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A2Z ISL Solar LED Light Compact - Security Parking Area

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  • A2Z ISL Solar LED Light for parking lots, streets, open areas
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  • A2Z ISL Solar Power LED Light Compact Series 8W, 12W, 15W


A2Z ISL Compact Solar LED Lighting is a low profile, all-in-one device for improving safety and security lighting in nearly any application. Benefiting from numerous green power technologies in a single integrated unit, quick, low cost installation is achieved with remarkable performance results. The ISL line is available in eight base models total, with the Compact ISL series including an 8W, 12W or 15W Array of high grade Epistar LEDs. This weatherproof, small form factor Solar Powered LED Light System enables improved safety illumination for dark areas such allies, boat docks, driveways, parks, parking lots, small street/road, entry gates, sidewalks, to construction zones and more. A2Z ISL (Integrated Solar Light) devices provide automatic operation and default models feature a PIR Motion Sensor which increases LED Power output upon being triggered.

High Power Lighting with Multiple Operation Modes:
The ISL Compact series like the rest of the ISL series offers (includes default) PIR motion sensor controlled illumination that triggers from (Default power level) 1/3 power to full LED power for 60s when activity is detected. Alternatively units ordered without a PIR Sensor can be acquired with time scheduled lighting controls allowing hourly selection of LED light levels. Upon request and in accordance to application details, the units can be factory set to provide a wide range of working conditions such as 33%, 50% or 100% power in different time intervals. The three compact models ISL8(P), ISL12((P) and ISL15(P) respectively offer an 8W LED array for up to 880 lumens, a 12W array for up to 1320 lumens or a 15W unit for up to 1650 lumens, all with bright white color in the 6000k range. All models include an even distribution of light, illuminating at a 120 degree viewing angle for excellent wide area coverage.

Solar Powered LED Light Construction:
These innovative Solar LED Lights offer superb technology, including high bright Epistar (Taiwanese) LEDs, a mono-crystalline silicon Photovoltaic Panel, plus Lithium-ion Phosphate batteries all operated by an intelligent microcomputer controller for continued performance with long life expectancy. These compact devices offer a complete solution in size that is roughly 2 foot long by 1 foot wide for discreet installation. Easily wall or pole mounted, the primary thing to consider is the panel orientation for ideal sunshine, free of obstructions and an install can be completed in minutes. With professional grade, minimalist design the full series have an IP65 weatherproof rating, extended temperature range for extreme cold or heat and include anti-corrosive materials for maximum environmental protection.

Completely nature friendly, these solutions produce a clean effective lighting with a recommend mounting height of 9 to 14 feet. Super affordable, ultra convenient the A2Z ISL Solar Power LED Lighting System absolutely provides improved security and safety in dark or poorly lit areas. All sorts of private individuals, communities, organizations, businesses or agencies can benefit during new installs to retro-fit projects needing immediate, long lasting and budget friendly results. Call our Experts today for more information.

A2Z ISL Series Main Features:

  • High Brightness Epistar (Taiwan Made) LED Array options ISL8(P), ISL12(P), ISL15(P)
  • Eight (8) ISL Base Models ranging from 500lm up to 6600lm (Three Compact ISL models from 880lm and 1650lm)
  • 6000K range Clean Bright White Illumination plus 120 Degree Wide Viewing Angle
  • Default Model with PIR Motion Sensor w/33% Power Mode (Default) and Motion Activates 100% Power Mode 60s
  • Time Scheduled Lighting Control Models use LED control of 33%, 50% or 100% power, set at hourly time periods
  • IP65 Weatherproof Rating, Rugged Anti-Corrosive Materials, Extreme Heat or Cold Temperature Range 
  • Self-Contained Compact ISL system provides easy installation to pole or wall including integrated mount.
  • Long Life Expectancy of Solar PV 25 years, Lithium Battery 5 years and 50,000 hours for LEDs
  • CE / ROHS Certificates - LEDs Made in Taiwan - 2 Year Product Warranty*
  • Wide Range of Applications: Solar Street / Area / Parking Lot LED Lighting and more!
  • Bright LED Lighting can greatly benefit Surveillance and Security Camera Systems
  • Poles Not Included - Special Order Item

Multiple High Powered Models:

ISL8(P) 8 Watt LED Array for up to 880lm w/Time Schedule or PIR Motion Lighting Control (P) option
ISL12(P) 12 Watt LED Array for up to 1320lm w/Time Schedule or PIR Motion Lighting Control (P) option
ISL15(P) 15 Watt LED Array for up to 1650lm w/Time Schedule or PIR Motion Lighting Control (P) option

Common Specifications

Solar Panel is mono-crystalline silicon with 25 year life expectancy
Battery lithium-ion Phosphate with 5 years life expectancy
LED Lamp (with PIR sensor) Max power 12VDC 20W-60W
High bright Epistar LEDs from Taiwan with 50,000 hours life expectancy
Wide Viewing Angle 120°
Operating Temperature Range (F) -4~140 Degrees Fahrenheit
Color temperature range (k) 6000k
Optimal Mounting Heights (m) 9ft - 14ft Depending on Model/Requirements
Recommended Spacing between lights (ft.) approx. 15ft to 30ft based on model/requirements
Primary Material is Aluminum Alloy with Anti-Corrosion finish
Certificate CE / ROHS / IP65 rated Weatherproof
Warranty Period 2 years*

Product Size and Weight:

Product size: 20.27" length x 12.59" width x 2.04" thickness
Product weight: 12.12 lbs

Product size: 20.27" length x 12.59" width x 2.04" thickness
Product weight: 12.78 lbs

Product size: 25.59" length x 13.77" width x 2.36" thickness
Product weight: 19.84 lbs

Warranty* this product warranty does not cover "varying performance results", negligence to battery shelf life or any other assumed/actual damage/defects caused by others. The warranty coverage is to include defects caused in the manufacturing process only or a failure of components only while in proper use such as LED Array, Solar Panel, Microcomputer, PIR sensor or Batteries. Within the warranty term units eligible for warranty coverage will be repaired or replaced.


All Solar Power Systems use rechargeable batteries that have a shelf life, you cannot store lithium-ion, AGM or similar batteries for extended periods of time. This is because they naturally discharge over-time and discharging to far can cause permanent damage.

All Solar Powered Systems must take into account a variety of factors, most notably for installation you should consider ideal locations plus orientation of the solar array for year round operation. Shading, especially inconsistent shading of PV panels such as that from trees or similar should be avoided to the maximum extent possible as it can cause damage or low performance.

Last Updated November 15, 2014

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