Axton AT-3S NANO IR LED Illuminator 850nm

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  • Axton AT-3S NANO SMART IR LED Illuminator
  • Axton AT-3S NANO SMART IR LED mounted with camera
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Axton AT-3S NANO IR LED Illuminator is part of the Smart Series Infrared illumination systems. This Axton IR LED is truly nano in size measuring a mere one and half inch square design. This ultra-compact Axton IR Illuminator enables a variety of security system and surveillance applications to benefit from added night vision. Its low profile design can easily integrate along size all types of security cameras for a variety of indoor needs. The Axton AT-3S NANO IR Illuminator is the amazingly small IR LED for professional security and surveillance system solutions.

Axton AT-3S Nano series Infrared LED operates in the 850nm Wavelength for semi-covert IR Illumination. The unit is available in narrow 10º - 130º wide angle models. These Mini IR LED arrays can provide in a narrow beam spread up to 43 meters (141 feet) IR night vision distance or allow an outstanding wide horizontal field of view. Axton NANO Infrared LED also features I/O ports for enhanced integration and precision synchronization with professional security cameras. With a flexible voltage input for 9-18VDC the units easily adapt and include super low power consumption at 3.5 watts. Their solid IP55 construction is indented for indoor use however they offer a low temperature ability.

Axton AT-3S NANO IR provides an excellent choice for infrared in all types of video security projects including CCTV and IP Camera Systems. The Axton IR LED accommodates even High Definition and Megapixel video surveillance with a full even spread of Infrared across the viewing field. The Axton Lifetime inaugurate, its unique size and feature set make it a one of a kind selection. For fully covert requirements consider the tactical 940nm version.

Axton AT-3S Main Features:

  • Ultra-Compact 1.5-inch Cube Style
  • 850nm Infrared LED Array
  • Optional Models 10°, 30°, 45°, 60°, or 130° IR Angle
  • Maximum IR Distance of 141ft (10-degree beam)
  • I/O Interface Allows Security Camera Synchronization
  • Robust IP55 rated Indoor Construction
  • Extended Low Operating Temperature -4F
  • Super Low Power Consumption 3.4W supports 9-18VDC input
  • Lightweight design supports 1/4-20 camera mounts
  • Made in the United States and Backed with a life-time Warranty

Available Standard Models:

AT3S2810    Axton IR Illuminator 850nm, Smart 10° HFOV - 141’ IR Range - I/O
AT3S2830    Axton IR Illuminator 850nm, Smart 30° HFOV - 97' IR Range - I/O
AT3S2845    Axton IR Illuminator 850nm, Smart 45° HFOV - 79' IR Range - I/O
AT3S2860    Axton IR Illuminator 850nm, Smart 60° HFOV - 65' IR Range - I/O
AT3S28130  Axton IR Illuminator 850nm, Smart 130° HFOV - 35' IR Range - I/O

Additional Models:

AT3SB Series Options with No Day/Night Switch - No I/O

AT3T Series for Covert IR LED 940nm

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