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A2Z SS-xMC Solar Multi-Camera Wireless 4G HD & UHD Systems

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  • A2Z SS-xMC series SS-TMCIRD Wireless 4G Solar Power Multi-Camera Vandal Dome (Triple 4k Dome Camera) System
  • A2Z SS-xMC series SS-TMCIRB Wireless 4G Solar Multi-Camera IR Bullet Camera System - Speaker - Rugged NVR - Customer Installed Texas
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A2Z SS-xMC Solar Powered Wireless Multi-Camera Systems provide maximum adaptability for optimal remote video solutions. These innovative remote video systems adapt to endless specialized requirements be they surveillance, security or other objectives like live broadcast. Furthermore, they do so in a self-sustaining and 100% truly wireless off-grid fashion for remote deployments almost anywhere. The SS-xMC series is designed to grant users optimal multi-device, multi-camera systems and are ultimately the multi-camera versions of A2Z's other SS series systems yet offer limitless combinations of device types and added modular options plus features. As such these A2Z Solar Power Security and Surveillance Systems can vary drastically from one to the next in a highly custom-tailored manner. They can include economic to ultra-high-end high powered technology some of which may not be available to all customers due to regulations. Never the less A2Z SS-xMC Solar Wireless Multi-Camera Systems provide a wealth of system options many of which provide best in class price for performance making them a popular choice. The full range of HD and Ultra HD Cameras including but not limited to 2MP, 4MP (2K), 6MP, 8MP (4K UHD) and of all sorts of styles as well as but also not limited to bullet, eyeball, vandal dome or even specialized cameras like PTZs, Fisheye, Thermal or otherwise might be combined. Additionally, the full range of possibilities in modern IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) are similarly available such as Rugged Recorders, PIR to Radar or Lidar sensors, LED Lighting Strobes and Flood Lights, Two Way Audio with Mics and Speakers plus so much more. Modular design options with quick mount quick connect cabling solutions allow easy in-field adaptation for those applications of often re-deployments to the widest range of wireless communications, professional multi-camera, multi-system designs and more is all at your reach.

A2Z SS-xMC Solar Power Multi-Camera System Features:

  • Fully Stand-Alone 100% Solar Power Wireless Multi-Camera Systems
  • Quality Selection of 1080P/2MP, 3MP, 4MP (2K), 5MP, 6MP, 4K (UHD 8 Megapixel) or 12MP Cameras and more (HD and Ultra High Definition)
  • Optional Fixed Cameras with Fixed Lenses, Varifocal Lenses, Motorized Lens and Zoom Lens options
  • PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom), Thermal and Other Specialized Cameras Optional in any Combo
  • Cameras are often equipped with on board Infrared IR Illumination effective to ranges such as 100ft, 200ft or 300ft depending on model, High Power External IR Illuminators optional including Covert!
  • Cutting-Edge Video Codecs like H.265, H.264 and MJPEG
  • All sorts of Image Enhancements including as in Superior WDR, Low Light or Starlight, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), Highlight Compensation (HLC), Defog, Image Stabilization etc.
  • ONVIF or Brand Protocol Third Party Video System integration to common IT protocols like RTSP
  • Some models with protocols like RTMP for Live Broadcast directly to platforms like YouTube
  • Provides User Friendly Web Browser Interface, MAC or PC support for FREE CMS and Client Software
  • Free Mobile Apps on iPhone, iPad or Android (Most Models)
  • Unlimited Wireless Communication Options (900 MHz, 3 GHz, 4.9GHz, 5 GHz, 11 Ghz, 4G, 5G, etc.)
  • Client Style Systems with simple point-to-point Wireless up to Multiple Communications per system are achievable and more
  • Tons of Add on Accessory Options (i.e. Detectors, LED Lights, Strobe Lights, Siren, Mic/Speaker Audio, Sensors/Relays, Lidar, Radar, SD Card, Rugged Recorders, Rugged PC etc.)
  • Support for Recording: Micro SD Card, Remote or Local NVR, NAS, FTP (Cloud) and more
  • Superior solar power systems with PRO MPPT Charger plus LCD display
  • Power Options for Extended Power Back-up and rapid re-charge, All Systems minimum several Days Power Reserve
  • New Smart Lithium Battery Upgrades Now Available
  • Provides Multiple Mounting Configurations such as Pole Mount, Roof Mount, Ground Mount
  • Easy Plug and Play Style Design including pre-made cables to On-going Remote Support
  • System Designs per Region with all sorts of Customizations offered
  • System Colors are Black or White by Default

A2Z SS-xMC Multi-Camera Solar Power Systems Sensory and Device Selections:
A2Z'ss SS-xMC Multi-Camera Solar Power solutions provide the full range of the most modern, professional and cutting-edge video, audio and other hardware to achieve industry best in remote video, security, surveillance, safety and other off-grid mission objectives. Users can acquire systems incorporating practically any technology from countless leading brands and enjoy top performance specifications such as 8K (32MP), 4K (8MP) Ultra HD or HD video and image resolutions, highly efficient compression methods like H.265 or H.265 to high quality audio codecs like ACC for the top tier in IT standards. Standards like ONVIF, RTSP, RTMP, standard or unique encryption and much more are made available according to project requirements. In addition to numerous other options from appearance such as boldly deterrent or discreet low-profile builds, rugged ratings like vandal domes or specialized environmental protections to even semi-covert or covert versions, A2Z systems offer layers upon layers of technology are offered to deliver systems tailored for optimal results of mission functions demanded. Furthermore, A2Z SS-xMC series offer options of A2Z's modular attributes which can include easy device exchange including tool-less device swap and quick connect weatherproof cabling at various levels. The SS-xMC series is highly popular even in their simplest forms for maximizing performance for price ratio by ingeniously combining numerous technologies in a single off-grid, self-sustaining solar powered system.

The SS-xMC Multi-Camera Solar Cameras can provide simplified to rich I/O integration, layers of technology can include not just studio quality microphones or high powered speakers for effective two way communications but provide the full range of related technologies including LED Lighting, offer Deterrent functions such as Sirens, LED Strobes or Flood Lighting to pre-recorded automated messages. Message Signs to High end sensors solutions like Lidar or Ground Radar Systems are but a few of the almost unlimited abilities A2Z Experts and wide selection of specialized systems provide. Users will also find countless user friendly yet professional interfaces including web browser to PC or MAC software and of course Mobile Apps. A2Z's remote systems can provide Edge Analytics (Video Analytics to A.I.) and Edge Storage for optimal system effectiveness yet redundant or primary recording to Cloud or FTP is certainly supported for both Video, Audio and snapshots. A2Z's systems lead the way in all aspects of remote video helping customers produce effective results for reactive or active surveillance as well as achieving all sorts of automated and sophisticated functions with ease be, they security or other remote monitoring needs.

A2Z SS-xMC Wireless & Communications Options:
A2Z SS-xMC series Multi-Camera Systems as aforementioned can take on so many custom forms that one system may seem totally unlike another. From a few devices to numerous the SS-xMC also offers the widest range of connectivity options with Wireless communications being most popular yet still diverse in the vast selection of such wireless options provided. Wireless communications can and often include Cellular Uplink like 4G or 5G yet other extreme cases may rely on technologies like Satellite or custom long-range communications to establish connectivity many miles away. The full range of licensed and unlicensed wireless technologies including frequencies like 2Ghz, 5Ghz, 8Ghz, 11Ghz, 900Mhz or public safety reserved band 4.9ghz are all obtainable. The systems may also include multiple layers of communications supporting functions like WiFi or even hardwired connections. Fiber Optics is another method of common use where Wireless communications is restricted due to regulations but Solar still remains a more viable option than implementing electrical infrastructure at both short or especially extreme distances.

A2Z SS-xMC Solar Power & Physical System Options:
A2Z SS-xMC Solar Power Cameras if not already made clear are highly adaptable and versatile enough to achieve nearly any project. These solutions by default include a side of pole or structure mounting, yet alternative mounting is easily achieved through a wide selection of common methods such as ground mount or roof mount solutions to more specialized systems like A2Z's portable or mobile packages. A2Z's solutions can likewise provide universal standards such PoE (power over ethernet) in both compliant and passive types as well as other specific voltage power needs to other characteristics of physical design including various NEMA and environmental standards, Various RAL colors and support for both fully integrated and "Free Mount" System components enabling the easiest possible pro-grade, yet D-I-Y solutions for A2Z clients. A2Z SS-xMC systems can provide the highest level of quick connect cabling solutions and universal, non-proprietary adaptability. That is with industry standard mounting options to fine details regarding any particular attribute.

From compact to large scale A2Z Solar Cameras deliver proven professional results, have been utilized across the U.S. and abroad for over a decade and enable countless remote video and sensory solutions for everything from security to sports, live broadcast or advertising, scientific research and beyond.

Last Updated September 19, 2020

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