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A2Z Solar Wireless 4G HD & UHD License Plate Recognition Cam Systems SS-LPR-NR-4G

  • A2Z Solar 4G License Plate Recognition System SS-LPR-NR-4G
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Product Description

A2Z SS-LPR-NR-4G is a cutting-edge Solar Powered 4G License Plate Recognition System for powerful remote surveillance or security needs almost anywhere infrastructure is lacking. Delivering the latest advances in plate capture, plate recognition, wireless communications and renewable energy production A2Z Security Cameras' Systems are also highly modular and adaptable. The SS-LPR-NR-4G Solar 4G WiFi Wireless LPR Camera Systems are totally stand-alone License Plate Readers. By Default they have a High Contrast, HD License Plate Capture Camera or Cameras and typically at least one HD over-view Camera, an A2Z Open-platform Recorder or Processing Unit, a top tier LPR Software, plus 4G communications that delivered as a complete system (some assembly required) is further all outdoor ready and totally solar powered. Be it law enforcement, schools and education campuses to private properties, communities, high security facilities or otherwise. This SS-LPR-NR-4G Solar ALPR, ANPR or "Plate Reader" series achieves remote stand-alone solutions that maintains support for the highest standards and industry options. Units providing short range to long range capture including multi-lane coverage and real-time data alerts, GPS tagging, Historical search, hot list and more are common Pro LPR System features. Likewise, lesser cost solutions are offered in our SS-LPC or impressive entry LPR is achieved with the new SS-E-LPR series. Contact the friendly A2Z Experts today and they'll help you find the best package for your project.

A2Z SS-LPR-NR-4G Solar 4G LPR System Main Features:

  • 100% Solar Power Wireless Camera Systems
  • 1080P HD/2MP or higher "High Contrast" True License Plate Capture Camera(s)
  • Quality Selection of 1080P/2MP, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP HD and Ultra High Definition 4K (UHD 8 Megapixel) Camera
  • Medium speed to High speed and Short (up to 40ft) to Long Range Capture Cameras Over 100ft selectable
  • Cutting-Edge Video Codecs like H.265 (some models), H.264 and MJPEG provide flexible video streaming
  • Over View Cameras and Some Plate Cameras offer Enhancements like Superior WDR, Low Light/Starlight, Defog, Stabilization, etc.
  • Includes On-board Recorder for high capacity edge-storage and open-platform VMS software options
  • Features On-Board License Plate Recognition Software, aka ALPR or ANPR Recorder, for Edge Processing & High Capacity Edge Storage
  • Provides User Friendly Interface including Back-end Data Analysis Tools and VMS remote services
  • Supports Mobile Apps on iPhone, iPad or Android
  • SS-LPR-NR-4G series includes support for Cellular networks like 4G or 5G and WiFi Communications
  • Countless other Wireless and Transmission Options or additions possible (900 MHz, 3 GHz, 4.9 GHz, 5 GHz, 11 GHz, Fiber Optics, etc.)
  • Tons of Add on Accessory Options on most models (i.e. Detectors, LED Lights, Strobe Lights, White Light, Pulse Lighting, Siren, Mic/Speaker Audio, Sensors/Relays, SD Card, etc.)
  • Superior, adaptable solar power systems with PRO MPPT Charger plus PWR System LCD display
  • Power Options for Extended Power Back-up and rapid re-charge, All Systems minimum several Days
  • New Lithium Battery Upgrades for superior performance and protection in all conditions Now Available
  • A2Z Provides Multiple Mounting Configurations such as Pole Mount, Roof Mount, Ground Mount, combos, etc.
  • Easy "Plug and Play" Style Design including pre-made cables to On-going Remote Support
  • System Designs per Region with all sorts of Customization offered
  • System Colors are Black or White by Default

A2Z SS-LPR-NR-4G Solar 4G LPR System Cameras:
The SS-LPR and SS-LPC series A2Z Solar Powered License Plate Camera Systems provide a variety of optional camera configurations including one-way and two-way coverage, dual lane or multi-lane coverage, added general coverage and so on. Likewise, Short Range to Long Range, Medium Speed to High Speed factors are also accounted for with various models. Default configurations are designed for use in regions with reflective license plates these units’ function by use of High Contrast License Plate Cameras which are specially designed to conquer bright lighting such as head-lights and tail lights at night and to capture just the reflective plates and their characters clearly. The addition of what is referred to as an over-view camera which is usually a security camera or surveillance camera optimized for traffic applications and used to provide scene awareness. A2Z's systems offer 2MP, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP up to 4k UHD (8 megapixel) or even 12MP options on over-view as well as HD & UHD License Plate Cameras or LPR Cameras. System can include many combinations of cameras.

A2Z SS-LPR-NR-4G License Plate Recognition:
A2Z's modular SS-LPR-NR-4G Solar LPR Camera Systems are equipped with world leading LPR software and provide the full range of highly developed capabilities be it real-time alerts with hot list or GPS and historical searching with Data Analysis Tools. Systems can provide a variety of configurations for use on open roads or highways to site security and beyond. Third party support is available and multiple VMS platform options provide the ability to fit in with already established video management systems such as the top brands for pro VMS and NVR software platforms. Scalable edge-storage to efficient meta-data transmission these solutions mark the next generation in remote traffic monitoring, enhanced community protection and more.

A2Z SS-LPR-NR-4G Wireless and Transmission:
Like most all of A2Z's Solar Security solution the SS-LPR-NR-4G allows various wireless or otherwise communications transmission methods. The A2Z SS-LPR-NR-4G is equipped with high grade 4G LTE communications and also supports WiFi connectivity to local users for a totally autonomous system and network. However alternative connectivity methods including many forms of wireless to fiber are all also supported. Added power with directional antennae or signal boosters to even multi-carrier support, high level encryption and cloud-based communications management is all possible. Not sure what Wireless is best for you? Contact A2Z Experts today and find out the answers.

A2Z SS-LPR Solar, PV and Photovoltaic Systems:
A2Z's Experts for more than a decade have deployed advanced security and surveillance systems of all types on a global scale. The A2Z SS-LPR like other A2Z Solar Cameras provides a high quality, commercial grade solar power video system with advantages ranging from MPPT smart controllers with built-in LCD as standard options to intelligent remote power monitoring. A wide set of optional features for top of pole, side of pole, ground mounting is supported while customization of power system battery reserve to simply system color is the type of options you will find all available. The units are delivered for easy assembly with all primary hardware including pre=made cables, mounting hardware, enclosures and so on. Adaptable with the help of A2Z's Experts to best fit your project ensures your system gives satisfying, long lasting results.

Accessories and Options Available on most models Include:

Wireless Video Security and Surveillance Systems:
- Unlimited options for Wireless & Communications, Cameras, Recorders, Software, etc.

Alarm and Device integration
- Single to Multi I/O Input Output Device Integration
- Like Sirens, LED Strobes, LED Spot Lights, Tamper Switch, Intrusion Sensors, Motion Detectors
- One Way and Two-Way Audio Real-time Support with Mic / Speaker Add-ons, Automated Message Systems

Specialized Graphic, Powder Coating/Paint Schemes Equipment & Enclosures:
- Agency Logos, Solid Colors Black or White Standard, Custom Colors to Camouflage Options, etc.

Customized Mounting Solutions
- Mounting Solutions for Pole, Roof, Ground, and more
- ALL Poles Sold separately, ask about A2Z Sectional Utility Pole System for high grade applications

Adaptable Renewable Energy Systems:
- Custom Mounting Solutions
- Scaled to size Power Systems
- Remote Monitoring
- Alternate and Redundant Charging Options

Last Updated September 11, 2020

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