Axton AT-30T Covert 940nm IR LED Illuminator

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  • Axton AT-30T IR LED Illuminator Covert 940nm
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Axton AT-30T Tactical series Covert IR Illuminators provide powerful performance in the 940nm infrared range. This Infrared wavelength creates Invisible IR Illumination that cannot be seen by the human eye. This device is equipped with a powerful LED array and offers multiple IR beam options for optimal performance in a variety of system installations. Max IR range with a narrow beam pattern can reach up to 220 feet of effective illumination. Ideal for strict security systems or applications that require night vision to be concealed, these IR LEDs are purpose built for indoor or outdoor use in professional security and surveillance systems.

The Axton AT-30T 940nm Covert IR LED Illuminator is intelligently designed to benefit sophisticated system design to stand-alone operation with integrated Day/Night Switch. Units are available also in the B series that enable the IR LED light when powered on. Featuring high grade parts and quality manufacturing right here in the United States, Axton IR LEDs are guaranteed with a life-time warranty. Superb manufacturer quality further extends with options for customized units.

The IR LED casing is also built tough, featuring vandal resistance and IP67 weatherproof design. The Axton AT-30T 940nm Covert IR LED Illuminator also allows reliable operation in harsh environments including extreme cold or heat. This top tier unit includes various mounting 1/4-20 ports to support a wide selection of mounting options, yet a bracket is included for your convenience. Finally its common power input voltage of 12VDC and its compact size for such a powerful Illuminator is quickly appreciated.

Axton AT-30T-A/B Main Features:

  • Compact Size IR Housing: 5 x 7 x 2.5-inches
  • 940nm Invisible IR - Covert Infrared LED Array
  • Optional Models: 30°, 45°, 60°, or 110° IR Angle
  • Maximum Infrared Range of 220ft (30-degree beam)
  • Built-in Day/Night switch (B model - no switch always on)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Ready: IP67 Weatherproof rated
  • Extended Temperature Range -40F ~ +122F
  • Power Input: 12VDC
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption: 3 Amps Max
  • U-Bracket Mount Included (optional mounts available)
  • Triple 1/4-20 camera mount ports
  • Made in America (USA) and covered with a life-time Warranty
  • Optional: 850nm Semi-Covert IR Models Available
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Standard IR Models:

30TA1930 Tactical IR Illuminator AT-30T-A, 940nm, 30° / 220’ Distance - Day/Night
30TA1945 Tactical IR Illuminator AT-30T-A, 940nm, 45° / 160’ Distance - Day/Night
30TA1960 Tactical IR Illuminator AT-30T-A, 940nm, 60° / 120’ Distance - Day/Night
30TA19110 Tactical IR Illuminator AT-30T-A, 940nm, 110° / 80’ Distance - Day/Night

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