR PTZ or Covert and other Network IP Cameras
  • HD and Ultra HD Resolutions: 2MP, 4MP (2k), 5MP, 6MP, 8MP (4K), 10MP, 12MP, etc.
  • Optimized & Quality Video Compressions H.265+, H.265, H.264+, H.264
  • Edge Storage or Rugged NVR Storage, FTP / Cloud Upload, Snapshots, Video, Audio
  • Endless Custom-Tailored Aspects including Add-ons like Sirens, Speakers, Microphones, LED Lighting, Strobes, Sensors, Detectors, etc.
  • Rich Remote Video System Management - Web Browser - FREE Mobile apps (Android/Apple), FREE PC and Mac Software
  • Scaled to size, Adaptable Solar Powered Systems of Pro Industrial/Commercial Grade
  • Advanced Solar Power Systems w/MPPT Controllers - LCD Display - Remote Monitoring Options
  • New Smart Lithium Battery Upgrades Now Available
  • Provides Multiple Mounting Configurations such as default Pole Mount to Roof Mount, Ground Mount choices, etc.
  • Easy Plug and Play Style Design including pre-made cables to On-going Remote Support
  • System Designs per Region with all sorts of Customization offered
  • System Colors are Black or White by Default
  • No Poles Included

- 1x A2Z Solar 4G WiFi Dual 4MP IR Vandal Dome Camera System w/512GB Storage
- 2x A2Z Solar WiFi 4MP IR Vandal Dome Camera system w/256GB Storage

A2Z SS-MPS-4G-WIFI Solar Camera device selections:
A2Z SS series equipped with 4G or 5G cellular communications are often also equipped with WiFi communications and likewise can support added, more powerful Wireless communications such as those adhering to WiFi standards or otherwise. As such many of A2Z's Solar 4G Camera Systems are technically master units, able to operate totally stand-alone but also with qualities and attributes that make multi-point, multi-system expansion possible. The SS-MPS-4G WiFi package therefore starts off with Dual Fixed HD Cameras for wide fixed coverage but likewise is not limited to integrating only a couple fixed cameras as additional cameras or other types of security cameras like Pan-Tilt-Zoom units and more are also available. Furthermore, beginning with simplistic device combinations to those more sophisticated including rugged recorders or numerous accessory add-ons be it Audio, LED lighting or I/O relay and sensor support provide A2Z's clients a wealth of potential configurations custom tailored to serve various objectives or functions. Standard Master builds in this package thus start with two cameras of the 4 Megapixel Resolution that can provide 180 degrees or greater (depending on lens specification) horizontal coverage and have built-in advantages like powerful IR Night Vision, edge detection (i.e. Camera based Video Analytics) and edge-recording (i.e. Micro SD cards) to support for the latest H.264 and H.265 compression methods. Similarly, the default "Client" WiFi solar cameras that combine with this "Master" unit offer similar but also adaptable specifications, like the 4MP resolution, IR Night Vision, edge detection and storage and so on. The possibilities are simply too vast for this description to cover and so we suggest you contact our Experts for assistance in configuring the best system for your needs. Be it 4K Ultra HD to thermal IR A2Z's vast selection is second to none.

A2Z SS-MPS-4G-WIFI Communications:
The A2Z SS-MPS-4G-WiFi Multi-System, Solar Camera Systems package grants a scalable and adaptable solution that enables easy, professional remote video system deployments in countless applications. The package provides a "Master" system equipped with cellular communications such as for 4G or 5G mobile networks and facilitates stand-alone system operation, supplying users remote connectivity from anywhere and similarly system placement almost anywhere. These systems feature a powerful WiFi communications with Omni directional spread that serves as the connection method between the "Master" System and added "Client" systems. Default configurations can achieve system placement spacing of up to about 1,000 feet distance without obstructions and depending on environment, however upgraded WiFi to simple Antenna modifications (like directional antennae) can help overcome certain challenges of systems or extend distances much further and so forth in any particular environment. Therefore, from city parks to construction sites and beyond the A2Z SS-MPS series Multi-Point, Multi-System deployments provide effective deployment of multiple systems in an area at maximum cost efficiency and with maximum ease.

A2Z SS-MPS-4G-WiFi Solar Powered Camera Systems:
The A2Z SS-MPS-4G-WiFi series, Multi-Point System, Solar Power Camera Systems feature some of the most compact, cost effective multi-system remote camera system designs available. Fully adaptable with the help of A2Z's Experts, these systems provide a "Master" unit of A2Z's standard SS line, but then at the basic levels include A2Z's economic, ultra-compact "Lite" series WiFi Solar Cameras. All of these systems offer an array of custom options including the power systems themselves. Designed for off-grid operation A2Z's solutions are conservatively built to ensure maximum uptime, even through harsh weather according to the user’s environment and equipment configurations prior to added preferences or project requirements. Systems are side of pole mount by default, yet other options for roof mount, ground mount and beyond are all accessible. A2Z's knowledgeable and friendly Experts are available to help you customize systems to fit your needs.

Last Updated September 19, 2020

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