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CCTV Color Box Security Cameras

CCTV Color Box Security Cameras feature the traditional "Box" style construction and are used in a variety of applications. The modern CCTV Color Box Security Camera is able to achieve superb High Resolution nearing that of High Definition Video. The Box Security Cameras also offers a range of installation possibilities and professional features. Typically they support interchangeable lens options allowing integrators to choose the exact lens type needed for optimal setup. The Box Style Cameras also allow a variety of mounting options with the ability to be wall and ceiling mounted indoors or put to outdoor applications when used with security camera housings.
Things to commonly ask about Box Style Security cameras include their resolution, power input options, image enhancement and what lens should be purchased. Remember most CCTV Box Cameras do not includes a lens, mount or other accessories. That is because as mentioned before, these cameras are ideal for customizing to the different needs of CCTV Security Camera Systems. Call our Experts today for assistance in ordering you color security camera.

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