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A2Z MSS-PTZ Mobile Vehicle PTZ Camera System

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A2Z MSS-PTZ Mobile Vehicle PTZ Camera System enjoys A2Z's modular concept of flexible and adaptable mobile surveillance systems. The MSS-PTZ systems are based on the need for Pan/Tilt/Zoom video capabilities, generally tactical on all sorts of security, law enforcement or even military vehicles. Meanwhile such systems are also equally beneficial for range of applications including private vehicles, industrial, scientific or other project types. A2Z Security Cameras provides a selection of economic to highly advanced mobile PTZ Camera Systems all with unique qualities helping best fit to environmental, performance and budget needs. Furthermore A2Z Security Cameras experts offer unique access to industry experts and even turnkey specialist to ensure your mobile surveillance system is solid. Contact A2Z Security Cameras today to configure the perfect PTZ surveillance system for your car, truck, van, SUV, ATV or otherwise.

MSS-PTZ Mobile Vehicle PTZ Camera Systems:

  • 1.3 MP/ 720P, 2MP/1080P, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP even 4K PTZ Camera Options
  • Multiple Optical Zoom Ranges 10x, 20x, 30x etc.
  • CCTV, HD CCTV and IP Camera, Visible and Thermal IR Imager solutions
  • Numerous Fixed Mobile HD Surveillance Cameras and Rugged Recorders available
  • Simplified System Power Up to advanced customized Power Functions 
  • In-Vehicle Viewing and Control Accessories like Mobile LCDs and System Joystick Controllers
  • Industry Top Brand Cameras and/or Video Recorders provide live viewing, mobile viewing, CMS Software, Video Analytics, Fleet Tracking, GPS, Sensor/Relay I/O, RFID, Cloud, etc.
  • Rugged Pro 4G Cellular, WiFi, VSAT, PTP and alternate Wireless Communication options
  • Anti-Shock, Anti-Vibration, Solid Weatherproof Designs and even MIL Grade Options
  • Countless more benefits and features included or optional

Popular Applications:

Recreational Use such as Hunting
Amateur to Professional Video Production
Private Security Services, Private Investigators, Patrol Services
Business, Industrial, Commercial and Municipal Inspection
Police, Sheriff, Law Enforcement, Military, First Responders, Border Patrol, Homeland Security

Simplified to Sophisticated PTZ Camera systems:
A2Z Security Cameras experts have been developing, deploying and supporting advanced systems for over a decade. The MSS-PTZ Mobile IR PTZ Camera System package is a customizable kit able to be delivered with a diverse range of innovative attributes. Advantages like removable non-permanent mounting, High Definition video with efficient video codecs, high optical Zoom ranges, Local Video Recording, Common Protocol and Interface support as well as many other Pro PTZ features like tours, preset positions, I/O interface and so on. Low Profile Pre-built Mobile PTZ units with 30x zoom, more or less and excellent clarity such as 1080P HD resolution are readily accessible. Certainly A2Z's Experts can provide the most superior, custom Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera systems with even far higher specifications. A2Z offers and assist you in determining from a full selection of compact visible PTZs to Long Range Thermal Pan/Tilt/Zoom security cameras to ensure you have all the features required. Be it Live PTZ Video Monitoring Locally or remotely via wireless communications like 4G or GPS tracking to Two Way Audio and beyond A2Z experts make things easy. Cost effective systems with top quality and rich capabilities to the industry's top tier brands our Experts are here to help you make the right choice from an outstanding selection.

Mobile Video Recorder Options:
A2Z Security Cameras has access to a wide range of mobile ready, rugged or also referred to as hardened recording options for instances where our IP PTZs on-board storage isn't enough or added features, cameras or functions are demanded. A2Z provides compact and price friendly 4ch or 8ch Linux Mobile DVRs and NVRs delivering high performance per price ratio results while our open platform even MIL grade recorders deliver maximum anti-shock, anti-vibration, third party system integration to functions like intelligent ignition power system control. Integrated WiFi to PoE Ports or even cellular 4G SIM Card Support with external antennae to Rugged Connectors or HDMI output are simply a few of the many choices. Contact the A2Z Experts and learn more about what mobile video recording methods best suite you.

All the Add-ons:
A2Z Security Cameras is equipped to deliver you end-to-end mobile PTZ surveillance system equipment hardware and software packages including all related pieces of the most efficient to elaborate design needs. Modular we strive to provide top tier, next generation customized systems including cable, connectors, power, display, and control or communications equipment. Essentially unlimited our solutions enable added benefits like Digital Signage to Telescopic MAST systems, LED lighting to Sound systems, Video Analytic Software like license Plate Recognition, Facial Recognition or Advanced PTZ Tracking are all also available.

Last Updated August 25, 2016

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