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A2Z LSX Scene & Area LED Lighting Telescopic Mast Systems

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A2Z's wide Telescopic Mast selection include the LSX series as complete solutions that are ideal for mobile and portable Scene or Area Lighting. In fact, Lighting systems are among the most popular uses of telescoping mast and mast of various forms can be routinely found on light tower trailers to fire trucks, command vehicles, utility trucks and more. There is manual mechanical, electromechanical and pneumatic types that are all suitable for the purpose, yet pneumatic mast seem to be most popular. A2Z provides fixed site, portable and mobile ready telescopic mast alone to support your own custom build or A2Z can provide fully integrated systems. These solutions boast a vast offering of the best telescopic tower designs including compact, simplified units to large scale, wide area lighting solutions that can exceed hundreds of thousands of lumens in output. Such solutions can involve manually operated mast and manually positioned lighting to electromechanical or pneumatic driven mast systems which further can include either manual lighting orientation or the better like remotely controlled pan/tilt enabled positioning.

A2Z LSX Lighting Mast Tower Features:

  • Superior Selection including 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, 50ft to 100ft plus Lift Elevations
  • From a few thousand lumens to hundreds of thousands of lumens for super bright lighting
  • Visible Scene and Area Lighting to Emergency Strobes, Signal Lights or IR (Infrared)
  • Superb payload weight capacities including units for small 20 lbs. to 1000 lbs. plus
  • Unique Innovative Models providing maximum performance, price and size ratios.
  • Produced with top grade materials including aircraft grade aluminum to carbon fiber options
  • Diverse range of Manual to Automatic and Mechanical to Pneumatic Mast options
  • Single to Multi-Fixture Halogen or LED Lighting with manual or remote positioning
  • Flexible builds with 12V or 24V DC power input as well as 110V or 220V AC powered units
  • Weatherproof design with models outdoor ready for the most extreme temperatures and environments
  • Constructed from high grade materials, primarily aircraft grade aluminum
  • Wide selection of Accessory and customized options for the perfect total package
  • Customized Video (i.e. Cameras, PTZ Cameras), Audio - Public Address, Communications Add-ons and More

More about Telescopic Mast and Tower Lighting Systems:

Telescoping Mast Lighting Systems can utilize basically any lighting type and though LED types only continue to be more popular, other bulb types like halogen are still widely used and totally viable for some applications. Packages supporting voltage inputs of 12V or 24V DC to 110V or 220V AC variations are also available for what is often the highest power, highest lumen results. LED lighting's reduced power draws compared to conventional lighting however is often most beneficial to many projects involving portable and mobile based systems. Add in the 12V or 24V models of LED or Halogen and it’s a winning solution for use on vehicles without the need of a generator or inverter. A2Z can provide visible, emergency strobe or even infrared (IR) night vision lighting packages not to mention combos thereof. A2Z's integrated solutions can even more provide lighting solutions that also feature integrated video, audio, communications and beyond! Packages ranging from 100W to over a 1000W Ultra bright LED arrays are just the beginning of all that’s available. All of which and more is offered in numerous styles, at competitive cost with the expert support to maximize your results.

The simplest of systems as aforementioned are those in which the Mast is manually erected be it via pushing-up and locking sections, via a manual winch or even manual air pump, though it’s worth noting our newest Lite series of Electro Mechanical Mast lighting systems are changing that base economic and convenience standard. Anyhow, Such mast are commonly supporting payloads up to about 65 lbs. and extending in heights from 10ft to 25ft yet are compact enough in retracted positions and overall size that they can easily be adapted to small or compact vehicles in an upright position like an ATV, car, van, truck, SUV even a boat to other tactical or rapid applications like our portable tripod solutions. As one can begin to imagine, there is almost no limit to possible configurations. Rest assured however A2Z's expertise and selections can grant you a modular platform be it a small or large telescopic tower with advanced Pan/Tilt/Zoom LED Lighting and Video or any other related equipment combo.

Moving on to greater heights and payloads, the options and their attributes become even more vast. Larger diameter tube sections, greater wall thickness and even composite material options can all play a role in larger telescopic tower models not to mention their overall design concept is just part of the factors to consider. Mobile or portable towers are often deployed at heights of 30, 40 or 50 feet and so forth such as on larger communication trailers or command vehicles without the need for guy wires. These higher capacity models can boast support for hundreds of pounds in payload and thus large-scale scene or area lighting. The Electro-Pneumatic and Electro-Mechanical are undoubted the most popular at this size however some specific options on the economic side as well as the high-end side may offer manual erecting as the primary means or as a nice secondary or even emergency method.

Ultimately super tall telescopic Light Towers with heights of over 100 feet are available, however such applications can require large tilting mechanisms to allow such units to be transported on portable platforms and models including guy wire requirements become more of a must at certain levels and/or in particular environments. A2Z's Telescoping Lighting Towers and their numerous models added together with many accessory and customization options can adapt to practically any demand. From simple mounting brackets to wired or wireless remote controls, industrial grade pump systems to innovative pan/tilt units, everything from internal and external mast cabling options are available.

So, rest assured that A2Z's Experts are available to assist you in selecting the best Telescoping Light Tower and Mast options available. Contact us today!

Last Updated: January 20th, 2020

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