Axton AT-6E-S PoE IR LED Illuminator Semi-Covert

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Axton AT-6E-S PoE IR LED Illuminator is part of the Megapixel series Illuminators designed to integrate easily with IP Security Camera Systems. Similar to the Smart series these units utilize 850nm infrared LEDs for semi-covert IR Illumination in professional video surveillance and security systems. The units are built in a robust design for indoor or outdoor operation, include several models for a variety of coverage angles and the Axton AT-6E-S operates entirely off Power over Ethernet. Likewise multiple AT-6E-S models are available with varying IR spread and range capabilities to easily adapt to all kinds of security system needs.

The Axton Megapixel PoE IR Illuminators offer intelligent design including automatic Day/Night switch and enhanced operations with I/O interface surveillance or security camera synchronization. They provide high optical efficiency and effective full area coverage with evenly distributed IR ideal for High Definition and Megapixel IP Cameras. Exceptional IR illumination is achieved in both narrow to ultra-wide models with IR Spread including 10°, 30°, 45°, 60°, or 130° angle selections.

Axton AT-6E-S is a small form factor infrared Illuminator measuring less than four by three inches. Its high quality design includes a rugged vandal resistant casing and it also offers IP67 weatherproof ratings making it suitable for even the harshest environments. Low Temperatures to Extreme Heat these Vandal IR LED units are the best choice for strict security system installations. Using IEEE 802.3af (power over Ethernet) standards the units allow easy integration along IP Surveillance Systems and only consume 6 watts. Flexible installation is also realized with multiple mounting ports and U-bracket mount is included. A2Z Security Cameras with Axton brings you the best infrared products that are also made in the United States and backed with a life-time warranty.

Axton AT-6E-S Main Features:

  • Compact 3.75 x 2.75 x 2-inch Casing
  • 850nm Infrared LED Array
  • Optional Models: 10°, 30°, 45°, 60°, or 130° IR Angle
  • Maximum Infrared Range of 200ft (10-degree beam)
  • I/O Control for Precision Security Camera Synchronization
  • Built-in Day/Night switch
  • Rugged Vandal Resistant Design
  • Indoor/Outdoor Ready - IP67 Weatherproof
  • Extended Temperature Range -4F ~ 140F
  • Power Input: PoE (IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet)
  • Low Power Consumption 6W
  • U-Bracket Mount Included
  • Supports Three 1/4-20 camera mounting positions
  • Made in the United States and covered with a life-time Warranty
  • Optional: 940nm Invisible IR Covert Models Available

Available Models:

6ES3810 Megapixel IR Illuminator AT-6E-S, 850nm, 10°/200' Distance - PoE I/O
6ES3830 Megapixel IR Illuminator AT-6E-S, 850nm, 30°/130' Distance - PoE I/O
6ES3845 Megapixel IR Illuminator AT-6E-S, 850nm, 45°/75' Distance - PoE I/O
6ES3860 Megapixel IR Illuminator AT-6E-S, 850nm, 60°/82' Distance - PoE I/O
6ES38130 Megapixel IR Illuminator AT-6E-S, 850nm, 130°/50' Distance - PoE I/O

Optional versions with No I/O and No I/O or Photocell

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