MESSOA SLI08040D High Power Intelligent LED Infrared Illuminator

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  • MESSOA SLI08040D Intelligent LED Infrared Illuminator
  • SLI08040D Dimensions


MESSOA SLI08040D is a high-power, intelligent IR LED Illuminator and is designed to optimize nighttime surveillance performance. The unit is designed to provide optimal IR illumination with best in class features for strict and professional CCTV or IP surveillance systems. Everything is built to the highest quality, such as the sleek front cover which contains high IR transmission polycarbonate with enhanced surface protection. Other qualities like high grade LED Endure Light technology ensure maximum LED performance and longevity. The Messoa SLI08 series IR illuminators are likewise built with field adjustable IR settings and a tough IP68 weatherproof construction. This unit offers 170m (558ft) max of IR illumination with a wider angle adjustable coverage area of a 40-80 Degree beam pattern

With its high quality, robust aluminum casing, it can operate up to an impressive 140 Degrees Fahrenheit or as low as -58 Degrees. The unit is also built tough, with an IP68 weatherproof rating the unit can withstand even total submersion. It comes with other highly effective features as well. LumiiFlex technology is included, along with shutter synchronization. In addition, the user can operate the SLI080 remotely via RS-485 connection. Flexible power input voltage of 12VDC or 24VAC (50/60Hz) the unit also adapts easily to preferred power options. The adjustable sensitivity on this illuminator ranges from 20-100%.  Weighing approximately 12.3lb, the SLI080 Illuminator has several optional accessories for maximizing the benefits of this piece of equipment. The SLI08040D can be mounted using the optional single (SAL081) or dual (SAL082) L-type wall mount bracket. It also has optional pole and corner mount brackets.

This MESSOA SLI08040D IR Illuminator also offers the capability of using the illuminator with Windows base PC software. The SLI080 has a LED Power Control, light sensor sensitivity, video timing control, and Telemetry Enforced IR on/off for remote management features. With the powerful MESSOA SLI08040D IR illuminator absolute night vision is achieved for demanding security camera system requirements. There is also complete security knowing the SLI08040D Series IR illuminator comes with a 3-year warranty.

  • Intelligent High Powered 850nm IR Illuminator
  • Max Infrared Illumination Range 170m (558ft)
  • Externally Adjustable Optical diffusion (SLI08020D Beam Pattern:  40º-80º)
  • High Efficiency Surface Mount IR LED delivers extended quality operation with advanced circuitry
  • Integrated Alarm Output 1 for Day/Night Camera Mode Control, Alarm Output 2 LED Failure Detection
  • Adjustable Sensitivity and Adjustable IR Power from 20-100%
  • Telemetry RS-485 Control: IR ON/OFF (PC Software available)
  • Power Saving Features such as up to 80% using Shutter Sync.
  • Automatic IR ON/OFF with photo-sensor
  • Features a 3 meter waterproof cable for power input/RS485/LEDs failure status
  • All Black Color - Construction: Main Rugged Aluminum Enclosure, Front Cover: High Efficiency IR Transmission Polycarbonate
  • Input Voltage 12VDC/24VAC (50/60Hz) ±10% / Power Consumption 55W (Max.)
  • Environmental Operating Temperature -50 ~ +60ºC (-58ºF ~ 140 ºF) and Operating Humidity 90% MAX
  • Rugged Outdoor Ready IP68 Waterproof/weatherproof construction
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 233 x 310 x 167 mm (9.17”x 12.2” x 6.57”)
  • Weight (tentative) 5.6Kg (12.3lb)

Accessories (Optional)
Video Sync. Cable
(SAL087) 1M waterproof cable for telemetry IR ON/OFF control and video input

D/N Status Cable
(SAL086) 1M waterproof cable for day/night status output

PSU for mains
(SAL085) Mains power adaptor, AC100-240V to DC12V

L-Type Wall Mount Bracket
Single L-type wall mount: SAL081

Dual L-type wall mount: SAL082

Pole Mount Bracket
Single pole mount: SAL083, SAL081+SAL083
Dual pole mount: SAL082+SAL083

Corner Mount Bracket
Single corner mount: SAL084, SAL081+SAL084
Dual corner mount: SAL082+SAL084

Available SLI08 IR Models:

Model       SLI08010D       SLI08020D      SLI08040D      SLI08060D

Pattern     10º-50º         20º-60º        40º-80º        60º-100º

Max.        300m (984ft)    240m (787ft)    170m (558ft)    130m (427ft)


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