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A2Z EPM series Extreme Duty Pneumatic Telescopic Mast Tower Systems

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  • A2Z EPM Series Extreme Duty Pneumatic Telescopic Mast
  • EPM series Extreme Duty Pneumatic Telescoping Mast Retracted and Extended
  • EPM Series Locking Pneumatic Mast Top Collars and Top Plate
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A2Z's EPM series Extreme Duty Pneumatic Telescopic Mast Systems provide superior lifting capabilities such as for stand-alone payloads up to 1,000 lbs. Designed to handle high wind loads and large sized, heavy weight equipment the units provide a wide range of use possibilities. This Pneumatic Mast Features Locking sections by default and sections typically consist of wider diameter tubes that include a heavier thickness. However, these telescoping towers high quality construction, including superior grade materials and innovative designs can boast attributes such as five times the payload weight capacity compared to its own weight. Mast extended heights and payloads can vary per model from as little as 10ft fully extended and less than 5ft retracted to higher elevation configurations such as 15ft, 20ft, 25ft and so on are available. The EPM series is thus a superb solution for a heavy lifting portable tower or fixed tower requirement be it a billboard sign, radar equipment, surveillance and wireless or any other weighty combination of gear.

A2Z EPM Telescopic Mast Features:

  • Locking Pneumatic Telescopic Mast for short or long-term Deployments
  • Extreme Payload Capacities such as stand-alone weights up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Compact to high reaching models including elevated lift to 10ft, 15ft, 20ft, 25ft, etc.
  • Superior Materials - Produced with Heat Treated, Hardened Aluminum Alloy
  • Includes Mast Base Plate Mounting Bracket and Top Plate Bracket
  • Suitable for Outdoor, Fixed, Mobile and Portable Tower needs
  • Optional Standard Brackets and Accessories Like Industrial pumps available
  • Custom Units, Custom Accessories and Complete Systems available via A2Z Experts
  • Default Color Dark Grey - Other Options available

The EPM Extreme Duty Pneumatic Mast otherwise functions the same as typical locking units in which sections can lock in place and remain erected for extended periods of time as well as do so at different heights helping to establish a portable or fixed site tower for as long as needed. Being pneumatic of course the units utilize air pressure and therefore certainly A2Z's Experts can also provide options like custom industrial pump systems to help complete your tower solution. Pump system operating via DC or AC voltage are available as well as other intelligent and convenient add-on options such as auto-run features to wireless remote control. The Mast units are weatherproof ready by design and with their premium material plus extra coatings they include protection against acid rain and corrosion.

The Standard models include a base mounting plate which can be bolted to a flat structurally sound surface while other optional parts can include simple wall mount brackets to custom tilt systems. A large top mounting plate for mounting equipment to the Mast head (i.e. top) is also included by default and of course modifications can be easily made pre or post sale. Guy wire tie rings are provided with the Mast Top Plate as well but does not necessarily mean all applications require their use thanks to this series' sturdy design. Numerous other common accessories to custom features and parts are available to help perfect your extreme-duty system objectives. Contact A2Z's experts to get help selecting your new tower solution!

Last Updated: January 20th, 2020

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