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A2Z MESH, WiFi & 4G Multi-System Solar Cameras SS-MPS-MESH

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  • A2Z Wireless MESH & 4G Solar Power Cameras Multi-System Solutions
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A2Z SS-MESH series Solar Power MESH Camera Systems deliver unique self-adaptive wireless connectivity for multi-system, multi-point deployments in complex environments. A2Z SS-MESH series can accommodate both stand-alone solar powered security system designs as well as extend video surveillance and security beyond the typical reaches of site infrastructure. The A2Z Wireless MESH Solar Cameras in addition to their MESH Wireless Radio Nodes can incorporate hardware functions like 4G cellular up-link and thus involve "Master" and "Client" system designs to achieve totally stand-alone, multi-point security systems perfect for parks to parking lots, neighborhoods to construction sites, community events to any other public or private project facing difficult wireless obstacles. The A2Z SS-MESH series like other A2Z Solar Powered Security Systems grant a variety of camera types, sensory and other optional device add-ons. From a single Fixed cam to dual cameras or even Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Cameras and more are available in various combinations. These MESH enabled solutions similarly deliver users with everything from premium resolution formats like 4MP (2K) or 8MP (4K) to other leading abilities like optimized H.265 video compression. Even more advanced edge-detection not to mention edge-storage these systems can achieve the next generation in stand-alone remote safety, security and surveillance systems. A2Z Experts can help you select your wireless, camera and even device add-ons such as LED Lighting to sirens as well as help you harness flexible, scalable custom-tailored solar power systems for the best in integrated remote video systems.

A2Z SS-MESH Solar Camera Systems:

  • 100% Solar Powered Systems for Continuous Operation*
  • 100% Totally Wireless MESH System Solutions
  • 100% Stand-alone Systems or Integrated with Facility/Site Solutions
  • MESH Wireless Radio Networks PLUS Cellular 4G, 5G and more
  • MESH System Inter-connectivity for specialized Multi-Point, Multi-Path Routing Wireless Deployments
  • Flexible Single to Multiple Security Cameras Per System
  • All Sorts of Camera Styles supported like Vandal Proof Dome, IR Bullet, IR PTZ or PTZ - Domes, Thermal IR, License Plate, Covert and other Network IP Cameras
  • HD and Ultra HD Resolutions: 2MP, 4MP (2k), 5MP, 6MP, 8MP (4K), 10MP, 12MP, etc.
  • Optimized & Quality Video Compression H.265+, H.265, H.264+, H.264
  • Edge Storage or Rugged NVR Storage, FTP / Cloud Upload, Snapshots, Video, Audio
  • Endless Custom-Tailored Aspects including Add-ons like Sirens, Speakers, Microphones, LED Lighting, Strobes, Sensors, Detectors, etc.
  • Rich Remote Video System Management - Web Browser - FREE Mobile apps (Android/Apple), FREE PC and Mac Software
  • Scaled to Size, Adaptable Solar Powered Systems of Pro Industrial/Commercial Grade
  • Advanced Solar Power Systems w/MPPT Controllers - LCD Display - Remote Monitoring Options
  • New Smart Lithium Battery Upgrades Now Available
  • Provides Multiple Mounting Configurations such as default Pole Mount to Roof Mount, Ground Mount choices, etc.
  • Easy Plug and Play Style Design including pre-made cables to On-going Remote Support
  • System Designs per Region with all sorts of Customization offered
  • System Colors are Black or White by Default
  • and more

A2Z SS-MESH series Wireless Solar Camera Systems can incorporate all sorts of professional surveillance camera options ranging from the latest in Fixed Ultra HD and HD models to powerful Pan-Tilt-Zoom Security Cameras of all types. These specialized systems can include semi-covert or covert designs, can provide Thermal Imaging or other specialized security cameras such as License Plate Cameras. The simplest way to express it is A2Z SS-MESH series can help interlink numerous remote point cameras of all modern types featuring modern attributes like H.264 or H.265 video streaming, support HD and UHD resolutions like 2MP, 4MP (2K), 6MP, 8MP (4K) and even greater. All sorts of features are possible from units with integrated LED White Light Illumination and built-in Sirens or Microphones to typical Integrated IR Night Vision or external high-powered IR Illuminators including covert and semi-covert types. These units likewise can offer sleek, unobtrusive appearances with low profile Vandal Proof Dome Cameras or create bold deterrents especially with added features like LED deterrent lights or LED strobe functions. Be it for Active Surveillance or Re-active surveillance the solutions can accommodate almost endless general to specialized needs, there are many levels of on-board detection methods from common video analytics to the latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) or Intelligent Video Analysis. Edge Storage or centralized high capacity recording is all possible and other aspects such as rule based sms text message and email notifications to FTP (or cloud) snapshot and video upload is all commonly accessible. Fixed Cameras and PTZ cameras are all optional including custom combos to ensure you get the perfect fit for your professional project needs.

A2Z SS-MESH Wireless Communications:
The A2Z SS-MESH series is all about their Wireless MESH type radio options in economic and high-end versions which use are specifically for multi-system deployments. The term MESH aka Wireless Mesh Networks (WMN) or simply Mesh Networking indicates specialized radio nodes that have the ability to richly interconnect between peer devices in a mesh topology unlike other common network topologies like ring, bus or star configurations. That is these systems in addition to utilizing PTP (Point-to-Point) and PTMP (Point to Multi-Point) connectivity many if not all of MESH radios on a network depending on layout can provide automatic path routing and interconnect with peer devices, automatically reconnecting to other peer devices in the area to reroute traffic in the event of a radio failure. This Self=Adapting and Self-Healing quality makes these MESH types of radios ideal for certain applications involving multiples of wireless connection points are popular in some law enforcement and military applications as well as other densely populated deployments or simply challenging environments. MESH radios often involve multiple radios per device and can feature all sorts of specifications be it single or multiple radio frequencies like 2.4GHz and 5GHZ to others such as 900MHz or 4.9Ghz public safety band. These Radios can also be paired with 4G or 5G cellular communications or other connectivity including hardwired input to a "Master" node thus feeding the rest of the network’s internet connectivity. All of this considered MESH designs still have particulars that don't make them best suited for every application and A2Z experts can help you determine if a MESH Wireless Network is worth considering in your project.

A2Z SS-MESH series Solar Powered Wireless Security Systems and Build:
The A2Z SS-MESH series Solar Power Security Systems are not otherwise unlike most A2Z SS series unit in their ability to support endless combinations of technology and feature scaled to size power systems with adaptable mounting options to fit all types of projects. These solar powered units are designed to meet project requirements, environmental conditions and the necessary power production to maintain continuous operation in most places. The systems are flexible with the help of A2Z's Experts who can help adjust Panel Mounting methods, PV array sizing, Battery Bank and Power Reserve sizing to customized enclosure options for cleanly integrated solutions of commercial and industrial grade. Systems support advanced power production with MPPT Charge Controllers and high quality, high performing Solar panels. Units are easy to install and delivered in a plug and play fashion and the most minimal assembly steps required as possible. A2Z On-going Support and friendly Experts are available to assist and support your project pre- and post-sale.

Last Updated September 19, 2020

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