Axton AT-16S Infrared IR LED Illuminator Semi-Covert

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  • Axton AT-16S Infrared IR LED Illuminator 850nm
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Axton AT-16S Smart Series Infrared IR LED Illuminator is a compact unit delivering stunning night vision performance. Operating in the 850nm infrared wavelength the units offer semi-covert IR illumination for professional video security and surveillance systems. Available in multiple IR Beam pattern this line offers 340ft (103m) IR distance in the 10-degree narrow beam to a super-wide angle 130-degree coverage to 85 feet. The robust design is ideal for indoor or outdoor applications and intelligent design allows enhanced operations for optimal video capture in absolute darkness or low lit areas.

Axton AT-16S IR LED is an innovative solution that is flexible to a variety of applications. The unit includes a Day/Night photo-cell switch and features I/O interface for precise synchronization with professional security cameras. The Axton AT-16S IR Illuminator is perfect for CCTV or IP Cameras including HD or Megapixel Surveillance. Factors such as solid state design allow long-term consistent IR that is evenly distributed across the viewing angle. Five models include 10°, 30°, 45°, 60° or 130° horizontal illumination.

These Illuminators may offer affordable price, but their design and features are top of the line. The vandal resistant casing is manufactured to a rigid IP67 weatherproof standard able to handle even the harshest environments. Furthermore the units provide extended operating range from extreme low to high temperatures. Versatile installation with various mounting options, the unit includes a mounting bracket and support two 1/4-20 mounting sockets. The versatility continues with a wide range of power input including 12-36VDC and 12-24VAC power input at low 16 watt maximum consumption. Made in the United States and protected by a life-time warranty, there is simply not better selection for your security system illumination needs.

Axton AT-16S Main Features:

  • Sleek 5 x 4.9 x 2.5-inch Casing
  • 850nm Infrared LED Array
  • Optional Models 10°, 30°, 45°, 60°, or 130° IR Angle
  • Maximum Infrared Range of 340ft (10-degree beam)
  • I/O Control for Precision Security Camera Synchronization
  • Built-in Automatic Day/Night switch
  • Rugged Vandal Resistant Construction
  • IP67 Weatherproof - Indoor/Outdoor Ready
  • Extended Temperature Range -58F ~ 140F
  • Flexible Power Input: 12-36VDC or 12-24VAC
  • Low Power Consumption 16W 
  • U-Bracket Mount Included
  • Supports Two 1/4-20 camera mounts
  • Made in the United States and covered with a life-time Warranty
  • Optional: 940nm Covert Models Available
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Available Models:

AT16S2810 Axton IR 850nm, Smart 10° Beam 340' Range - D/N - I/O
AT16S2830 Axton IR 850nm, Smart 30° Beam 230' Range - D/N - I/O
AT16S2845 Axton IR 850nm, Smart 45° Beam 190' Range - D/N - I/O
AT16S2860 Axton IR 850nm, Smart 60° Beam 155' Range - D/N - I/O
AT16S28130 Axton IR 850nm, Smart 130° Beam 85' Range - D/N - I/O

Additional Models:

AT16SB Series Options with No Day/Night Switch - Non-D/N or I/O

AT15T Series for Covert IR LED 940nm

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