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A2Z Tactical Tripod Wireless Thermal IR PTZ System RWC-PT3

  • A2Z Tactical Video Telescoping Tripod Wireless Thermal IR PTZ Camera System RWC-PT3
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Product Description

A2Z RWC-PT3 Tactical Tripod Thermal Wireless PTZ Camera System is the next generation in high performing, yet simplified, rugged and wireless remote surveillance on demand. Designed by the A2Z Experts these solutions grant stand-alone functionality to rapid deployment for outdoor ready, remote surveillance systems including a vast selection of customized sensor, communication, and tripod as well as power system options. The RWC-PT3 kit is a complete tactical video surveillance system outfitted for the professional requirements of First Responders or Law Enforcement to even military needs. The uses for local, state or even federal police agencies to other government departments are great be it safety, security or surveillance objectives. Benefits for missions of all sorts the A2Z RWC-PT3 Tactical Thermal IR PTZ Tripod Camera System gives agents a clear advantage. On-site or off-site operations enjoy real-time live streaming of HD live video plus thermal infrared vision that is easily portable and established almost anywhere in minutes.

A2Z RWC-PT3 Series Features:

  • Device Head: Dual Sensor Thermal IR & Visible Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Cameras IP Based
    - Thermal IR imaging of numerous Resolutions and Lens Configurations
    - Visible 20x, 30x to 36x or more Zoom Day/Night PTZ Camera Modules w/options for HD video i.e. 1080p
    - Optional support for numerous Top Tier Thermal PTZs upon request
    - Rugged Weatherproof IP66 to IP67 Aluminum PTZ Case, on-board Defogger, Wide Temperature Range
    - High Speed, High Precision Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras w/360 degree continuous rotation and no view obstruction
    - H.264, ONVIF, RTSP and many other modern attributes such as options for, Edge Recording, Video Analysis, - H.265 or Image Stabilization
    - Integrated 4G LTE, WiFi and 4.9GHz MiMo PTP, PTMP or MESH Wireless Support w/alternate options available
    - Integrated Quick Mount Device Head with Quick Connect Cabling
    - Support for Audio, LED Lighting, and I/O Alarm input/Relay output and beyond
  • A2Z RWC-PT series Telescoping Pneumatic Mast Tripod:
    - Rugged Outdoor Ready Construction
    - Standard Heights up to 20ft - others upon request
    - Integrated Cable with A2Z Quick Connect Support for Device Head, Device/Power Cases
    - Alternate Tripod Options available from ultra-economic to military grade high precision tripods
  • A2Z RWC AC 110V input rechargeable & operational Intelligent Battery Power Cases:
    - Standard Configuration Lithium based Battery Technology for superior performance
    - Lightweight, yet powerful outdoor ready system runs for days, recharges in hours
    - Scalable and Adaptable to meet mission requirements
    - Quick Connect RWC Cabling and AC 110V External Input
    - Includes 50ft AC Power Cord
  • A2Z RWC Smart and Adaptable Tactical Video:
    - Localized and Remote Live Streaming
    - Easy Live Viewing, Search, Playback, Export, PTZ Controls
    - Edge and Centralized Recording, Rugged LCD Monitors, Joystick Controllers and Other accessory options
    - Support for Windows PC or MAC Computers, Android, iPhone and iPad Smart Phones or Tablets
    - Included Surveillance CMS Client Software (CMS i.e. Multi-System Management), Flexible Web Browser Support, Free CMS Mobile Viewing Applications


Truly Rapid, Rugged Tactical Video:
The RWC-PT3 Tactical Video Tripod Thermal PTZ kits deploy with ease thanks to our unique tripod mast featuring a single hand-screw to erect, built-in pump to extend the mast plus an internal cable with quick connect and mount methods for modular device heads and intelligent battery packs. A2Z's Tactical Video Telescoping MAST tripod systems offer low profile, high powered surveillance you can easily transport on an ATV or multiple systems in a SUV, Truck bed or Van. Fully outdoor ready for harsh environments with operation for remote video on batteries alone of 24-48 hours as typical builds there is also certainly battery banks with even more reserve time available. Be it border patrol, wildfire detection, city wide surveillance, event monitoring, SWAT teams or other emergency response tasks; all can now easily establish even multiple tactical video kits for maximum situational awareness. Live viewing while also serving as a means of evidence capture grants the front-line all the way back to command superior management in endless scenarios.

Cutting-Edge, Open-Platform Tactical Surveillance:
The RWC-TP3 series Tactical Tripod Thermal Dual Sensor PTZ Camera System unveils superior tactical video built to be universally compliant for integration with third party systems including VMS Software, NVRs or otherwise via common protocol IT standards. The units equally provide superb image resolutions such as visible 1080P Day/Night Video with high optical zoom alongside high resolution thermal IR vision. Smooth, precise Pan/Tilt/Zoom movement matches simultaneous video mode streaming combined with efficient compression methods like H.264 or even H.265 for optimal results. All sorts of optional perks ranging from audio to the state-of-the-art Video Analytics ensure A2Z systems can achieve the most. User friendly PC or MAC Client Software, Web Browser to Mobile Device viewing are all supported for convenient, effective connectivity and control.

High Performing, Adaptable Wireless Transmission:
Highly Modular is A2Z's concept of the ideal platform and so A2Z systems can utilize communications in a variety of wireless formats such as 4G, WiFi, 4.9GHz and so on as requested. Be it long range communications, added encryption to auto-acquisition the A2Z solutions are adaptable, even in-field. With a full-range of modern wireless technology the RWC series allows units the ability to operate independently such as with 4G or as unified systems adopting MESH, PTP or PTMP wireless network typologies as example. Omni-Directional Antennae provide long range transmission with no alignment needs while optional directional Antennae can help achieve distances measured in miles.

Innovative, Intelligent Power Systems:
The RWC series feature rugged, weatherproof and portable power cases that are certainly advanced but also scalable and adaptable. This component of the system enables completely stand-alone battery powered operation of the tactical video systems for durations measured in days according to battery bank size versus connected devices. The systems by default likewise offer built-in charging and continuous operation when connected to AC 110V power sources, yet mean-while hot-swap power case support to our preferred lithium battery technology assure these are nothing short of the finest solutions. Tactical quick connect cabling solutions including military grade connector options and support for added system technology of many sorts is all possible.

Many Safety, Security, Surveillance and Even Recreational Uses:

Military and Law Enforcement like Police, Sheriff, SWAT, FBI, Border Patrol
Disaster and Emergency Response Teams
Construction Site Security
Oil and Power Site Security
Telecommunications Security
Community and Public Event Security
Wildlife Protection
Wildfire Detection
Hunting and Wildlife Filming
Various Video Production & Photography Projects

Last Updated January 3, 2017

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