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A2Z WM & AWM series Mechanical Manual Winch Telescopic Mast Systems

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  • A2Z WM & AWM Mechanical Manual Winch Telescopic Mast Systems
  • A2Z WM Series Standard Manual Winch Telescopic Masts
  • A2Z AWM series Mechanical Advanced Manual Winch Mast Systems
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A2Z WM and AWM series Mechanical Manual Winch Telescopic Mast Systems provide a solid solution for portable tower requirements, especially those demanding long-term deployment, quality construction and competitive cost. These Mechanically driven units are engineered with precision steel cable and pulley systems which lift and lower the sections of the mast, yet unlike competitors, A2Z's innovative units feature such parts internally built with models having minimal cable exposure near the winch to advanced models (AWM series) with zero exposure of cables, winch or otherwise. When mounted securely to a vehicle or adequate structure units boast payloads like 65 lbs. without guy wires (more or less per model) and popular units include elevated lifts of 13ft, 19ft, 24ft and 30ft. The MWM and AWM are the default series used on A2Z's modular mobile surveillance trailers a popular package among law enforcement and others, however these masts can serve countless industry purposes be it communications, security, traffic monitoring, emergency response or otherwise while adapting to portable platforms, vehicles or fixed sites as needed.

A2Z WM and AWM series Features:

  • Mechanical Multi-Steel Cable Driven w/Manual Auto Braking Winch (WM)
  • Mechanical Multi-Steel Cable Driven w/Manual Advanced Dual Tension Auto Braking Winch (AWM)
  • Standard Models offering Extended Lift to Approx. 13ft, 19ft, 24ft and 30ft w/
  • Compact Nested heights (retracted) such as under 5ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, etc. for low profile installs
  • Light Weight Towers with Superior Top load weights averaging over 60 lbs. without guy wire
  • Easy Manual Operation with Precise Elevation Position Control at any extended height
  • Ideal for Rapid Response to Long-Term Deployments
  • Ultra-Reliable System Operation even in tough environments of Extreme Cold or Heat
  • Excellent Weatherproof Design w/Anodized or Coated Finish for added resistance to acid rain and corrosion
  • Fully Internal Lift Mechanism w/o steel cable exposure above winch (WM)
  • Fully Internal Lift Mechanism including zero exposure of steel cable or parts (AWM)
  • Superior Materials including primary construction with Heat Treated, Hardened Aluminum
  • Includes Base Mounting Plate and Top Mount Plates by Default
  • Default Color of White with alternate color options
  • Numerous Optional accessories including upper brackets, Nycoil, Nycoil baskets, etc.
  • SEE EWM and AEWM series for Electro-Mechanical versions

More info on A2Z Mechanical Manual Winch Telescopic Towers:
The WM and AWM Telescoping Towers by default are constructed from heat-treated hardened aluminum sections for superior strength including powder-coated finish for a weatherproof build with high resistance to corrosion. The use of superior material with ingenious design enables the units to support payloads not much less than their own weight, again without guy wires for simply excellent performance ratios. Compact size is yet another benefit with models like the 13ft, 19ft or 24ft retracting to less than 5ft, less than 6ft or less than 8ft respectively.

Another benefit of the WM and AWM series mechanical telescoping mast compared to pneumatic solutions is for one they can be operated effectively without electrical power for pump systems and where larger pneumatic towers can't as effectively use manual pumps. Further these Mechanical Tower units are less prone to the issues pneumatic mast can have in freezing or extreme cold weather and more resilient against high particle environments which in time more rapidly and negatively affect pneumatic types seals. Additionally, A2Z mechanical mast can be operated at any height within their extended range where as non-locking pneumatics must be nearly fully extended and locking pneumatics still require the task of locking (or unlocking to retract) giving these mechanical models a serious perk for more precise elevation control with convenience.

The AWM Advanced Mechanical Manual Winch Telescopic Mast models as previously stated feature entirely concealed, internally built cables and related parts as well as a fully encased custom winch mechanism exposing no moving parts beyond the sections themselves. Inside is an intuitive design that along with this specialized winch include multiple cables and pulleys that utilize dual-directional tension to increase stability, strength and reliability even further. The AWM is arguably the most advanced unit in its class yet still at competitive cost.

All Units are supplied with top mount plate and base mounting plate while additional brackets, accessories and customizations to complete systems are also all available. The units like most larger tower systems generally utilize an external spiral conduit (sold separately). This important accessory is often referred to simply as Nycoil (the leading spiral conduit brand) which being available in various sizes provide support for all sorts of custom cabling configurations and thus nearly endless equipment possibilities. Contact A2Z friendly experts today to learn more.

Last Updated: January 20th, 2020

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