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A2Z PTM series Portable Tripod Telescopic Mast Systems

  • A2Z Rapid Tactical Portable Tripod Telescopic Mast Systems
  • A2Z Portable Tripod Quad-pod Tactical Telescopic Locking Pneumatic Masts
  • A2Z Portable Tripod Tactical Telescopic Pneumatic Masts
  • A2Z Portable Tripod Tactical Telescopic Manual Push-up Masts
  • A2Z Light Weight Portable Tactical Tripod Push-Up Mast Systems
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Product Description

A2Z PTM series Portable Tripod Telescopic Mast Systems deliver a wide selection of compact to large scale tri-pod based rapid tower deployment solutions for use with numerous equipment packages and in many industries. Mast units including manual push up operation to other innovative mechanical, electromechanical and pneumatic styles. All outdoor weatherproof ready models including those suitable for man carry with light weight construction to others with integrated dolly like features, optional dolly’s and more. These Tower's tripods can also vary including simple designs that require even, level surface to those with independently adjustable legs for use on unlevel surfaces. There are numerous, cost effective, common configurations including various heights ranging from 10ft to 30ft with greater heights plus more advanced

A2Z PTM Tripod Tower Features:

  • Superior Selection including 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and far greater elevations
  • Superb payload capacity commonly supporting 20 to 60 lbs. of load lift without guy wire
  • Unique models offering maximum performance, compact size, high quality construction.
  • Premium grade materials like stainless steel, hardened aluminum to carbon fiber options
  • Natural, Anodized or Powder Coated finishes resistant to acid rain and corrosion
  • Weatherproof ready perfect for rapid response or extended deployments nearly anywhere.
  • Diverse range of Manual Push up, Pump Up or Crank up to Automatic Electric Operation
  • Electrically Driven models including 12v, 24v DC or 110V AC operation
  • Wide selection of Accessory and customized options for the perfect total package
  • Customized Video (i.e. Cameras, PTZ Cameras), Audio - Public Address, Sensory, Communications Add-ons and More
  • Customized Portable Weatherproof Pump and/or Power Cases available from A2Z
  • Customized Cabling Solution including some models with Internal Cabling

The PTM tripod equipped mast or tower system solutions with their rapid deployment and easily portable design grant an obvious tactical advantage for numerous applications and markets. Their use can benefit practically any scenario demanding lift for elevated equipment and otherwise. Common scenarios can include Military missions to Emergency Response and Law Enforcement applications such as fire and rescue to Police SWAT teams. Yet likewise the solutions adapt to all sorts of project requirements be it general or border security, private or commercial communications even sports, entertainment, scientific research to broadcast news and beyond. Uses can include short term or long-term deployments and many can deliver operational systems within minutes.

Starting with push-up mast tripod models their clearest advantage is many have the ability to be easily carried by a single person, even in a single hand plus their often-lower cost when compared to more sophisticated models is a notable perk. Next tripods utilizing smaller scale electromechanical, mechanical and pneumatic telescopic mast often are a two person carry or as aforementioned have some sort of wheels or an extra customized hand truck to facilitate their easy movement but otherwise still deliver very rapid deployment while also boasting attributes like easier extension, integrated internal cabling and/or higher capacity payload (i.e. heavier weight) support.

There are many more attributes small and large tripod equipped mast or towers may include such as on-board manual pumps or winch or even be motor driven. More minor but important details like stake or bolt holes in the tripod feet and ability of tripods adjustments to built-in guy wire rings in the mast head all add up to a portable tower system’s capability. The materials they are forged from can likewise make significant differences in performance to mobility and of course cost. A2Z’s units include high grade composite materials like aluminum, stainless steel or carbon fiber options.

Last Updated: January 20th, 2020

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