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A2Z 50W Solar LED Street Light System 6500lm SL50EW

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  • A2Z 50 Watt Solar LED Street Light System 6,500lm
  • A2Z Solar Power LED Street Light Sample
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A2Z 50W Solar LED Street Light SL50EW achieves superior white light illumination with long lasting results and all from an environmentally friendly, renewable energy produced with our sun. Similarly reliable and robust these units are absolutely outdoor ready for traffic grade or even industrial applications including streets to parking lots and beyond. The complete systems are easily deployed for new construction or retro-fit jobs and can support a wide range of pole types and sizes (poles sold separate) also in various styles. Built with fine quality components, A2Z's smart designs offer high grade, high performing solutions that are likewise attractive and customizable to better fit all kinds of project demands. Furthermore alternative LED Light Fixture configurations including wide or narrow light beams to multi-fixture units, higher power models and more is all accessible. A2Z Solar Powered LED Street Lights are great for far more than just road ways, these solutions can provide temporary or permanent high quality lighting practically anywhere including private, public, commercial or government uses.

A2Z SL50EW Solar Street Light Main Features:

  • 50W CREE LED Light Fixture and Arm with 6500 or more Lumen output
  • 115-120 degree light beam spread at 30 feet from grade gives a roughly 75' by 75' ground coverage 
  • Alternate beam patterns and higher wattage/Lumen units or even multi-fixture systems available
  • 100% Solar Powered System Enclosure w/Smart Controller and 4 Day Power Reserve Default 
  • Smart automated operations such as dimming modes, scheduled run-times, auto on/off or optional on command remote controls and more
  • Standard Top of Pole or Side of Pole PV Panel Mounts with Side of Pole Traffic Grade Enclosures
  • Complete System including plug and play style installation plus remote support to custom options
  • Superior System Quality with Long Lasting Performance and ETL Certifications plus Extended Warranty
  • Standard System Color: White or Black with others available - Pole Sold Separately

A2Z Solar LED Street Light Fixtures:
Manufactured with the cutting-edge CREE LEDs these purpose built street light fixtures are slim and attractive yet consistently high performers with long life expectancy. This 50 Watt LED light by default offers up to a 120 degree beam pattern and produces a superb 6,500 lumens or even more with alternate narrow beam illumination angles. The LEDs are capable of lasting up to 80,000 hours use and generally provide about 50,000 hours of use except unlike other low cost competitors our street light fixtures do so with more than 90 percent original brightness. The LED Street lights provide ample lighting well suited for illuminating all types of outdoor projects including roads, parking lots, parks, docks, yards, sporting courts or otherwise. The support for dimming functions to harsh weather resistance enable reliable lighting with innovative functions almost anywhere.

A2Z Solar Power Photovoltaic Systems: 
A2Z Security Cameras' Experts have years of experience in developing, deploying and supporting advanced technology solutions especially Solar Powered. A2Z hold market leading expertise in producing sophisticated alternative energy systems such as our solar power wireless security systems enables A2Z to promise reliable solar LED lighting systems with innovative advances. Systems are by default weatherproof NEMA 3R or better and pole mountable, though higher ratings like NEMA 4 or other mounting options like ground or roof mounts are all also possible. A2Z LED Street Lights further have scalable battery back-up for extend power reserve with customized enclosures and almost unlimited technology add-ons. Base models are Side of pole mount systems supporting as standard features mounting via steel banding, Lags or U-bolts for easy adaptation to all types and sizes of poles. Ease of install is also ensured with pre-built, pre-tested primary hardware and all the necessary major parts, mounts, pre-made cables and so on for a complete working system.

A2Z Solar Street Light System Applications:

  • Highway, Street, Road, Alley, Driveway Lighting 
  • Parking Lots, Rest Stops, Parks, Side Walks, Bridges
  • Beaches, Waterways, Marinas, Boat Docks, Boat Ramps
  • Recreational Areas, Playgrounds, Basketball, Volley Ball, Tennis Courts and lots more

Last Updated November 18, 2016

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