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A2Z MMST-AZ1 4G Solar Surveillance Trailer

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  • A2Z MMST-AZ1DIP 4G IR HD PTZ Solar Surveillance Trailer
  • A2Z MMST-AZ1 4G Solar Powered Security Surveillance Trailer
  • A2Z MMST Solar HD PTZ Security Surveillance Trailer
  • A2Z MMST-AZ1 Night Shot of Infrared IR HD PTZ Cameras & Non-Active/Active Motion Detectors
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A2Z MMST-AZ1 Modular Mobile Surveillance Trailer series introduces a new line of highly versatile, 100% solar powered security trailers. Designed to deliver the industry's finest performance, versatility, reliability and cost effectiveness, these new generation of MMST systems provide an unlimited, custom combination of mechanical and technical advantages. Fabricated and integrated to the highest standards, with industry top components, the A2Z Surveillance Trailers set a new tier in remote monitoring applications of all kinds. The MMST Security Trailers support all types of uses including Military, Homeland Security, Police/Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, Asset Protection, Oil/Power, Construction, and Traffic Monitoring and beyond. Contact our Experts today and find out more about a best fit for your operations.

A2Z MMST-AZ1 Series Main Features

  • 100% Stand-alone Solar Power System w/24/7, Year Round Continuous Operation (Systems Configured Per Region)
  • Superior Technology Options: Fixed and/or PTZ Cameras, HD Megapixel, Infrared, Thermal, Etc. (shown with Dual IR HD PTZs)
  • REMOVABLE MAST HEAD ("CAMERA HEAD") allows easy component exchange, storage, upgrades and service 
  • A2Z Mini Rugged I-Series PC NVR System w/Windows & Open-Platform Software/VMS Support
  • Large Capacity 500GB Data/Video Storage w/Upgrade Options available i.e. 1TB, 2TB, etc.
  • Universal 4G Cellular Carrier Support w/Integrated WIFI by Default
  • Optional Wireless Communications of all types including VSAT, 5GHz, 900MHz, etc.
  • MMST Unique Upright Manual Mast System w/electric motor, MAST HEAD and various height options (30ft Default Height)
  • Highly durable, Environmentally Sealed, Body/Equipment Enclosures including Aluminum/Steel Construction
  • Complete Frame, Body and MAST feature Heavy Duty Steel Construction, Long-Term Industrial Paint & Powder Coat Finish
  • DOT approved Lighting, Warning Stickers, Spare Tire, Levelling Jacks and more are all standard features.
  • Shore Power 120VAC Power Charging System Included by default w/Generator, Fuel Cell, and combo power options available.
  • Multiples of Anti-theft add-ons including wheel locks, removable tongue, GPS, Alarm Systems, sensors, ETC.
  • True Modular Design with countless custom configurations available!
  • Manufactured in DFW Dallas-Fort Worth, Metroplex, Texas, United States

Smart Design:
The A2Z MMST-AZ1 Modular Mobile Surveillance Trailer series deliver the most intelligent technology solutions, not only in a compact mobile form, but in a modifiable, upgradeable and even field swappable design. Auxiliary Power Outputs as well as Communications Ports supporting added features and devices are all optional. Advantages like the A2Z quick connect, weatherproof cabling system support such modifications or on-demand device outfitting with the greatest of ease. Even the complete Trailer MAST Head is removable, thus exchangeable while other points like conveniently located Die Cast Junction Boxes, to internal equipment compartments offer countless possibilities. All of this and more combine to protect, long-term the investment in our systems. We are constantly updating and upgrading design features to ensure we deliver the pinnacle in remote video surveillance and security systems, with the maximum future adaptability as well as attributes for truly best in class security trailers with a highly competitive cost.

Superior Build:
The innovative A-frame style solution first developed by A2Z provides a compact mobile design with superb solar power production, unique transport features to flexible deployment advantages. Primary structural aspects like frame, floor or MAST are built from steel while other sections include high grade aluminum that all include long lasting finishes of powder coat and/or industrial paint. With A2Z the little things like DOT approved lighting, heavy duty Axle to spare tire are all standard features. However, A2Z takes it even further than that, we offer diverse customization that can achieve all sorts of mechanical/physical alterations to meet specific project requirements. Considering the default modular concept and functions such as the removable MAST Head allow users in-field exchange options of system components such as security camera types. Even down to compartment configuration of the inner body to MAST height with electric or manual operation or simply their color are just a few of the common design options offered.

Supreme Technology:
A2Z Security Cameras is at the forefront of advanced Safety, Security and Surveillance Systems. The A2Z engineers are multi-disciplined, holding years of experience in numerous technologies and project types. We offer the industry's best selection of safety systems, security systems to surveillance equipment from all the top tier brands. Additionally, A2Z produces fully integrated solutions with a wide range of other technologies like advanced computer systems, sophisticated software, wireless communications, remote power solutions plus far more. Most often systems include the one of a kind A2Z I-series Mini Rugged PC that boast a vast selection of software choices and are open platform operating systems. Almost always these systems include numerous high powered, high definition (HD Megapixel) Fixed and/or PTZ Cameras. All types of gear is offered like Two Way Audio, Intelligent IR Cameras to Thermal Imaging, Detection Devices, LPR, Sensors, and LED Lighting or otherwise. Giving more choices, for better fit solutions to our clients.

Last Updated Januarary 3, 2015

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