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A2Z MPMS2 Modular Portable Telescopic Mast Surveillance Skids | Wireless | Solar | Genset | Battery

  • A2Z MPMS2 Modular Portable Mast Surveillance Skid Samples shown with popular Solar Power system for continuous, wireless video security
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Product Description

A2Z's MPMS2 series is a Modular Portable Mast Surveillance Skid that offers a highly adaptable platform equipped with a telescopic mast or "tower", features a variety of system power options such as solar, battery, AC input, etc. and of course includes a vast selection of technology options, especially surveillance, security and safety but certainly is not limited from other types. The units additionally include leveling and/or stabilizing mechanisms along with traffic or industrial grade enclosures and so forth to produce fully functional, outdoor-ready remote system solutions that can offer exceptional cost savings compared to the common surveillance trailer concept and their own advantages versus other portable or mobile solutions. The A2Z MPMS2 or Modular Portable Mast Surveillance Skids are primarily designed to accommodate transport methods such as on truck beds or common utility trailers in which users may deploy them in various ways be it fork-lift or even in a sort of Sled style by literally dragging them on and off trailers with a winch while in other cases and smaller systems, simply via man power.

Thus, A2Z MPMS2 series can provide powerful, wireless remote security and surveillance systems for almost anywhere and any need. They are equipped with lift and stabilizing mechanisms in a fully integrated, self-contained solution and like A2Z's other modular concepts includes intelligent design qualities ensuring long lasting, easily serviced, upgraded or adapted platforms. Furthermore, they can do so on a budget or scale to high-end, high reaching configurations. All the latest HD CCTV and IP Security Camera advances are optional as well as an assortment of other technologies in a weatherproof, rugged vandal resistant construction. Be it for remote monitoring of perimeters, property or otherwise, the A2Z MPMS2 skid surveillance systems are the perfect choice for those seeking maximum performance at competitive cost yet still demand a portable solution or one that requires no pole. Popular configurations including autonomous solar powered skid platforms equipped with mast systems ranging from 15 to 30 feet, PTP, PTMP or MESH Wireless as well as WiFi and 4G cellular communications and more can be deployed as a single stand-alone unit or especially shine when deployed for multiple sites or multiple points of a single site or both and all be conveniently managed with cutting edge video management software or applications.

A2Z MPMS2 Main Features:

  • Wide Range of Telescoping Mast Options and sizes
  • Cutting Edge HD CCTV and IP camera systems
  • On-board recording, edge recording and cloud storage support
  • 2MP, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP, 6MP, 8MP (4K), 12MP, etc. Per sensor in endless Combos
  • Superior Night Vision, Specialized Options of License Plate Capture - LPR, Thermal IR, etc.
  • Fixed Vandal Dome, Bullet or Turret Style Cameras to Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cams, etc. in many combos
  • Support for latest advances like Video Analytics or "A.I." Artificial Intelligence
  • Diverse Support for Added Hardware/Components like Microphones, Speakers, Siren, LED Strobes, LED Flood Lights, Sensors, etc.
  • Professional Range of Communications including 4G or 5G Cellular, WiFi, MESH, PTP and PTMP Wireless or even Satellite
  • Rugged, Industrial Grade Skid Structures with numerous options and sizes
  • Integrated NEMA 3R to NEMA 4+ Enclosures
  • Built-in Support Options for Fork-Lift, Sled and cart style Skid,
  • Support for Retractable Leveling and Stabilizing Legs
  • Numerous Power System Packages from Simple AC or DC to Solar, Generators (Genset), Rechargeable Battery Banks, etc.
  • Customized Packages Available - Modular Pre & Post Sale designs

Superior Security, Surveillance and Safety Technologies:
As aforementioned, the A2Z MPMS2 series Modular Portable Mast Surveillance Skid is unique in regards to its broad offering of economic to high-end, HD CCTV or IP Camera options. Thus effective, efficient systems can include all the modern security camera benefits utilizing some of the lowest cost, high performing HD CCTV solutions to start while A2Z's modular concept allows later upgrades to deploy higher-end, higher performing products. Therefore, everything from the latest "Starlight" security cameras or even "Color at Night" models in the 2MP (1080p), 3MP or 4MP range are readily available, yet pre or post sale, the systems can adapt to include a mixture of equipment. Thus, the meaning Modular allowing even 6MP, 8MP (4K) or beyond per sensor just like any modern surveillance system and of course even specialized cameras be it those for License Plate Capture or LPR, those with Video Analytics or "A.I." (Artificial Intelligence) to Thermal Imaging the MPMS2 concepts proves it is practically limitless.

With so many options, A2Z's Experts are available to help you navigate the options and assist in configuring MPMS2 units to grant you all the best features for your mission at a friendly cost. Users can enjoy vivid HD video from nearly anywhere with the full range of applications including web browser interface to often free mobile apps (for iPhone, Ipad and Android, etc.) as well as PC and MAC CMS applications. Bandwidth and storage friendly all systems feature cutting edge compression methods like H.264, H.264+, H.265 or H.265+ and have capacity for live video and snapshots. Those live videos are most often compiled on rugged recorders or "Edge storage" while cloud-based storage options are further common and accessible in the same equipment packages.

Beyond the visual (i.e. video) aspects, A2Z MPMS2 series Modular Portable Mast Surveillance Skids can include hardware add-ons additionally or solely such as powerful LED Flood Lighting and LED Strobes, Sirens to Loud Speakers for Public Address and high-fidelity microphones for comprehensive surveillance, enhanced situational awareness or even two-way communications. Added I/O support including IP based modules provide again almost endless possibilities for automated or manual operation of remote devices. High-end models can even include hardware like Radar systems to drone detection and counter-drone technologies.

Wireless and other Communications:
The MPMS2 Modular Portable Mast Surveillance System as the remotely operated solution that it is almost always includes some form of Wireless transmission. The most common deployments include cellular connectivity such as the latest 4G or even 5G networks as well as support for specialized cellular services such as "First Net" by AT&T (Dedicated Band for First Responders, Law Enforcement, Police or other Government Agencies etc.) to other exclusive service packages of similar nature from Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. A2Z solution can provide the rugged, leading brands of wireless communications including cellular components and customers simply acquire their own Data "plan" or service with their carrier of choice. Alternatively, or in addition to, A2Z MPMS2 platforms can utilize and even compile numerous wireless technologies in a single system or multiples of systems to create diverse deployment capabilities and the richest feature sets. Users can benefit from Cloud based system management for monitoring multiple cellular systems status, data usage, GPS locations and even take advantage of encrypted access options. The MPMS2 as a skid based security camera system can thus offer the most cost effective, multi-system approach for security monitoring companies to end-users as these systems in various applications can provide the same results as more complex and costly solutions (i.e. surveillance trailers) or superior results simply by affording multiples of units compared to one for the same budget.

Telescopic Mast, Enclosures and Skid Structures:

The A2Z MPMS2 solutions Modular Portable Mast Surveillance Systems as one of their core advantages is that they are portable or even mobile enabled Telescoping Mast (aka Telescopic Tower) systems for truly professional, elevated remote solutions. Units can include manual or electrically driven mast operation as well as feature those of mechanical or pneumatic telescopic mast types from A2Z vast offering. Common builds provide elevations like 15, 20 or 25 feet, though of course other, taller skid units are available. Each skid is produced according to Mast as well as component and environmental needs with high quality steel structures and pro finish. Designs further incorporate enclosures of aluminum or steel construction including NEMA 3R and NEMA 4 with all sorts of added security option for maximum protection. The skid platforms further allow a variety of power system solutions including support for solar arrays and more. Finally, they also commonly feature a variety of key functions such as fork-lift supports to leveling jacks on adjustable, retractable support legs helping ensure level deployment and added safety.

Power Systems:
Different objectives and hardware packages call for various power system support and the MPMS2 can provide the full range. Simplified solutions that simply feed in AC utility power or even other DC power sources to those that include on-board generators, Solar (PV) Power generation or simply large, rechargeable battery banks of AGM or Lithium types are all available. For many remote surveillance and security systems in most regions our solar powered skids are all that's needed to deploy self-contained, stand-alone solutions with reliable continuous operation. Contact the A2Z Experts to find out more and configure a skid to your needs.

Last Updated: June 10 2020

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