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IP Network Color Security Cameras

IP Network Security Cameras have revolutionized video security and other surveillance applications in countless ways. IP Network Security Cameras primary difference from traditional analog cameras is that IP cameras have on-board processing and utilize a digital network interface for video, audio and other data communications.  This single network data interface and built in processor has taken IP Video Surveillance Systems to the next level. The modern IP Camera provides the latest in video compression codecs like H.264 and MJPEG and provide resolutions up to full 4CIF (D1 720 x 480 pixels) in the none High Definition and Megapixel versions. The IP Cameras in this section are mostly of the traditional box style cameras allowing a range of installation possibilities from indoor to outdoor applications when used with outdoor camera housing.  
The IP Cameras in this category are Color only camera intended for use where sufficient and constant lighting is available. The Cameras can provide a range of Image Enhancements like all other cameras and most provide multiple lens and mounting options to customization to system needs. The IP Camera also offer like other network cameras a range of advanced features from on-board storage and built-in event triggers, to Video Analytics, Two Way Audio, Digital I/O connections and PoE (Power Over Ethernet) single cable install. If you need assistance selecting an IP Camera contact our Experts today!

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