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A2Z EWM and AEWM Mechanical Electric Winch Telescopic Mast System

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  • A2Z EWM Mechanical Electric Winch Telescopic Mast System
  • A2Z EWM Electric Winch Telescopic Masts side view
  • A2Z EWM Electric Winch Telescopic Mast extended
  • A2Z AEWM Advanced Electric Winch Telescopic Masts
  • A2Z AEWM Electric Winch supporting Optional Manual Crank Telescopic Masts
  • A2Z AEWM Advanced Electric Winch Telescopic Mast Tower Extended
  • A2Z AEWM Advanced Electric Winch Telescopic Masts Black Finish
  • A2Z AEWM Advanced Electric Winch Telescopic Masts LCD Height Display
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A2Z EWM and AEWM Electro Mechanical Winch Telescoping Mast Systems provide maximum convenience, performance, adaptability and cost effectiveness for all sorts of portable, mobile or fixed site tower needs. The EWM and AEWM are essentially upgraded versions of the WM and AWM series mechanical telescopic towers in which these models feature an integrated electrically driven winch as well as an advanced custom winch solution respectively thus enabling optimal speed and ease of operation as well as increased height and payload capacities comparatively to manual crank versions. The EWM and AEWM mechanical electric winch mast are commonly produced in sizes with extended heights of approximately 20, 25, 33, 40, 45 and just over 50 feet. Furthermore, these electric winch versions can boast up to just over 100 lbs. of payload capacity without guy wires for some serious lift capabilities. The EWM and AEWM are another best in class Telescopic Tower solution perfect for portable, mobile and fixed site requirements and all sorts of purposes be it wireless communications, lighting, video surveillance, broadcast, public address and more.

A2Z EWM and AEWM series Features:

  • Electro-Mechanical Multi-Steel Cable Driven w/Electric Winch (EWM)
  • Electro-Mechanical Multi-Steel Cable Driven w/Advanced Custom Electric Winch (AEWM)
  • Fully Internal Lift Mechanism w/o steel cable exposure above winch (EWM)
  • Fully Internal Lift Mechanism including zero exposure of steel cable or parts (AEWM)
  • ALL Models include Auto-limit switches to automatically control max extended and retracted elevations
  • All Models include Removable Wired Remote Control or Built-in Control Panel
  • Numerous Control Accessory options such as wireless remotes, remote mount control panels, lift height LCD displays
  • Optional Dual Support for added Manual Crank with Removable Handle (AEWM series only)
  • Standard Models offering Extended Lift to Approx. 13ft, 20ft, 25ft, 30ft to over 50ft w/
  • Compact Nested heights (retracted) such as under 5ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, etc. for low profile installs
  • Light Weight Towers yielding Top load support averaging 60 to over 100 lbs. without guy wire
  • Convenient Operation with Precise Elevation Position Control at any extended height
  • Ideal for Rapid Response to Long-Term Deployments
  • Unfailing System Operation even in Extreme Weather like Freezing or the hottest summer days
  • Superior Resistance to Sand, Dust and other High Particle Environments
  • Excellent Weatherproof Design w/Anodized or Coated Finish for added resistance to acid rain and corrosion
  • Superior Materials including primary construction with Heat Treated, Hardened Aluminum
  • Includes Base Mounting Plate and Top Mount Plates by Default
  • Default Colors of White, Black, Silver with alternate color options
  • Power Input options for 12V, 24V DC or utility power like AC 110V operation etc.
  • Numerous Optional accessories including upper brackets, Nycoil, Nycoil baskets, etc.
  • A2Z Complete Systems with Video Surveillance, Audio Public Address, Wireless Communications, Sensory Detection and More.

Utilizing again a superior heat-treated hardened aluminum alloy these Electrically operated Telescopic Mast provide superior strength and quality including weatherproof design with corrosion resistant coatings. In fact, a key advantage of these mechanical units is their ability to operate in sub-freezing environments where alternatives like pneumatic towers can fail. The unit’s high-quality materials again boast compact size (perfect for upright mobile installs) and light weight construction that in some models even weighs less than potential payload support. The units support for payloads without guy wires is impressive and only dramatically increased if guy wire support is used. The EWM and AEWM like other A2Z mechanical mast include unique qualities that help reduce vibrations while their sleek internally built components (steel cables, pulleys, etc.) ensure maximum longevity of critical parts while aspects like redundant steel cables increases safety and stability far beyond the rivals. These tower units numerous combined attributes essentially put them in a class of their own.

On the EWM tower the units feature a somewhat common commercial grade electric winch solution outfitted with additional perks to increase convenience, reliability and adaptability. The AEWM on the other hand includes an intelligently engineered, totally custom winch solution that provides superior dual tension functionality and industrial motor for increased power and precision. Both models feature by default winch limit mechanisms to ensure the tower cannot be over retracted or extended improving safety and ease of use. A removable wired remote control to on-board control panels, remote mount control panels and wireless remotes are all available. The AEWM Advanced Mechanical Electric Winch series introduces additional benefits and options such as a digital LCD counter to display Mast elevation height to secondary, emergency or no power operation via an integrated crank supporting a removable crank handle.

The EWM and AEWM by default support 12V to 24V DC power though AC powered models are also optional. Units also typically employ a spiral conduit (i.e. Nycoil - sold separate) to facilitate custom cabling from top to bottom with numerous sizes available via A2Z as needed. The units include base mount and top plate mount as well as pre-cabled power lead and at least one control method with multiple options offered as previously stated. Units include light colored finishes such as white or beige by default but other colors are optional. So be it the tower alone or a complete solution A2Z's experts are available to help you select the best parts for your system.

Last Updated: January 20th, 2020

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