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A2Z 20W Solar LED Street Light System 2800lm SL20EW

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A2Z SL20EW Solar LED Street Lights are professional outdoor lighting solutions suited for a variety of commercial grade applications be it a remote county road to parking lots, recreational areas and beyond. Boasting high efficiency CREE LEDs in a slim, attractive and ultra-weatherproof fixture this 20W Solar Power LED Street Light provides roughly 2800 lumens in a wide 115-120 degree spread for effective light distribution that practically eliminates the light pollution of traditional outdoor lighting. System include the complete solar powered street light package (minus a pole which is sold separately) for totally stand-alone green energy lighting in new construction or retrofit builds. Available in multiple beam angles as well as in higher wattage, higher lumen models (i.e. brighter light levels) A2Z's Solar Power LED Lights grant versatile, dependable lighting for almost anywhere and anything.

A2Z SL20EW Solar Street Light Main Features:

  • 20W CREE LED Light Fixture and Arm with 2800 or more Lumen output
  • 115-120 degree light beam spread at about 15 feet of the ground gives about a 40' by 40' ground coverage 
  • Alternate beam patterns and higher wattage/Lumen units or even multi-fixture systems available
  • 100% Solar Powered System Enclosure w/Smart Controller and 4 Day Power Reserve Default 
  • Smart automated operations such as dimming modes, scheduled run-times, auto on/off or optional on command remote controls and more
  • Standard Top of Pole or Side of Pole PV Panel Mounts with Side of Pole Traffic Grade Enclosures
  • Complete System including plug and play style installation plus remote support to custom options
  • Superior System Quality with Long Lasting Performance and ETL Certifications plus Extended Warranty
  • Standard System Color: White or Black with others available - Pole Sold Separately

A2Z Solar LED Lighting Info:
A2Z's solar power lighting solutions utilize fine quality components like CREE LEDs and provide superior consistency with performance longevity for all sorts of outdoor illumination needs. A2Z Street LED Lighting Fixtures are available in numerous models including increasingly more powerful brightness as well as different beam angles allowing flexible configuration to project requirements be it roadways, streets, parking lots, sidewalks, sporting areas and more. The systems feature ultra-slim highly attractive light fixtures that grant at least 30,000 hours of use, generally more like 50,000 hours with still 90 percent or better performance and up to 80,000 hours unlike many other low cost fixtures. They additionally support dimming functions via A2Z smart light controllers and as part of A2Z's innovative design ensure optimal results rivalling anything in its class. Experience the difference tonight with clean white Light LED illuminating your project’s needs.

A2Z Solar Power Photovoltaic Systems Info:
A2Z Solar Powered Systems by default are side of pole and/or top of pole mount fully integrated, pro-grade solar lighting systems that include a plug and play easy to install power system design. The units include scalable options for battery bank reserve and various panel mounting options that grant versatile installation needs to both new and retro fit builds. The systems boast high weatherproof ratings including NEMA 3R or better and have included support for U-bolts, lags or steel banding. Conservatively built these systems maintain reliable night-time lighting continuously throughout the year in most areas as is. A2Z keeping you at the forefront of technology also offers the latest creations like smart phone control of your lighting systems and plenty more advantages in all regards. Standard black or white color system finish or with custom colors to custom builds A2Z delivers the widest selection.

A2Z Solar Street Light System Applications:

  • Highway, Street, Road, Alley, Drive Lighting 
  • Parking Lots, Rest Stops, Parks, Side Walks, Bridges
  • Beaches, Waterways, Marinas, Boat Docks, Boat Ramps
  • Recreational Areas, Playgrounds, Basketball, Volley Ball, Tennis Courts and lots more

Last Updated November 18, 2016

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