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A2Z ESM series Electro-Mechanical Screw Telescopic Mast System

  • A2Z ESM Electro-Mechanical Screw Telescopic Mast Systems
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Product Description

A2Z ESM series Electric Mechanical Screw Mast Systems are an innovative and unique class of high performing telescopic tower solutions. This series draws from the beneficial attributes of other A2Z mechanical mast models but introduce and utilize significant new advantages such as specifically their ingeniously designed multi-screw function that facilitates their elevated lift. Fully integrated including totally concealed screw-rods to industrial motor the units feature superior low-profile design. They are weatherproof ready built to MIL-STD-810 military specifications for operation in the worst environmental conditions. This new telescoping tower solution further grants exceptional payload and elevated lift including un-guyed weights to 130 lbs. or heights to over 50 feet not to mention easy operation. The supporting a variety of common electrical power voltages and compact while retracted allows the system to adapt to portable platforms, vehicles or fixed site applications equally. Contact A2Z Security Cameras' Experts for more assistance in selecting the best telescopic tower unit or to get help completing a custom system build.

A2Z ESM Electric Screw Tower series Features:

  • Electro-Mechanical Multi-Screw Motor Driven Mast
  • Fully Internal Lift Mechanism including zero exposure of moving parts
  • ALL Models include Auto-limit switches to automatically control max extended and retracted elevations
  • All Models include Removable Wired Remote Control or Built-in Control Panel
  • Numerous Control Accessory options such as wireless remotes, remote mount control panels, lift height LCD displays,
  • Supports Manual Crank for emergency no power scenarios with removable handle
  • Standard Models offering Extended Lift to Approx. 15ft, 20ft, 25ft, 30ft, 35ft, 45ft, 50ft to greater while offering low profile Nested heights (retracted)
  • Light Weight Towers Systems with payloads averaging 60 to over 100 lbs. without guy wire
  • Convenient Operation with Precise Elevation Position Control at any extended height
  • Ideal for Rapid Response to Long-Term Deployments
  • Unfailing System Operation even in Extreme Weather like Freezing or the hottest summer days
  • Strong Resistance to Sand, Dust or other High Particle Environments
  • Excellent Weatherproof Design w/Anodized or Coated Finish for added protection against acid rain and corrosion
  • Superb Construction primarily made from Heat Treated, Hardened Aluminum Alloys
  • Built to Rugged Standards such as MIL-STD-810
  • Includes Base Mounting Plate and Top Mount Plates by Default
  • Default Colors of White, Black, Silver with alternate color options
  • Power Input options for 12V, 24V, 48V DC or utility power like AC 110V or 220V etc.
  • Numerous Optional accessories including upper brackets, Nycoil, Nycoil baskets, etc.
  • A2Z Complete Systems also offered with Area Lighting, Video Surveillance, Audio Public Alert, Wireless Communications, Sensory Detection and More.

The ESM series Elton-Mechanical Screw Mast are an ideal solution for demanding applications be it military, law enforcement, border security or homeland security to commercial, education, transit, industrial or energy projects and more. Perfect for command vans and trucks to high quality surveillance or communication trailers the units can support an almost unlimited array of equipment be it lighting, video, sensory, wireless and more. In fact, the ESM series Electric Mechanical Screw Mast can provide easier adaptability than alternative types like pneumatics as the ESM series requires no additional pump systems and allows for common DC voltage inputs like 12v, 24v or 48V while AC options are also offered. Even more the units provide superb precision allowing mast to be elevated to any point within its range including for long-term deployments with the push of a button where as other styles like locking pneumatics will require management of the locking mechanism per section.

Additionally, the ESM likewise boast quality materials such as utilizing primarily heat-treated hardened aluminum alloy for its construction giving increased strength yet making it light weight compared to its payload support. The ESM series telescoping tower is perfectly suited for critical demands as the ESM series can operate unhindered in extreme weather such as freezing temperatures to extreme heat beyond the limits where pneumatic mast is known to fail. They also by default include a manual crank support with removable handle ideal for emergency situations where no power is available. ESM Systems include a removable wired remote control by default while other options such as wireless remote, free mountable remote-control panel to Height Counter LCD Display accessories are just some of the possibilities.

The ESM units are supplied with a sturdy base mounting plate including large diameter pre-drilled holes allowing for easy installation to a solid structure bearing surface via heavy bolts and includes a top mounting plate to ease custom equipment and hardware mounting. Additional accessories like guy wire adapter plates, base tube support brackets, custom Nycoil and cabling, custom top plates, device arms etc. all are available. A2Z Experts are available to assist you with sourcing the best telescopic mast alone to complete tower packages with Lighting, Visible and Thermal Video Surveillance PTZ Cameras, Radar, Audio like Public Address Speakers or all sorts of Wireless Communications and beyond.

Last Updated: January 20th, 2020

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