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A2Z Solar Wireless & 4G 360° (Dual 2x 180°) Ultra HD Panoramic Camera Systems

  • A2Z SS-DP360 Solar Powered Wireless 4G Dual (2x) 180+ HD & UHD Panoramic Camera Systems - White Finish
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Product Description

A2Z SS-DP360 series Solar Wireless 360 Dual Panoramic Camera Systems provide maximum area coverage with minimal devices from a single point, typically a pole. These units most often incorporate two 180 degrees Panoramic multi-sensor IP Cameras that together boast superior resolutions like 16MP, 32MP, 64MP or 80 MegaPixel video coverage. Most often Pole mounted, these units provide comprehensive area awareness and feature cutting-edge technological advances be it the latest Video Analysis to intelligent rule-based event detection and actions. Even more advantages from functions like IR Night Vision to options for on-board storage these solutions can incorporate simple PTP wireless and extend existing systems coverage or utilize cellular uplinks like 4G to operate in truly stand-alone fashions almost anywhere. The Units provide maximum area protection while also maintaining unobtrusive or aesthetically pleasing designs. The systems can incorporate all sorts of add-ons or serve specialized functions for not just safety, security and surveillance but far more. Contact A2Z Security Cameras Experts today and find out if the A2Z SS-DP360 series is the best Solar Power Camera System for you.

A2Z SS-DP360 Main Features:

  • 100% Solar Powered Systems for Continuous Operation Most Regions
  • 100% Totally Wireless System Solutions
  • 100% Stand-alone Systems or Integrated with Facility/Site Solutions
  • Numerous Pro Wireless Options - 4G / 5G Cellular, WiFi, MESH, PTP / PTMP with countless frequencies, licensed and unlicensed bands 2Ghz, 3Ghz, 5Ghz, 8Ghz, 11Ghz, 4.9Ghz Public Safety Band
  • All Sorts of Camera Styles supported like IR Vandal Proof Dome, IR Bullet
  • Added Camera Options including PTZ Cameras - Fisheye and More!
  • HD and Ultra HD Resolutions: 2MP, 4MP (2k), 5MP, 6MP, 8MP (4K), 10MP, 12MP, etc. PER SENSOR!
  • Amazing Panoramic ULTRA HD IMAGES of 8MP (4K), 16MP, 32MP, 40MP, etc. 8K Per Camera
  • Total Combined Resolutions of a Single System w/Dual Panoramic reach Incredible Totals like 32MP, 64MP, 80MP, etc.
  • DUAL (2x) 180° Horizontal Field of View (HFOV) Coverage (i.e. 360° HFOV combined/aligned) - Some Models up to 220° Per Panoramic Camera
  • Optimized & Quality Video Compressions H.265+, H.265, H.264+, H.264
  • Edge Storage or Rugged NVR Storage, FTP / Cloud Upload, Snapshots, Video, Audio
  • Endless Custom-Tailored Aspects including Add-ons like Sirens, Speakers, Microphones, LED Lighting, Strobes, Sensors, Detectors, etc.
  • Intelligent Detection Methods, Audio & Video Analytics to A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Rich Remote Video System Management - Web Browser - FREE Mobile apps (Android/Apple), FREE PC and Mac Software
  • Models Supporting RoI (Region of Interest), Dewarping, Digital PTZ, etc.
  • Scaled to Size, Adaptable Solar Powered Systems of Pro Industrial/Commercial Grade
  • Advanced Solar Power Systems w/MPPT Controllers - LCD Display - Remote Monitoring Options
  • New Smart Lithium Battery Upgrades Now Available
  • Provides Multiple Mounting Configurations such as default Pole Mount to Roof Mount, Ground Mount choices, etc.
  • Easy Plug and Play Style Design including pre-made cables to On-going Remote Support
  • System Designs per Region with all sorts of Customization offered
  • System Colors are Black or White by Default
  • and more

A2Z SS-DP360 Solar Wireless Dual Panoramic Cameras:
The SS-DP360 Solar Powered Wireless Dual Panoramic Camera Systems provide a superb solution for maximum area coverage benefiting active and reactive surveillance applications or even other remote monitoring objectives. These A2Z Solar Camera Systems furnish integrated security cameras typically of the IP Camera type in various styles but are most often constructed with multiple sensors, such as four sensors symmetrically aligned and features like image stitching to enable one large panoramic view. Individual sensors like 2MP, 4MP, 8MP or 10 Megapixel combine in a single camera unit to create Ultra HD images of 8MP, 16MP, 32MP or 40 Megapixel Panoramic Views at 180 degree horizontally. Then through the use of two multi-sensor camera units these Dual Panoramic solutions can provide 360 degrees total horizontal coverage and achieve impressive Ultra HD coverage with resolution collectively reaching 16MP, 32MP, 64MP or 80 Megapixels and so forth.

In addition, these modern surveillance solutions can provide a wealth of attributes similar to other modern security cameras including cutting-edge video compressions like H.264 or H.265, support functions like IR Night Vision and of course feature advanced detection methods in a variety of levels including common video analytics like intrusion or perimeter to more advanced "A.I." or Artificial Intelligence giving these devices abilities to perform operations like automatically classifying objects such as vehicles and humans. All sorts of other perks can likewise be found be it integrated on-board storage to abilities like camera to camera event actions. These units likewise can accomplish various styles be it attractive Vandal Proof Dome Enclosures to Bullet style security cameras and systems can features added combinations of equipment in almost limitless fashions be it the addition of a Fisheye Camera or a PTZ camera to add-ons like Audio support, Sensors, Sirens, LED Flood light or Strobe lights.

A2Z SS-DP360 Solar Dual Panoramic Camera Systems Communications:
The A2Z SS-DP360 series like other A2Z SS series systems offer a wide range of possible connectivity methods. Primarily these systems utilize Wireless Connectivity, however even there, A2Z's solar security systems provide a rich selection. In fact, these custom solar security systems enable an almost limitless range of device support options therefore enabling systems to utilize 4G or 5G Cellular to dedicated Wireless Backhauls or Radio Bridges to even WiFi support and more. Solutions using MESH style communications to more common PTP (Point-to-Point) or PTMP (Point-to-multi-point) Wireless Radio networks the full range of modern licensed and unlicensed radio frequencies can be achieved such as 900Mhz, 2GHz, 3Ghz, 5GHz, 11GHz to Public Safety reserved bands like 4.9Ghz. Even more Wireless options are possible and likewise layers of network security are commonly provided with higher end security and encryption also accessible. Wireless however isn't the only option; systems can provide in certain solutions hardwired connectivity such as support for fiber optic connections.

A2Z SS series Solar Powered Security & Surveillance Systems:
The A2Z Solar Powered systems are almost always of the "Off-grid" style designed to provide users with continuous, autonomous operation through their own power production. These custom-tailored renewable energy systems are scalable and A2Z's experts help ensure practical yet reliable system builds according to equipment, environment and customer requirements. Optional upgrades to provide users critical reliability in the harshest conditions, even hybrid power systems to system power monitoring are all available to meet your needs. These solutions feature industrial and commercial grade components for professional systems. Likewise, systems include all sorts of adaptable configurations with side of pole mount being most common, there is however also options for roof mount, ground mount and otherwise as required. Units are provided in a "plug and play" manner including all parts to complete a working system minus the pole. Standard colors like Black or White system finish are offered at no cost change while custom color options are yet another of the abundant, Pro choices A2Z's clients enjoy.

Last Updated September 16, 2020

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