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A2Z ISL Solar LED Light - Street/Parking lot

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  • A2Z ISL Series Solar Power LED Street Light - Safety / Security / Parking / Area
  • A2Z ISL Solar LED Street Light
  • A2Z ISL Solar LED Light System easy pole mount / wall mount
  • A2Z ISL Solar LED Lighting System Street / Parking Lot
  • A2Z ISL Series High Powered Solar LED Lighting System


A2Z ISL Solar LED Light is a fully integrated, professional safety and security outdoor lighting solution. These powerful solar powered LED lights are a true green power lighting system that offer an all-in-one minimalist design with quality, high performance. It provides automatic multi-level illumination for a wide range of commercial grade applications including but not limited to alley ways, docks, driveways, parks, parking lots, small streets, sport fields to construction sites. The largest five ISL models boast a clean, high brightness with quality BridgeLux LEDs that are made in the USA.

Solar LED Lights Construction:
A2Z ISLxxP series Solar LED Street / Area / Parking Lot Light is a self-contained system that is available in eight versions total with varying size plus Solar Power/LED Power capabilities to best match project requirements. These units comprise of sleekly unified, quality green power technologies including mono-crystalline panel, Lithium-ion Phosphate Batteries and High Bright LEDs from leaders like Bridgelux or Epistar. Additionally an on-board Intelligent Microcomputer Controller provides optimal efficiency for power management and there is two illumination control options to select from being either PIR Motion Sensor or Time Scheduled Lighting Control.

LED Light Operation Modes:
These Light Control settings are pre-determined upon order with the default models ISLxxP including the PIR Sensor. While ISLxx Models ordered for Time Scheduled Lighting Control do not include a PIR sensor. Units with PIR sensors operate at a preset level of 33% power (default) and then activate 100% power upon motion detection triggers for a period of (default) 60 seconds before returning to the normal power setting. The Alternative Time Scheduled Lighting Control allows the units to operate different lighting levels based on set time periods such as third(33%), half (50%) or full(100%) power at multiple hourly combinations, factory preset upon request.

Multiple High Power Models:
The larger five of eight models ISL20P, ISL25P, ISL30P, ISL40P and ISL60P offer respectively to their numerical part number LED power/light ratings of 20W for up to 2200 lumens, 25W for up to 2750 lumens, 30W for up to 3300 lumens, 40W for up to 4400 lumens and a super power 60W for up to 6600 lumens. The LEDs feature a color temperature range of 6000K to illuminate in a crisp, clean bright white perfect for street, parking or general area needs. The viewing angle of the LED fixture is 120 degrees enabling wide area, evenly distributed coverage. The recommended installation height is between 16ft to 30ft with distance between lights somewhere around 55ft-100ft depending on model. The install also couldn't be easier, one should choose a location plus orientation that is best for solar then the units literally bolt to a wall or mount to a pole and the install is complete. The new A2Z ISL Solar LED Lighting System has an IP65 weatherproof rating, is built with anti-corrosive materials and is backed by a Two Year warranty with a far more extended, high performing life expectancy.

A2Z ISL Series Main Features:

  • High Brightness 20W-60W Bridgelux LED Array options ISL20(P), ISL25(P), ISL30(P), ISL40(P) and ISL60(P)
  • Eight (8) ISL Base Models ranging from 500lm up to 6600lm (Four models from 2000lm and 6600lm)
  • 6000K range Clean Bright White Illumination with 120 Degree Spread
  • Default Model includes PIR Motion Sensor w/Normal 33% Power Mode and Motion 60s 100% Power Mode
  • Time Scheduled Lighting Control Models use LED control of 33%, 50% or 100% power, set at hourly time periods
  • IP65 Weatherproof Rated, Rugged Anti-Corrosive Finish for maximum environmental protection
  • All-in-One System provides easy installation to pole or wall including integrated mount.
  • Long Life Expectancy of Solar PV 25 years, Lithium Battery 5 years and 50,000 hours for LEDs
  • CE / ROHS Certificates - LEDs Made in the USA - 2 Year Product Warranty*
  • Wide Range of Applications: Solar Street / Area / Parking Lot LED Lighting and beyond!
  • Bright LED Lighting can greatly benefit Surveillance and Security Camera Systems
  • Poles Not Included - Special Order Item

Multiple High Powered Models:

ISL20(P) 20 Watt LED Array for up to 2200lm w/Time Schedule or PIR Motion Lighting Control(P) option
ISL25(P) 25 Watt LED Array for up to 3750lm w/Time Schedule or PIR Motion Lighting Control(P) option
ISL30(P) 30 Watt LED Array for up to 3400lm w/Time Schedule or PIR Motion Lighting Control(P) option
ISL40(P) 40 Watt LED Array for up to 4400lm w/Time Schedule or PIR Motion Lighting Control(P) option
ISL60(P) 60 Watt LED Array for up to 6600lm w/Time Schedule or PIR Motion Lighting Control(P) option

See Compact ISL Series for lower power, smaller models.

Common Specifications:

Solar Panel is mono-crystalline silicon with 25 year life expectancy
Battery lithium-ion Phosphate with 5 years life expectancy
LED Lamp (with PIR sensor) Max power 12VDC 20W-60W
High brightness Bridgelux LEDs from USA with 50,000 hours life expectancy
Viewing Angle 120°
Operating Temperature Range(F) -22~140 Degrees Fahrenheit
Color temperature range (k) 6000k
Optimal Mounting Heights(m) 16ft - 30ft (5m-9m) Depending on Model/Requirements
Recommended Spacing between lights (ft. /m) Approx. 50ft to 100ft or 20-30 meters depending on model/needs
Primary Material is Aluminum Alloy with Corrosion Resistance
Certificate CE / ROHS / IP65 rated Weatherproof
Warranty Period 2 years*

Product Size and Weight:

Product size: 32.67" length x 12.99" width x 1.77" thickness
Product weight: 28.66 lbs

Product size: 42.51" length x 12.99" width x 1.96" thickness
Product weight: 37.47 lbs

Product size: 46.45" length x 12.79" width x 5.51" thickness
Product weight: 39.68 lbs

Product size: 46.45" length x 12.79" width x 5.51" thickness
Product weight: 41.88 lbs

Product size: 47.24" length x 14.96" width x 6.29" thickness
Product weight: 48.50

Warranty* this product warranty does not cover "varying performance results", negligence to battery shelf life or any other assumed/actual damage/defects caused by the user. The warranty coverage is to include defects caused in the manufacturing process only or a failure of components only while in proper use such as LED Array, Solar Panel, Microcomputer, PIR sensor or Batteries. Only within the warranty term Units eligible for warranty coverage will be repaired or replaced.


All Solar Power Systems have rechargeable batteries that have a shelf life, you cannot store lithium-ion, AGM or similar batteries for extended periods of time. This is because they naturally discharge over-time and discharging to far can cause permanent damage.

All Solar Powered Systems must take into account a variety of factors, most notably for installation they should consider ideal locations plus orientation of the solar array for year round operation. Shading, especially inconsistent shading of PV panels such as that from trees or similar should be avoided to the maximum extent due to potential damage or low performance.

Last Updated November 15, 2014

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