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A2Z AZIR220DL Laser LED IR Illuminator

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A2Z AZIR220DL IR Illuminator is a powerful choice for adding infrared night vision to professional surveillance applications. This version of the AZIH200D-L Infrared illuminator combines a powerful IR Laser and 220 High Power LEDs for higher concentration of IR light. The device is constructed with a 6mm 45 Degree spread or an optional 16mm Lens for a extended range 25 degree coverage. The IR Range is over 450ft with a 6mm or over 600ft with the 16mm Lens. The Infrared Illuminators utilize a solid weatherproof aluminum housing designed for effecient heat evaporation. The IR Device is perfect for hot spot IR Illumination in a variety of surveillance applications. The unit is cost effective, reliable and even supports dual voltage input. The IR Illuminator produces Infrared light in the 850nm range ideal for adding night vision surveillance to security camera systems using Day/Night security cameras.

A2Z AZIR220DL Main Features:

  • Aluminum professional housing
  • High efficiency Heatsink housing
  • Build-in 220PCs high power IR LED with IR Laser
  • Special design 850nm IR LED and circuit prolongs life span of IR LED 
  • IR effective degree:45°/25°(Optional)
  • IR effective distance:450FT/600FT(Outdoor)
  • Dual Voltage Input DC12V / AC24V

A2Z AZIR220DL Specifications:

  • Illumination Spread: 6mm LENS for 45°(MAX) or 16mm LENS for 25°(MAX) 
  • Outdoor Infrared Range: 450ft(6mm) / 600ft(16mm) 
  • Indoor Infrared Range: 480ft(6mm) / 660ft(16mm) 
  • High Power Infrared: Single IR Laser and 220 count 850nm Infrared LEDs
  • Photocell Control: CDS/1.0Lux or below IR LED Turns On
  • Dual Voltage Power Supply Input: 12VDC / 24VAC
  • Current Consumption: 1600mA(Max)
  • Dimensions: 190mm × 122mm × 276mm 
  • Weight: 1800g
  • Storage Temperature -30~+60C
  • Operating Temperature -10~+45C

1 Illuminator X1
2 User Manual X1
3 Hexagonal Wrench X1
4 Mounting Bracket/Holder X1
5 Screw X5
6 Plastic-Conical-Anchor X5

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