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A2Z MSS-VTM series Tactical Video Surveillance Vehicle Mast Systems are produced as modular video, sensor and communications systems for security, safety, law enforcement and military applications. The systems comprise three main parts. The 1st is a selection of rugged mobile Linux or open-platform PC based recorders or otherwise processing units including diverse options for integrated LAN, 4G Cellular, WiFi, and GPS, VSAT or other wireless communications means. This base configuration of rugged CCTV and IP (NVR) recorders include intelligent power management systems plus offer anti-shock, anti-vibration qualities all especially built for mobile video applications. The Second Key component is A2Z's vast selection of top notch Telescoping Masts of both pneumatic and mechanical mast styles in various load capacities, at many heights along with Nycoil, quick connect cabling and removable Mast heads for flexible in-field device exchange. The final Core components completing the typical system again grants a wide range of devices like visible HD surveillance cameras to high-grade Thermal IR Imaging, All sorts of Detectors to Ground Radar Systems, Acoustic Alert Systems, LED Lighting System and beyond. Added in-vehicle remote, keyboard and joystick control options to all forms of mobile or desktop software provide comprehensive tactical vehicle surveillance systems.

A2Z MSS-VTM Mobile Surveillance Vehicle Mast Systems:

  • Fully Modular vehicle Mast Systems with custom Optics, Sensors, Communications
  • Vast range of Thermal IR to Visible Ultra HD IR PTZ Cameras, Fixed Cameras or other Specialized Cameras
  • Cutting-Edge Sensor Devices including Radar to Long Range Acoustic Hailing, HD Pan/Tilt Mechanisms, LED Lighting, plus more 
  • Complete Selection of Wireless Communications Systems such as VSAT, 4G, 900 MHz, 2.4, 3, 4.9 (public safety), 5, or 11 GHz 
  • Superior array of High Grade Pneumatic and Mechanical Telescoping Mast Systems in many heights, made of quality materials
  • Complete Cabling Solutions including Internal build or external with Nycoil for Power, Communications, Control, etc. 
  • Removable Mast Head and Device Arm Options plus MIL-STD & Industrial Cable Quick Connect Systems
  • Economic to the finest CCTV, HD CCTV (DVRs) and IP (NVR) Vehicle Ready Recorders of Linux or PC based Open-Platform
  • Professional Software like CMS, Web Browser, Mobile Viewing Applications to Video Analytics, LPR and more.
  • Support for Android, Apple iPhone, iPad, MAC, Windows PC, Tablets, Smart Phones 
  • Smart Power Systems including Intelligent Power Functions to Innovative Power Solutions
  • Customized Packages for All sorts of vehicles like Command or Armored Trucks, Hummer, Jeep, Van, SUV, Cars, etc.

Vehicle Surveillance, Security, Sound, Detection and More:
A2Z's Experts grant quick access to the most diverse range of intelligent mobile surveillance and sensor technology. Thus the MSS-VTM series Vehicle Telescoping Mast Mobile Surveillance Systems enjoy endless possibilities for advanced optics like visible HD and thermal IR PTZ cameras. All types from Speed Dome PTZs to Custom Pan/Tilt/Zoom Security Camera Systems including Super Powered Infrared Night Vision as well as built-in White Light LED Illumination are all available. Supreme Resolutions like 1080P HD, 4MP (2K), 5MP (3k), 8MP (4K) and beyond with cutting-edge Image enhancements like WDR, 3D DNR, Defog or Digital Image Stabilization. Rugged weatherproof construction, anti-shock, anti-vibration qualities are only the beginning. A2Z's selection provides for single or multiple-camera arrays in CCTV, HD CCTV and IP Camera formats not to mention A2Z's quick mount and quick connect cabling systems for in-field exchangeable device flexibility. Added on-board recording to intelligent Video Analysis are just a few more common functions enabling sophisticated operation of IP based models with ease and even without a vehicle recorder.

Video isn't the only aspect, A2Z's offering includes perks like advanced audio solutions such as high sensitivity microphones with specialized tuning options to filter out all but the human voice range to Long Range Acoustic Hailing Sound systems for powerfully stunning audible alert can be supported. A2Z's Superior detection goes beyond even just powerful outdoor motion detection with options for state-of-the-art long range fixed direction and 360-degree radar systems. Likewise almost endless technologies can be incorporated side by side for custom packages that best fit each application. The A2Z Experts can help you quickly configure the finest options plus offer on-going support and competitive cost.

Vehicle Mobile Recorders, Processing and Power:
A2Z Security Cameras' Experts have many years of expertise in low voltage, advanced technology mobile vehicle systems. From Economic to powerful vehicle ready MIL grade mobile PC recorders A2Z's selection summarizes modern mobile surveillance systems. Linux Recorders including typical 4ch and 8ch models with HD CCTV 1080p and 720p mobile security Camera support to universal IP Camera integration for scalable systems of unlimited possibilities are readily available. Equally adaptable software platforms range from rich, user friendly applications including with the local display or by remote with web browser, CMS and mobile viewing support. Open-platform PC Recorders grant even more advanced designs using leading VMS or NVR software that can add all types of opportunities be it customized video Analytics, LPR to complex rules for automated operation, user alerts and notifications. I/O Controls, on-board PoE Ports and countless other advantages can assure all the advanced options are accessible while also maintaining a clean, low profile installation.

Vehicle Mobile Telescopic Mast Systems:
A2Z Security Cameras MSS-VTM series Tactical Vehicle Telescopic Mast systems also offer superb modular abilities and the finest quality at great prices. Constructed from Air-craft grade aluminum to even carbon fiber models A2Z's Mast are produced in mechanical or pneumatic mast styles with various height, weight and operation methods. Customized mounting, Nycoil Cable Assemblies along with modular, removable Mast device heads and arms provide perfectly modified packages to best fit your project requirements. Mast Heights of 15ft, 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, 50ft and more are obtainable while all sorts of advantages can be found with choices like locking or non-locking pneumatic mast including automatic pump systems and wireless remote control to ultra-heavy duty mechanical mast units capable of lifting payloads weighing hundreds of pounds. Simply stated A2Z Experts are well equipped to have the solution you need.


Industrial, Agriculture/Farming, Commercial Inspection, Broadcast/Media, Construction,
Security Patrols, Police, SWAT, Sheriff, Law Enforcement, Military, Emergency Response, Disaster Relief
Video Surveillance, Security, Detection, Targeting, Communications, Mobile Command Center, Mobile Communication Center

Last Updated: December 14, 2016

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