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A2Z M3SP Modular Mobile Telescopic Mast Surveillance System Platform | Genset | Solar | Battery | Wireless

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  • A2Z M3SP Modular Mobile Telescopic Mast Surveillance Platform for easy truck bed transport
  • A2Z M3SP Modular Mobile Mast Surveillance Platform including Battery Power, 4G Cellular and Multiple Security Cameras
  • A2Z M3SP Modular Mobile Mast SOLAR POWERED Surveillance Platform including Wireless 4G and Multiple Security Cameras
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A2Z's M3SP series or Modular Mobile Mast Surveillance Platform is a unique, highly customizable line of remotely deployable systems designed to be transported via likes of a standard truck bed or standard utility trailers. They include a selection of telescoping mast on rugged, easy to load and unload motorized platforms, built for utility and/or off-grid power system requirements and all for an almost endless potential of technology packages. The A2Z M3SP series was designed as an alternative yet comparable portable or mobile solution to the common surveillance trailer or light tower concepts. Thus, uses can certainly range beyond security, surveillance and safety applications and the versions offered by A2Z include nearly endless configurations.

There are offerings that are highly economic easily combating as example low cost/low quality surveillance trailers often providing better performance for price ratio not to mention other advantages. The M3SP or Modular Mobile Mast Surveillance Systems series can operate remotely, including autonomously and continuously just like any surveillance trailer properly equipped with options such as solar power, generator power, AC input power or large battery bank systems. However, the M3SP series can also additionally function perfectly as a Truck bed mounted system without the disadvantages of towing a trailer such as for use in assisting other missions like border patrol, site inspection, yet like a trailer it isn't permanently attached to any particular vehicle. The majority of units in fact are designed to fit within the standard pick-up truck bed size while other means of transport like multiple units on a single, common utility trailer grants obvious advantages from ease of transport on 4x4 vehicles through the roughest terrain to the ability to effectively and efficiently deploy multiples of units with a single vehicle and trip. The M3SP or Modular Mobile Mast Surveillance Platform includes versions that can rival even our own premium A2Z MMST series trailers, yet they when compared offer in their own respect one of kind conveniences and perks that may prove the best remote system solution for your project.

The A2Z M3SP series Main Features:

  • Wide Range of Telescopic Mast Options
    - Pneumatic, Mechanical, Manual, Automatic, Electric, etc.
  • Full Range of Professional Surveillance Systems
    - HD CCTV based surveillance or IP Security Cameras of all types
  • Full Range of Wireless Communications, Processing and Control options.
    - 4G - 5G Cellular, PTP, PTMP, MESH, SAT, Fiber, CAT LAN, etc.
    - Embedded Recorders, TCP I/O Interfaces, Etc.
  • Numerous Power Options
    - Simple AC and DC Input to Battery, Solar, Generator, etc.
  • Adaptable with Customization available in nearly all regards!
    - Standard Colors White or Black finish with other options available.
    - Platforms for Truck-Bed Operation Only, Stand-alone Remote Deployment, Both, Etc.
    - Endless Possibilities

Comprehensive Technology Options with Top Performance:
The A2Z M3SP line or Modular Mobile Mast Surveillance Platforms include both HD CCTV and IP Camera system options with the widest range of economic to high-end packages. Units featuring a single yet ultra-high-end, high value dual sensor Visible & Thermal IR Imaging Camera, Radar systems or the like for strict border security to multi-camera or multi-sensor systems including 360-degree coverage, Pan-Tilt-Zoom IR Security Cameras and more, but with a friendly price are all available. Essentially all the latest HD CCTV and IP network security cameras can be utilized on A2Z's M3SP platform which offers both simplified "Device Head" and Equipment Compartments to those including universal device support such as with our quick mount, quick connect device solutions used on the premium A2Z MMST surveillance trailers.

All sorts of security camera styles and combinations are possible including bullet, turret, dome, PTZs and so forth, with resolutions of 2MP, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP, 6MP, 8MP (4K) and beyond per camera. Specialized Surveillance Systems with everything from Powerful Night Vision, Superior Zoom, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) or other Video Analytics and abilities like License Plate Recognition, Temperature and Fire Detection and so much more are all applicable options to meet the demands of nearly any mission. Likewise, diverse on-board recorders, edge-storage or even cloud storage support is all possible for maximum adaptability. Surveillance Systems are by no means the limit or limited to video alone, where integrated or even stand-alone I/O interfaces and equipment for purposes like Two Way Audio or Public Address, LED Lighting, Communications and Signage are often added perks or even the sole purpose.

Wireless Communications is one of those aspects that is practically always included for remote system deployments and the A2Z M3SP is basically a Modular and Portable Telescopic Tower Platform series that stands ready to support the full range of modern communication capabilities and wireless systems, especially those including 4G Cellular connectivity, WiFi access, Point-to-point (PTP) or Point-to-Multi-point (PTMP) wireless. While even wireless methods like MESH and satellite options exist to support single to multiple M3SP system deployments almost anywhere. Additionally, some applications or even regulations could require other connectivity methods and thus A2Z's M3SP is ready to adapt to LAN, Fiber or otherwise including weatherproof, industrial or military grade quick connect cable sets.

As aforementioned, the highly adaptable M3SP solution can accommodate numerous technology options including those provided by A2Z or otherwise. A2Z's experts are ready to assist you in acquiring the package you need!

Power Systems:
The M3SP as a Modular Mobile or Portable Mast platform solution that provides a telescoping Mast or Tower system most often for endless technology purposes its only obvious it must include one of the widest arrays of power options offered through A2Z. These solutions can of course support common DC and AC voltage input (not to mention uncommon, unstable sources too!) but they likewise provide and often utilize the full spectrum of remote or off-grid power solutions not limited to large battery bank systems, wind and/or solar power systems, generator systems or other fuel cell systems in a variety of levels and combinations to meet the widest range of equipment possibilities. Power System designs are totally customizable and can offer extended stand-alone operation to continuous, autonomous operation in endless scenarios. A2Z's Experts can help you select the perfect combination for your equipment selections, objectives and environment.

Portable Tower or Telescopic Mast Platform System structure:
Just as our wide offering of Telescoping Mast the M3SP is ultimately a diverse platform offering similarly a wide range of Mast systems and sizes including Pneumatic and Mechanical Mast from our Telescopic Mast offering. From Cost effective to ultra-high grade and heavy duty, A2Z's platforms can provide the best solution with a wide range of options to best suite your needs.

These platforms as previously mentioned by default include a uniquely designed mast support structure including integrated enclosures, customized Mast accessories and attractive motorized leg operation. This portable platform structure with motorized legs is capable of transport by "loading and unloading" as well as "Leveling" itself from the typical "pick-up" truck bed or even the typical utility trailer. In this manner a vehicle pulling such a trailer could transport multiple units and deployment itself only becomes more convenient and effective thanks to the platform’s motorized leg functions. depending on the size of the platform, "tower" or rather telescoping Mast and/or considering certain environments the M3SP series offers packages that are well capable of operation on their four motorized legs alone while added options from simple guy wire solutions to upgrades from four-legged to eight-legged systems for greater stability plus more are also all options.

Last Updated: June 10, 2020

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