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A2Z RPSC Wireless IR PTZ Security Camera System

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A2Z RPSC-IRPT Series Remote Wireless IR PTZ Camera Systems are a unique breed of the A2Z RPSC "Remotely Powered, Smart Charging" systems that conquer remote project power challenges like temporary, limited or unreliable power sources. The RPSC Wireless Camera Systems like other specialized systems from the A2Z Experts offer a modular concept able to support a huge array of configurations. The RPSC series thus includes options for every style of modern surveillance and security camera to A2Z rugged video recorders as well as communications like wireless transmission options in every respective form. The RPSC-IRPT Wireless IR PTZ Camera System is a flexible unit enabling a Stand-alone Surveillance System that can alternatively act as an expansion to existing site systems or again as a Master with multiple Client Systems enabling all sorts of potential deployment choices. The A2Z RPSC-IRPT and other RPSC wireless camera systems feature customizable, scalable, high quality, outdoor industrial grade systems with maximum performance per price ratio. Contact the A2Z Experts today and learn more about the advanced systems provided.

Modular Remote Power Wireless Camera Systems:

  • Capture - Recording Devices
    - Numerous Single or Multiple, Fixed or PTZ, Covert, Fisheye, Thermal and License Plate Capture Camera options available
    - Default Selection RPSC-IRPT 30x 1080P HD IR PTZ IP Camera ONVIF w/64GB SD Card
    - Expandable/Upgradeable Configuration Options for added Linux or PC based NVRs including Open-Platform VMS Support 
  • Wireless Communications:
    - Vast Selection of Wireless Transmission Options including Combos
    - Sample Default RPSC-IRPT-4GW equals 4G LTE w/WiFi or Default RPSC-IRPT-5G PTP/PTMP MiMo Wireless 5Ghz Radio
    - Achieve Stand-alone operation w/4G LTE to Satellite or many others like 3Ghz, 5GHz, 4.9Ghz, 11GHz, 900MHz Radios and beyond
  • Remote Power Systems:
    - RPSC accepts 110V AC input plus includes an industrial Battery Bank with Auto-Smart Charging (440/220V converters sold separate)
    - Built to use AC power when available then the internal Battery Bank when AC is not available. Such as Site Generators to Parking Lot Lighting
    - Scalable Battery Bank Power Reserve - Minimum 2-3 Day Run time (Default)
  • Construction:
    - Built from High Grade, Long-Lasting and High Performing Components
    - available as an all-in-one fully integrated unit or as a "Free mount" system allowing flexible mounting of components
    - Outdoor Rugged Weatherproof Construction

Default Model Sample: RPSC-IRPT23-4GW-SPS1B110 A2Z RPSC Wireless 4G & WiFI 1080P IR 30x PTZ IP Camera SYS w/110V AC Remote Power, SC Battery Bank 2 Day Reserve

The A2Z RPSC-IRPT Wireless HD PTZ IP Camera Systems deliver crisp, clear high definition 1080P video surveillance day or night. The default configuration includes a 30x 1080P HD IR Pan/Tilt/Zoom IP Camera loaded with a variety of powerful performance attributes. Infrared Night Vision to 300ft, High Speed and High Accuracy Movement to On-board Recording plus more are all included. Likewise Web Browser Viewing, Search, Playback to Remote Client CMS Software and Mobile applications are all also provided. Alternatively, A2Z RPSC series Wireless Camera Systems can support an unlimited amount of camera selections and configurations, just contact our experts today and learn more about options like 3MP or even 5MP PTZs to Laser IR night vision!

A2Z RPSC Wireless Communications:
The A2Z Experts have for years designed, deployed and maintained small to large, simple to complex wireless networks of countless types. The RPSC series like other A2Z specialized systems provides that same full range of wireless transmission options to ensure the world's most flexible solutions. Commonly deployed with 4G connectivity for totally remote locations these solutions also support the full range of modern Wireless Connectivity options such as WiFi, 900 MHz, 3 GHz, 5 GHz, 11 GHz, 4.9 GHz Public Safety and beyond to act as an expansion to existing systems. Thus the RPSC Wireless Camera Systems are the most powerful Wireless Cameras for professional security and surveillance.

A2Z RPSC Power Systems:
The A2Z RPSC a.k.a. "Remote Power, Smart Charging" Wireless Camera Systems utilize a purpose built, industrial grade power solution designed and built by the A2Z Experts. These units support 110V power input for operation and internal battery bank charging, the solutions then utilize their Battery Bank to maintain continuous, extended operation during unexpected AC power loss or planned AC power loss. The most common use is for street light or parking lot lights that offer temporary power while lights are on or job sites that run a generator while workers are present. Therefore most use existing poles and power points with assistance of your electrician/installer can easily and cost effectively implement remote wireless surveillance system by "tapping" such power sources. If using a generator, you can literally plug it in with an extension cord just like any of your other common tools and with a scalable battery bank you can adjust how often AC power is required. Finally, there is also the lesser RP series which removes the Battery Back Up but maintains all other high grade, high performance factors. Contact the A2Z Experts today and they'll help you achieve the best remote surveillance.

Last Updated October 27, 2015

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