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A2Z Solar Power Super LED Flood Light System SLS-SF

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A2Z Solar Power Super LED Flood Light System SLS-SF series is a powerful and versatile solution for outdoor wide area lighting. As a fully self-sustaining solar powered LED light system, units include high grade components for professional lighting results that deliver continuous, consistent lighting each night and all year. The innovative units are the next era in outdoor lighting, eliminating the need for wires and infrastructure this off-grid totally green power system truly opens a world of new possibilities. At up to 3200 Lumens and wide 120 degree spread this fully integrated, plug and play type solution will give you ample illumination for a wide range of projects. Applications like safety, security or surveillance they are equally beneficial for landscape lighting, parking lots, billboard signs, gated entry, equipment yards, and playgrounds, docks to parks and beyond. Totally outdoor, weatherproof ready the A2Z SLS-SF Solar Super Flood LED Lights are side of pole mount by default with alternative mounts, color schemes or other modifications available upon request. Contact the friendly A2Z experts and we'll help you make the perfect selection.

A2Z Solar LED Flood Light SLS-SF Main Features:

  • 100% Solar Power Flood LED Lighting System
  • Rated at up to 3200 Lumens with a 120° Spread (SLS-SF120)
  • High Bright Cool White 6000K-6500K 2500 Lumen LED FLOOD Default 
  • High Bright Warm White 3000K 3200 Lumen LED FLOOD Optional 
  • Flexible LED Bracket for versatile light distribution
  • MPPT Solar System with LCD Display plus Programmable Automated or Manual Control
  • Optional MPPT Solar Controller w/Android Phone Local Wireless Adapter + Android Programming/Monitoring App 
  • LVD Battery Protection plus Days of Extended Power Reserve 
  • Fully Outdoor Ready, Self-Contained Plug and Play Style Systems
  • Side of Pole Mount by Default with other mounting types optional
  • 2YR Warranty with Extended Warranties on some parts like Battery, PV, LED, etc.

High Power LED FLood Lighting:
A2Z SLS-SF120 Solar LED Flood Light System includes a single COB LED that emits up to 3,200 lumens of illumination and produces a wide 120° coverage area for all types of outdoor projects. The unit is available in both cool white or warm white color ranges and provides similar light output to 108W HID or 320W Incandescent Flood Lights. Featuring an Epistar chip-on-board (COB) LED and Rated for 50,000 hours of use the units promise long life spans but are likewise easily replaceable. Constructed in a tough weatherproof Aluminum case the A2Z SLS-SF Series A2Z Solar Super Flood LED Lighting System is the perfect solution for quick deployment of a high power flood light in nearly any environment.

Solid Construction, Superb Quality:
The A2Z SLS-SF120 Solar Super Flood LED Lights are fully outdoor ready, high powered units that work great for projects like general area lighting, landscape lighting, parking lot lights, construction sites, marinas, docks, ports, entry gates, billboard or sign lighting, parks, yards to otherwise. Delivered in a plug and play style the units are easy to install and include on-going remote support should you have any questions. The quality components provide protection for your investment. By default intelligent monitoring such as built-in LCD display for the MPPT Solar Charger as well as an optional Wireless Tool for monitoring and configurations locally via android mobile devices allows countless possibilities. The standard package is a complete side of pole mount Solar Lighting System, however alternative and customized system kits are available with the help of our Experts. 

Last Updated January 26, 2016

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