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A2Z MSS-VRTMP Vehicle Mobile Telescopic Mast PTZ Camera System

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  • A2Z Mobile Vehicle Telescopic Mast PTZ Camera MSS-VRTMP
  • A2Z Mobile Removable Telescopic Mast PTZ Surveillance System rear view
  • A2Z Vehicle Hitch Mount Removable Telescopic MAST PTZ Surveillance System side SUV
  • A2Z Mobile Vehicle Removable Hitch Telescoping Mast PTZ Camera System
  • A2Z MSS-VRTM Vehicle Removable Hitch Mount Telescopic Mast - Manual Pneumatic with Internal Cable, Universal "hanging" PTZ Mount retracted
  • A2Z MSS-VRTM Vehicle Removable Hitch Mount Telescopic Mast - Manual Pneumatic with Internal Cable, Universal "hanging" PTZ Mount extended rear view
  • A2Z MSS-VRTM Vehicle Removable Hitch Mount Telescopic Mast - Manual Pneumatic with Internal Cable, Universal PTZ Camera Mount retracted side view
  • A2Z MSS-VRTM Vehicle Removable Hitch Mount Telescopic Mast Extended - Manual Pneumatic with Internal Cable, Universal PTZ Camera Mount retracted side view
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A2Z MSS-VRTMP Vehicle Removable Telescopic Mast PTZ Camera System unveils a new age in portable, adaptable, next generation mobile surveillance systems. The series revolves around a powerful base component of a telescoping MAST allowing an obvious height advantage for your mobile surveillance, communications, Lighting and other technology needs. Available in numerous Telescopic Mast sizes and Mast types, A2Z experts can deliver you complete packages for simplified mobile surveillance. Likewise units are available with a diverse selection of high performance Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) or other Security Cameras plus all sorts of related gear. Furthermore supported on all types of vehicles the series is an outstanding solution for Private Security, Police, Law Enforcement, Border Patrol or even Military not to mention all sorts of other special applications be it amateur sports recording and broadcasting to job site and construction site management to such much more. Thus A2Z's portable Hitch mount mast solutions are available in multiple budget levels making such technology available to even private individuals, businesses and organizations of all kinds.

A2Z MSS-VRTMP Main Features:

  • Support for HD PTZ Cameras and Security Cameras of all kinds with endless possible combos 
  • Manual, Mechanical or Pneumatic MAST with various heights and lift mechanisms to chose
  • Removable, Hitch Mountable as well as Customized, Adaptable Mounting Solutions
  • Internal Mast Fed Cabling or External Nycoil Custom Cable Options
  • Simplified System Power Up to advanced customized Power Functions 
  • In-Vehicle Viewing, Remote View and Control Accessories like Mobile LCDs and System Joystick Controllers
  • Industry Top Brands for IP Cameras and/or Video Recorders provide live viewing, mobile viewing, CMS Software, Video Analytics, etc.
  • Offers Pro 4G Cellular, WiFi, VSAT, PTP/PTMP, MESH and alternate Wireless Communication options

A2Z MSS Mobile Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras:
A2Z MSS series Mobile Surveillance Systems provide a wide array of mobile ready PTZ Cameras from top manufacturers. A2Z's vast selection allows our customers to acquire high performing video solutions with minimal cost as well offer the most compact and simplified nature to quickly equipping cars, trucks, vans, SUVs or otherwise. For PTZ Cameras alone A2Z offers units in numerous Optical zoom Ranges including common 20x, 30x, 35x, 36x or 40x as well as custom Pan/Tilt, Motorized Zoom Lenses and Security Camera combinations that can achieve viewing at incredible distances. Superior Specifications like 1080P or 2MP to 3MP, 4MP, 5MP and even the new 4K (8MP) UHD  video formats are all available. Edge-based recording, digital image stabilization or advanced compression methods the latest H.265 mean modernized PTZ functions are at your fingertips. Even more the allowance of CCTV, HD CCTV or IP Camera integration ensure nearly unlimited flexibility. Megapixel HD Video, Thermal Infrared, IR Night Vision or even Visible White Light Illumination are among A2Z's common offering. If you need PTZ MAST Systems suiting private or commercial use to even critical law enforcement or military vehicles, A2Z has the hardware and expertise to meet your demands.

A2Z MSS-VRTMP Telescopic Mast equipped Complete Mobile Surveillance Systems:
The A2Z Telescopic Mast options are truly award winning. Compact and Removable to Heavy Duty, High Capacity payload support and in multiple height choices of both the pneumatic and mechanical mast styles ensures A2Z's ability to accommodate to the most demanding applications. The MSS-VRTMP series is a Removable, Hitch mounted MAST solution allowing easy support on practically any car, van, truck or SUV equipped with a tow package. A2Z Masts provide all sorts of options like Manual Winch, Electric Winch to Manual or Electric Pump raised Mast that are produced with top quality materials such as coated steel to aircraft grade aluminum. Smartly designed packages give you integrated controls for easy operation with solid products for improved safety and absolute customer satisfaction. A2Z's unique MAST offering gives you pro-grade options like Nycoil Conduit or alternative innovative perks like a concealed cable Mast which dramatically benefits low profile appearance and enhanced protection of the system itself. Custom Power and cabling options, mounting hardware, device arms, connection boxes are but a few of the many potentially required components A2Z experts will help you get just right.

A2Z MSS-VRTMP Removable Telescoping MAST Video Systems:
The MSS-VRTMP series is available in almost endless combinations of equipment for complete vehicle based video surveillance systems. A2Z's Experts will help you achieve a custom package with a wide choice of Megapixel HD Security Cameras including attributes like 2MP, 3MP, 4MP, 4K, H.264, H.265, Infrared, White Light LED, Video Analytics, Local Recording and more. Comprehensive Designs that offer everything you need including power system and cabling integration to rugged anti-shock and anti-vibration video recorders, mobile viewing applications to CMS software are all at your fingertips. A2Z can supply cost friendly to the highest grade technology. We supply countless leading Manufacturers of Pro Surveillance Gear and specialized devices like Ground Radar, Drone Detection Technology, and Acoustic Alert Public Address Speakers to A2Z's Innovative Power Systems which all combine to help you perfect the ultimate mobile video system. Contact A2Z Security Cameras' Experts today for all the support you need pre and post project!

Last Updated: June 8th 2020

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