Samsung SCU-VAC pan/tilt positioning system

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Samsung SCU-VAC pan/tilt positioning system is an integrated solution featuring a housing and control receiver allowing a variety of lens and CCTV camera combinations. The unit delivers a simple and effective means of building a customized PTZ camera with a fully weatherproof IP66 construction. The unit offers superior 360 degree rotation, -85 to 40 degree tilt and supports a variety of cautions like 255 presets. The Pan/Tilt positioning systems provide also an extended operating temperature of -58 to 122 degree Fahrenheit making them ideal for extreme weather conditions.

The Samsung SCU-VAC pan/tilt is more a of a complete system than standard pan/tilt devices thanks to the built-in receiver and already included camera enclosure. Users can simply select the high performance box camera and standard lens of their choice for a complete and unique PTZ camera system. The units offer superb speed and accuracy while also offering flexible integration via RS-485 or coaxial control. The Positioning system includes a wiper, accepts most 24vac CCTV camera combinations and is a superior choice for traffic, critical infrastructure and other high grade, professional security camera systems.

Samsung SCU-VAC Main Features:

Integrated Pan/Tilt Positioning System
Pan/Tilt head with enclosure and receiver (requires only camera and lens)
Supports 360 Degree endless pan, -85 to 40 degree tilt
Max High Speed Pan: Preset 120 / Manual 36 / Turbo 120 Degrees per second
Max High Speed Tilt: Preset and Manual 36 degrees per second
255 preset positions with 0.1 accuracy
Accepts most standard lens and 24vac CCTV box camera combinations
Internal Dimensions for Camera and Lens 130 x 77 x 430mm
Ingress Protection IP66 Outdoor Weatherproof
Certificate FCC(Class A), UL/UL Listed, CE (Class A)
Operating Temperature -50°C ~ +50°C (-58°F ~ +122°F) Operating Humidity 0% ~ up to 100% RH
Power: 24VAC Consumption: 100W Max.
Construction Aluminum die-casting
Dimensions 217.3 x 587.5 x 500mm (8.56" x 23.13" x 19.69")
Weight 17Kg (37.48 lb)

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