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A2Z PMT series Non-Locking Pneumatic Telescoping Mast Systems

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  • A2Z PMT Non-Locking Pneumatic Telescopic Masts
  • A2Z PMT Non-Locking Pneumatic Telescopic Mast Top Collar Guard
  • A2Z PMT Non-Locking Pneumatic Telescopic Mast Top Collar Guard & Pan-Tilt
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A2Z PMT series Non-Locking Pneumatic Mast are of the highly popular and widely deployed air driven style of telescopic tower solutions and boast best in class performance, quality and cost effectiveness. The Pneumatic Telescoping Mast concept utilizes air pressure to lift sectional tubes and with an adequate amount of compressed air inside units stay elevated. They can be operated via manual pumps as well as electric pump systems and such is often determined by size. A2Z's PMT series Pneumatic Mast provide the industry a superior line of units comprised as standard almost entirely from aircraft grade aluminum alloys providing excellent performance for size ratio with increased strength and longevity. A2Z PMT series telescoping tower systems provide excellent top load weight capacities and likewise rival any competitor's in class mast in elevation. The PMT Series are ideal for rapid response applications and they can be commonly found in all sorts of applications like Lighting, Video Surveillance, Wireless Radios, Broadcast News Cameras and beyond. Pneumatic Towers can be thus found on countless vehicle types be it a military hummer, a police van, SWAT truck or Command Vehicle to Wireless, Surveillance or Lighting Trailers. Other popular uses can be for marine vessels or ships, even robotics to fixed sites are all applicable. Contact A2Z's Experts today and get friendly assistance finding the best mast for your project needs.

A2Z LPM Telescopic Mast Features:

  • Non-Locking Pneumatic Mast of all sizes
  • Payload Capacities typical of 60 to 150 lbs. yet certain PMT models offer up to hundreds of pounds support lbs.
  • Super low Profile (Retracted) to Super High Elevation (Extended) models
  • Models for all sorts of extended heights such as 7ft, 9ft, 10ft, 15ft, 19ft, 20ft, 25ft, 30ft, 35ft, 40ft, 45ft, 50ft, 60ft, 70ft, 80ft to over a 100ft lift
  • Superior Materials - Produced with Heat Treated, Hardened Aluminum Alloy w/Composite Carbon Fiber models available
  • Includes Mast Base Plate Mounting Bracket and Top Plate Bracket Accessories
  • Outdoor ready for Fixed, Mobile or Portable Tower demands
  • Optional Brackets, Industrial pumps systems, Remote Controls, etc.
  • Custom Mast, Custom Mast Accessories and Complete Systems all available with A2Z's Experts
  • Default Colors Silver, Bronze and Dark Grey - Other Options available

The A2Z PMT Series Telescoping Pneumatic Mast are precision-built lift solutions that include a wide range of models varying by overall retracted and extended sizes, the number of tube sections and their characteristics, payload capacity and other unique features be it perks like support for rotation or integrated cabling. As previously mentioned, the units by default are produced primarily with heat-treated, hardened aluminum alloys for superior quality. Specialized PMT series tower models are also available in premium, military grade composite materials like carbon fiber yet due to cost are generally as stated reserved for military use. All units include evident master craftmanship yielding sturdy, long lasting pneumatic mast systems that can be integrated in a variety of manners. Units by default generally include both base mounting plate and top plate mount for customized installs. Industry Standard hose size inlets allows easy adaptation to existing pump systems or custom configured options. Several compact models even can offer integrated manual hand pumps as well as built-in cabling for an all-in-one solution.

A2Z PMT Series Non-Locking Pneumatic Telescopic Towers can fit nearly any project. A2Z's PMT series grants everything from units that retract to incredibly low-profile heights like 3ft or 4ft to super lightweight construction yet impressive elevated heights including 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, 50ft, 60ft, 80ft and so on to over 100ft are all available. As example in addition to A2Z's telescopic towers sold alone, A2Z also provides a wide range of complete portable solutions like tactical tripods, surveillance and command trailers, portable platforms and mobile system solutions including for all kinds of needs as in lighting, security, wireless communications or otherwise. Be it temporary solutions for an SUV like our hitch mount mast systems, specialized needs for an ATV, UGV to a Fire truck or ship our experts can help you find what you’re looking for. A2Z's Experts are available to help you configure the best package be it a complete solution or added parts like PTZ cameras or Nycoil cable.

Last Updated: February 28th, 2020

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