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A2Z Solar Wireless HD & UHD License Plate Capture Camera Systems SS-LPC

  • A2Z Solar Wireless UHD & HD License Plate Capture Camera Systems SS-LPC-W Black
  • A2Z SS-LPC Wireless Solar Power UHD and HD License Plate Capture Camera Systems White
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Product Description

A2Z Solar Wireless License Plate Capture Camera Systems series SS-LPC are cutting edge technology packages for easily deployed vehicle plate capture and over-view surveillance practically anywhere. The A2Z "SS-LPC" and "SS-LPR" Systems are available in a variety of forms and levels, be it stand-alone operation or as part of a greater security system, the SS-LPC systems provide "license plate capture" of vehicles entering or exiting facilities, neighborhoods, education campuses, parking lots and so on, while SS-LPR units provide the License Plate Recognition intelligence. Base Packages provide a High Contrast License Plate Capture Camera and at least one over-view camera both with minimum 1080P HD or 2MP resolutions while 3MP, 4MP, 5MP or higher such as new 4K (8MP) UHD standards are available upon request. Short Range to long range capture including coverage for multiple lanes and high-speed applications is all configurable. Many applications can utilize low profile SS-LPC models for wireless connection back to a facility or existing network for the most competitive cost per unit and no reoccurring cost. Alternatively, On-board storage and wireless transmission like a 4G cellular uplink and WiFi options enable stand-alone operation. A2Z SS-LPC and SS-LPR series are custom solar powered, fully integrated systems that combine the latest in advanced PV or Photovoltaic Power, Video Security Hardware and Software to Communication and more technologies for complete D-I-Y packages that are easy to install. A2Z Experts are available to help you along the way, contact us today!

A2Z SS-LPC Solar Plate Capture Camera Systems Main Features:

  • 100% Solar Power Wireless Camera Systems
  • Offer 1080P HD/2MP and higher "High Contrast" True License Plate Capture Camera(s)
  • Quality Selection of 1080P/2MP, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP HD and Ultra High Definition 4K (UHD 8 Megapixel) Cameras
  • License Plate Capture Only to Multi-Camera System Designs Available
  • Short Range, Medium Range and Long-Range Configurations, Medium Speed and High-Speed Versions
  • Cutting-Edge Video Codecs like H.265 & H.264 and MJPEG provide flexible video streaming & High-Quality Snapshots
  • Over View Cameras and Some Plate Cameras offer Enhancements like Superior WDR, Low Light/Starlight, Defog, Stabilization, etc.
  • ONVIF for easy Third-Party Video System integration plus common IT protocols like RTSP all supported
  • Provides User Friendly Web Browser Interface, MAC or PC support for FREE CMS and Client Software
  • Unlimited Wireless Communication Options (900 MHz, 3 GHz, 4.9GHz, 5 GHz, 11 GHz, 4G, 5G, MESH, PTMP/PTP, WiFi, etc.)
  • Tons of Add on Accessory Options (i.e. Detectors, LED Lights, Strobe Lights, Siren, Mic/Speaker Audio, Sensors/Relays, SD Card, etc.)
  • Superior solar power systems with PRO MPPT Charger plus PWR System LCD display
  • Adaptable, Custom Solar Powered Solutions including upgraded power reserves, power production, etc.
  • New Lithium Battery Upgrades for superior endurance, performance, protection Now Available
  • Provides Multiple Mounting Configurations such as Pole Mount, Roof Mount, Ground Mount
  • Easy "Plug and Play" Style Design including pre-made cables to On-going Remote Support for Pro installs
  • System Designs per Region with all sorts of Customization offered
  • System Colors are Black or White by Default
  • See A2Z's New Embedded LPR Solar Power Camera Systems Here https://www.a2zsecuritycameras.com/solar-4g-embedded-license-plate-lpr-cam-systems/

A2Z SS-LPC License Plate Capture Cameras:
The A2Z Solar Power Wireless License Plate Capture Camera Systems SS-LPC and SS-LPR rely on by default, high contrast license plate cameras in both short, medium and long-range models. These specially configured surveillance cameras allow highly effective night time capture of reflective license plates by drastically removing the visible light spectrum, effectively blacking out the image and utilizes instead the IR illumination returned from the reflective plates for clean plate capture. No typical camera these true "license plate cameras" at night provide solely vehicle plate capture whereas typical cameras will fail in the bright tail lights and headlights. Therefore, Over-view cameras are generally used along-side the plate cameras in order to capture typical video or snapshots of the same scene, multiple cameras of either type and otherwise is also possible. A2Z's SS-LPR and SS-LPC Solar License Plate Camera Systems scale from short range such as 30-40ft, up to medium speed (40-50 mph) to long range, high speed models. A single 2MP plate camera on SS-LPC systems can cover 2 lanes of traffic yet this may vary on SS-LPR systems based on the requirement of plate size per different License Plate Recognition Software as well as the LPC camera selected. A2Z modern Megapixel HD units give superior Performance with more than two and half times the coverage area of traditional License Plate Cameras.

A2Z Wireless and Communications:
The simplest models of A2Z's SS-LPC series is designed to operate as a wireless extension of professional IP surveillance solutions such as at secure facilities that need to capture a remote entry point, this could be the guard shack of a corporation, power plant, prison, military base, church, school, campus, neighborhood or otherwise. A variety of high-powered network-based radio communications options allow such SS-LPC systems to operate with minimal remote equipment, reduced cost and size. Additionally, A2Z SS-LPC series however can also support alternate formats of communications or combine multiple as suited to fit project requirements. Cellular uplink with formats like LTE 4G is likewise popular, so be it 4G / 5G cellular or Point-to-point wireless communications, A2Z's experts can help you decide what frequencies, wireless methods and related gear are best. Alternate transmission methods may also be applicable such as Fiber.

A2Z SS-LPC Solar License Plate Capture Camera systems almost all offer multiple forms of recording. They can support transmission to another recording location, they can likewise support "cloud" like upload with FTP functions for both video and image snapshots, while A2Z preference remains edge storage (i.e. on-camera), localized Rugged Recorders or "Local Network" recorders for maximum evidence capture and less reliance on internet connectivity. Even further such systems referred to as SS-LPR or the new SS-E-LPR series can include forms of A2Z's Rugged Linux or PC Recorders and a selection of License Plate Recognition software or as the latter (SS-E-LPR) utilize Edge-storage and camera Embedded ALPR (Auto License Plate Recognition). All system can vary depending on configuration style ranging from 100s of Gigabits of storage space to Terabytes of storage space. A2Z's License Plate Capture Camera Systems provide the full range of live viewing, video search including time-line, event and special search methods, playback and multiple export options. The SS-LPR solutions will grant the addition of actual license plate data base, configurable rules for alerts or notifications, GPS tagging, historical search as well as data import or export and so on depending on model.

A2Z SS-LPC & SS-LPR Solar, PV or Photovoltaic Power Systems:
Delivering the highest quality options and with a competitive cost, A2Z's Solar Powered Camera Systems provide best in class attributes. Constructed with custom Traffic grade enclosures, flexible hardware mounting and the latest Solar Technologies like an MPPT charge controller our systems provide long-lasting results, often non-proprietary designs ensuring a futureproof solution. A2Z Experts provide solutions in a plug and play manner for installation that couldn't be simpler and offer on-going remote support to ensure your system operates properly. Systems are designed by region, per environment and per project as needed by A2Z Experts. These solutions are scalable and adaptable to almost unlimited demands and so we encourage you to contact our experts for more information.

What are the applications for Solar License Plate Cameras?
A2Z's innovative Solar Power License Plate Capture Camera Systems provide simplified deployment of highly effective video security and video surveillance systems. These solutions are ideal for countless locations including but not limited to private properties, schools or education campuses, business properties, parking lots, power plants, prisons, military bases, transit sites such as bridges, dams, Tunnels, highways, streets, roads and more. Essentially anywhere you can capture vehicle traffic and other entry traffic (i.e. humans walking, bicyclist, etc.) the systems have a real potential use. Numerous clients have reported successful identification and prosecution of criminal acts thanks to the critical evidence a license plate capture system can provide.

Accessories and Options Available on most models Include:

Wireless Video Security and Surveillance Systems:
- Unlimited options for Wireless & Communications, Cameras, Recorders, Software, etc.

Alarm and Device integration
- Single to Multi I/O Input Output Device Integration
- Like Sirens, LED Strobes, LED Spot Lights, Tamper Switch, Intrusion Sensors, Motion Detectors
- One Way and Two-Way Audio Real-time Support with Mic / Speaker Add-ons, Automated Message Systems

Specialized Graphic, Powder Coating/Paint Schemes Equipment & Enclosures:
- Agency Logos, Solid Colors Black or White Standard, Custom Colors to Camouflage Options, etc.

Customized Mounting Solutions
- Mounting Solutions for Pole, Roof, Ground, and more
- ALL Poles Sold separately, ask about A2Z Sectional Utility Pole System for high grade applications

Adaptable Renewable Energy Systems:
- Custom Mounting Solutions
- Scaled Power Systems
- Remote Monitoring
- Alternate and Redundant Charging Options

Last Updated September 11, 2020

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